God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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video as it is a message from God’s

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said dear son I am accelerating the flow

of time so that soon you may witness the

materialization of the blessing you so

eagerly await aware of your anxious

anticip ation for the desired answer I

wish to assure you that the

Transformations I am orchestrating

around you are solely for your

well-being open your heart expand your

mind and allow the doors of your home to

receive my presence as I communicate

with you I promise to bring significant

changes to your future I understand your

deep needs often before you are aware of

them however I desire Clarity in your

desires and thoughts ensure what you ask

for understand your purposes and know

that success requires a counterpart

genuine Faith fervent prayers unwavering

dedication and personal

sacrifices remember the words of Isaiah

fear not for I am with you be not

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you I will help you I I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

trust me for I am tirelessly working for

your benefit and Lasting well-being I am

here to Grant you a blessing of Eternal

significance for you and your family may

your Journeys be permeated by the light

of wisdom and love guiding you toward


realization each step taken under this

new light should be a testimony to your

journey of growth and success be

prepared prep to receive not only the

blessing you seek but also the

responsibility it carries rest assured I

will not Grant you anything that brings

sadness or separates you from me I do

not wish your family to suffer due to

your absence I want you to shine in the

world but may Darkness never overshadow

the warmth of your home always remember

those you love so your relationships are

not neglected and your health is

preserved ered my eternal aspiration is

to provide the best for you true peace

unwavering Faith a tranquil life and

Detachment from material possessions the

treasures of this world are fleeting you

brought nothing into this world at Birth

and will take nothing with you when you

depart however the love and affection

you spread the faith you share and the

assistance you offer to the needy are

what truly matter

these are the things that will bring you

genuine spiritual fulfillment I have

sent you a great blessing and one day I

will place a crown upon your head with

my own hands symbolizing your journey of

success and spiritual growth I hold the

power to shape seasons and times to

transform hearts and realities I am

coordinating events so that you may

experience my blessings and leave behind

the suffering that afflicts you I am at

the door of your life calling you to

open and receive me I desire to dwell in

your home filling it with my peace

flooding every corner of your family’s

hearts with Serenity and love soon you

will witness my power manifesting in

your family and your own life a period

of Peace healing and blessing is near

ready to envelop you all with my

abundant grace I have have watched with

admiration your unwavering Faith listen

carefully to your sincere prayers your

attitude of trust and surrender deeply

touches my heart and it pleases me your

faith is alive and active you Faithfully

seek my presence every day valuing your

spiritual connection and nurturing your

spirituality while some approach me

sporadically and hesitantly you remain

steadfast and Trust in your paths into

my Divine hands I want you to become a

shining example for your family and all

those around you allow those around you

to see the fruits of your relationship

with me let them witness how your faith

continues to strengthen not only your

spirit but also your mind and soul know

that more blessings are on the way but

they come with great

responsibility I will place you at the

Forefront so that many May Witness how I

bless those who obey me those with

Humble Hearts who patiently trust in my

guidance do not allow yourself to be

dominated by anguish and impatience when

things do not go as planned be aware

that your life your family and all your

actions are safe in my loving and wise

hands trust me for I am preparing the

best for you and those you love remain

steadfast in faith for great wonders are

are about to unfold before you trust in

me for I am preparing the best for you

and those you love stay steadfast in

faith for great wonders are about to

unfold before you many live in constant

distress as if trapped in an endless

crisis however all these tribulations

dissipate in the presence of my love in

time you will bear abundant fruit like a

sturdy tree when you grow tall enough

and your branches become strong enough

to Bear the blessings I will pour upon

you and your family great Miracles are

destined to happen in your life and that

of your loved ones I love you

unconditionally open your heart and soul

to receive this pure affection which

brings peace Serenity and a Divine

strength that permeates everything my

love has the power to heal your deepest

wounds alleviate your pain pains and

ailments stabilize your emotions and

provide a Tranquility that cannot be

found anywhere else only by my side in

my presence will you find true

fulfillment and contentment now allow

yourself to be filled with this peace

take a deep breath and feel the

comforting Aroma of my Holy Spirit as

time passes you will receive even more

of the gifts and love I wish to pour

upon you

this love is a precious gift that should

never be rejected do not seek the

approval of those who claim to love you

but often disappoint and mistre you I

deeply value you and love you with an

eternal love my commitment to you is

enduring and my plans for your life are

firm and true accepting my love means

embracing a transformed life full of

complete and abundant happiness free

from disappointment

it is a love that transcends human

understanding it is forgiveness and

Redemption I sacrificed my life on the

cross and Rose on the third day to

provide you with renewal and fullness

though you may not fully realize it I am

working in your favor beyond what you

imagine allow me to touch your heart and

reveal deep truths to you that will lead

you to make wise and courageous

decisions trust in me for I am preparing

the best for you and your loved ones

stay firm in faith for even greater

wonders are about to unfold in your life

be patient and confident for my love for

you is eternal and my purpose for you is

prosperity and fulfillment open yourself

to receive the blessings that are

reserved for you for I Am by your side

guiding and sustaining you in every

moment the time has come for you to

reach realize the supernatural power

that fills your life no matter your age

or your past no one can belittle you the

fruits you are producing today are

admirable and those who doubted you will

be amazed when they understand that my

spirit has been working in you all along

do not let despair overwhelm you my

child in your moments of weakness

remember to tell me I love you Lord open

your heart to me and allow my serenity

to envelop you I am the creator of the

vast universe and have power over all

storms that may assail your life trust

in me and keep your faith

unwavering I am always by your side

guiding and protecting you be courageous

my child for I am preparing a wonderful

future for you with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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