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said my dear son allow me to speak

directly to your heart to your soul

tired and burdened by the vicissitudes

of life I acknowledge the weight you

carry the worries that consume you and

the challenges that confront you daily

but know that you are not alone on this

journey I am here present for you you do

not need to face all these tribulations

alone I extend my hand to you with love

and compassion ready to support and

comfort you amidst adversity just as it

is written in Philippians and be

anxious for nothing but in every

everything by prayer and supplication

with Thanksgiving let your requests be

made known to God and the peace of God

which surpasses all comprehension will

guard your hearts and your minds in

Christ Jesus May these words console and

strengthen you knowing that God is with

you in every moment in Psalm

God is our refuge and strength a

very present help in trouble trust in

the promise of divine presence in your

life and let it guide you as a light in

the darkness strengthening you to face

challenges with Faith and Hope let me be

your strength in moments of weakness I

believe that though you may feel alone

in your battle sometimes I want you to

know that I never abandon you never

leave you aside I am always with you

even in the darkest moments of your life

when you feel lost confused or

discouraged look to me and you will find

the light and hope you need I your

heavenly father know every tear you shed

every sigh you exhale and I am attentive

to every Cry of your heart there is no

pain or suffering you experience that I

do not understand for I myself walked

this Earth and experienced all your

pains and

tribulations therefore you can trust me

to guide and sustain you through your

difficulties when you feel unable to

move forward remember that there is a

purpose and a plan for your life no

matter how Bleak the situation may seem

I am able to transform your suffering

into something beautiful and redeeming

trust me to lead you through the storms

and take you to a place of peace and

rest sometimes the help you need may

come from unexpected sources it may come

through a support of friend a loving

family member or even a generous

stranger do not be afraid to ask for

help when you need it for it is through

community and mutual support that

healing and comfort are often found

additionally never underestimate the

power of prayer when you feel helpless

turn to me in prayer and I will listen

to you there is no request too small or

too large for me I am always ready to

listen to you and Grant you the grace

and mercy you need remember also that

help can come from within yourself often

you have resources and abilities that

you may not even realize trust in me to

empower and guide you and I will show

you the way to overcome any obstacle

that stands before you lastly I want you

to know that I am always with you even

in the most difficult moments of your

life I will will never abandon you never

leave you helpless I am always ready to

reach out to you and help you overcome

all your difficulties may my peace and

love be with you today and always right

thank you God as a sign of gratitude my

beloved child as you continue to walk

the Journey of life I know you will

encounter challenges that seem

insurmountable moments when you feel

lost and discouraged

however even in the darkest moments I

want you to know that I am with you

ready to lift you up and assist you when

you face seemingly insurmountable

obstacles do not despair remember that I

am the god who makes the impossible

happen trust in me and give me your

burdens for I am capable of turning your

weaknesses into strength your tears into

joy and your difficulties into

opportunities for growth some sometimes

the path of life may seem lonely but I

want you to know that you are never

truly alone I am always by your side

walking with you every step of the way

when you feel you have no strength to

continue remember that I am your

strength and your safe refuge in times

of Despair do not forget to turn to my

word which is a source of Hope and

comfort as it is written in Psalm

and three God is our refuge and

strength a very present help in trouble

therefore we will not fear though the

Earth should change and though the

mountains slip into the heart of the sea

though its Waters Roar and foam though

the mountains Quake at its swelling

pride in it you will find promises that

will strengthen and sustain you in times

of Affliction remember that my promises

are true and faithful and I will fulfill

each one of them in your life

additionally do not let fear and anxiety

dominate your heart remember that I did

not give you a spirit of fear but of

power love and

self-control as it is written in second


For God gave us a spirit not of fear

but of power and love and self- contr

control trust in me and allow my peace

which surpasses all understanding

to guard your heart and mind in Christ

Jesus even when you feel weak and

discouraged remember that I am the god

who heals you as written in Exodus

if you will diligently listen to the

voice of the Lord your God and do that

which is right in his eyes and give ear

to his Commandments and keep all his

statutes I will put none of the diseases

on you that I put on the Egyptians for I

am the Lord your healer I am the same

yesterday today and forever and my

healing power is available to you right

now no matter what your ailment may be I

am able to restore your health and renew

your strength never doubt my love for

you for it is unconditional and eternal

as written in First Corinthians

and love bears all things believes all

things hopes all things endures all

things Love Never Ends I love you with a

love that surpasses human understanding

a love that Bears all things believes

all things hopes all things and never

fails trust in me and allow me to fill

your heart with my love for it is the

key to your healing and

restoration may this message be a source

of Hope and comfort to you my child

remember that I am always by your side

ready to lift you up and guide you

through any storm trust in me and you

will see that nothing is impossible for

those who believe may my peace and Grace

be with you today and always amen now

dear God at this moment we humbly come

to you in prayer acknowledging your

sovereignty and unconditional love for

us you are our safe Refuge our firm Rock

amid life life storms and we trust in

you to guide and strengthen Us in every

moment today we want to thank you for

all the blessings you have granted us we

recognize that each day is a precious

gift from your goodness and we are

grateful for all your mercies renewed

every morning thank you for loving us so

deeply for caring for us so tenderly

Lord we know that many of your children

are facing difficulties at this time

time some are battling illnesses others

are dealing with losses and sorrows and

there are those who feel lost and

discouraged we ask oh God that you pour

out your peace upon them and surround

them with your restoring love strengthen

those who are ill oh Lord touch their

bodies with your healing power and

restore their health comfort those who

are grieving oh Father wipe away their

tears and give them hope for a new dawn

guide those who are lost oh God

illuminate their path with your Divine

Light and help them find peace and

direction in you furthermore Lord we ask

that you grant us the wisdom and

strength necessary to face the

challenges we encounter in our own lives

help us to trust in you at all times

knowing that you are faithful and will

never abandon us Empower us to live with

faith hope and love even in the most


circumstances may your presence be with

us today and always oh God may we feel

your love enveloping us and your peace

comforting Us in every moment may our

faith be unwavering and may we live each

day in communion with you knowing that

you are our loving and faithful God for

all this we praise and thank you oh Lord

may you will be done in our lives and

may we glorify your name in all that we

do in the name of Jesus Christ Our

Savior amen with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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