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said my dear Child In This Moment allow

the Divine peace to envelop your heart

as I convey words saturated with love

and wisdom reflecting upon the biblical

verses I feel an urgency to EXP Express

the essence of my eternal love and the

joy I experience when I see you walking

in my precepts in the Book of Psalms it

is written that one who offers gratitude

as a sacrifice honors me and I have

promised to reveal salvation to those

who walk in my ways as your father my

heart swells with Indescribable Joy

witnessing the genuine gratitude that

emanates from the depths of your being

it is like a sweet fragrance a Celestial

Mel that lifts your soul closer to me

gratitude understand is not merely an

act but a heart attitude that

acknowledges my goodness mercy and

unconditional love when you choose to be

thankful you are forging a deep

connection with me and know that this

does not go unnoticed your gratitude is

a tribute that honors me and your walk

in my ways reveals your willingness to

follow the light of truth that I

represent psalm PSM

expresses the promise to reveal

salvation to those who walk in my

ways understand my child that my ways

are Paths of Love Justice compassion and

Truth when you decide to walk in these

paths you allow my salvation to envelop

every aspect of your life salvation in

this context is not only a Liberation

from evils but the embodiment of your

existence in the red redeeming love

story that is mine in the second book of

Timothy in verse the Apostle Paul

expresses his constant gratitude to God

like Paul I also rejoice in observing

your dedication and service I appreciate

every night and day when you remember me

in prayers manifesting a clear

conscience and purity of intentions in

worshiping my name your devotion is a

continuation of the faith passed down

through gener gener ations a legacy of

love and worship that extends from your

ancestors to you this link this chain of

faith is a treasure you carry that

connects you to my eternity when you

remember me it is as if your ancestors

are also present celebrating the

Fidelity that spans through time just as

Paul served me with a clear conscience I

want you to understand that your

dedication and service do not go

unnoticed every action every word word

spoken with love and Justice is an act

of service to me your life is a pleasing

worship that rises like incense before

my Throne by constantly remembering me

night and day you are building a bridge

between the finite and the infinite

between Earth and Heaven your prayers

are like love messages that reach my

ears creating an ongoing dialogue

between the father and the child in

every whispered word in prayer I feel

the beat of your heart and it is a

Celestial Melody that Delights my entire

being I want you to know that in moments

of gratitude and service I am pouring

blessings upon you your gratitude and

dedication open doors for the

manifestation of my grace in your life

when you serve with a clear conscience

you are building firm foundations for

your future foundations rooted in the

unshakable rock of my Truth at this

moment I look upon with eyes of eternal

love I see every step on the path of

gratitude every prayer that rises like

fragrant incense my heart overflows with

love for you my dear child I am by your

side celebrating your victories

sustaining you in adversity and guiding

you on paths that lead to the fullness

of Life receive at this moment the

certainty of my constant love and my

unwavering presence in your life may

your journey be marked by sincere

gratitude dedicated service and the

constant remembrance of your God who

loves you beyond all measure with love

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