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signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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world God said my dear son today I come

to you as your heavenly father the one

who loves you unconditionally and longs

to see you thrive in every area of life

just as the author of the text you

shared urges their followers to declare

words of faith I your father also desire

that you declare with all your faith

that this is the time of open doors in

your existence I Am with You

strengthening you and empowering you for

Victory May my blessings flow abundantly

upon you and may you feel my presence in

every step you take trust in the Lord

with all your heart and do not lean on

your own understanding in all your ways

acknowledge Him and He will make

straight your paths Proverbs –

Proclaim Freedom over your past break

the chains of other’s opinions and Trust

in the future I have reserved for you in

every challenge remember that I am your

loving father always ready to guide and

sustain you believe and you will witness

the fulfillment of my promises in your

life just as the author emphasizes the

importance of unity in prayer I am

always by your side attentive to your

prayers and guiding your steps every

time you connect with me in prayer I am

present in the spiritual realm aligning

blessings and victories in your path

when you seek support from others I am

working in the hearts of those around

you inspiring them to be instruments of

love and support on your journey never

doubt my love for you for it is eternal


unconditional trust in me and the plans

I have for your life for in them you

will find true peace and happiness

remember always when we pray together

our voices unite in power and love and

great Miracles can happen in moments

when everything seems blocked and

projects stall remember that I am always

always present even in the most


adversities just as I freed Paul and

Silas in prison I am ready to intervene

in your life however there are chains

that only you can break I am here to

strengthen you on this journey trust in

me and know that I have the power to

overcome any obstacle as you seek my

guidance and strength I am aligning

blessings and opportunities in your path

stay firm in faith and determination for

together we will overcome any adversity

I believe in you and am rooting for your

success remember that every challenge is

an opportunity for growth and that with

my help you can turn these obstacles

into triumphs I am always here to guide

and support you on your journey just

trust in me and move forward with

courage and Faith your past may seem

like a chain that binds you but I am

here to help you break free from it do

not let past events control your present

or future just as a period of mourning

is necessary for healing it is also

crucial to leave behind what no longer

serves you by doing so you can move

toward the wonderful plans I have

reserved for you trust in me to guide

you through this process of Liberation

and renewal remember that every

challenge you overcome strength strens

you for what lies ahead with courage and

determination you can leave behind the

chains of the past and embrace a future

full of opportunities and blessings the

opinions and judgments of others may

seem like chains that bind you but know

that only mine and your own opinion

truly matter do not let the fear of

displeasing others prevent you from

following your true path and fulfilling

your purpose trust in me me for I

created you with a unique and special

purpose and I have equipped you with all

the skills necessary to achieve it

remember that you are valuable and

capable regardless of what others may

say follow your heart and trust yourself

for I Am by your side every step of the

way the Relentless pursuit of others

approval can be a prison but my approval

is all you truly need you are loved

unconditionally by me just as you are

avoid comparisons and imposed standards

for your identity is in me you are

precious and valuable to me regardless

of others opinions seek Security in my

approval and free yourself from the

chains of external validation trust in

your uniqueness for I created you with

purpose and love concern for the future

can easily become a chain that binds us

limiting our ability to fully enjoy the

present and undermining our

confidence however it’s important to

remember that God has wonderful plans

for us he invites us to trust in him and

to entrust our future into his Loving

Hands for he knows the plans he has for

each of us let us remember the words of

the Prophet Jeremiah in the book of


for I know the plans I have have

for you declares the Lord plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and a future this Divine

promise reminds us that we are not alone

on our Journeys God Is With Us guiding

and sustaining us every step of the way

we can find comfort in the certainty

that he is taking care of us and working

for our good therefore instead of

worrying about what is to come we can

rest in the faith that God is in control

he will Empower us to face any challenge

that arises in our path and will guide

us toward a future full of Hope and

blessings when we feel overwhelmed by

the uncertainties of the future we find

comfort in God’s promises we trust that

he will guide us with love and care

lighting our path amidst

uncertainties clinging to his word we

Face the unknown with Faith and Hope

knowing that he is always by our side

ready to lead us the certainty of God’s

love and faithfulness strengthens us

empowering us to face every challenge

with courage and confidence may this

confidence Inspire us to move forward

knowing that we are not alone and that

the future is secure in his Loving Hands

full of promises of Hope and prosperity

for those who trust in him when we Face

the need to break the chains that bind

us know that I am by your side I am here

to strengthen and Empower you to take

the necessary steps toward freedom and

growth fear not for I am your God I

promise to strengthen help and sustain

you with the right hand of my

righteousness my presence is constant

and my power is infinite trust in me and

move forward with courage for I am

always here to guide and support you on

your journey remember my comforting

words do not fear for I am with you do

not be dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you and help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

with faith and determination you can

overcome any obstacle that comes your

way believe in my love for you and my

ability to do all things together we can

achieve victory over all ADV adversities

so my dear child declare with all your

faith and conviction that this is the

time of open doors in your life know

that I am with you every step of the way

guiding you strengthening you and

empowering you for victory trust in me

and see the Wonders I will do in your

life with love God I hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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