God’s advice today God is sending many

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said my dear son today I want to

dedicate these words to you so that you

feel the magnitude of my love for you

even before you were born I knew you

shaping every part of your being with a

tenderness and attention that only a

father can have every detail every dream

every tear everything was in my heart

over the years I have watched your

growth the formation of your character

and how you face life’s adversities know

that every step you take is accompanied

by my loving gaze and every tear you

shed is felt in the depths of my being

even in the most difficult moments when

it seems like life storms will never end

I am by your side ready to calm the

waves and guide you safely to the harbor

of Peace fear not my son for you are

stronger than you imagine as you carry a

part of me within you in joy and sorrow

in moments of laughter and in hours of

Silence I am with you sometimes life may

seem like a dark and complicated maze

but even when you don’t realize it I am

guiding you on the right path trust me

as a son trusts his father because my

love for you is eternal and unshakable

in my sacred words you will find

guidance and wisdom to face the

challenges of Earthly existence in the

Bible which is the love letter I left

for you you will discover not only rules

for a just life but also advice to

overcome difficulties and find joy in

small things always remember that you

are loved even when you feel alone I am

there even when you make mistakes I am

there waiting to forgive you and lift

you up my love is a beacon that

illuminates dark days and a force that

propels you when you feel weak there is

nothing you can do to push me away my

love is constant unconditional and

immeasurable nothing can separate us

because you are my son and I am your

heavenly father even in moments when you

drift away I eagerly await your return

with open arms filled with love love and

forgiveness remember that life is a

journey and with each step you take I am

shaping your character and preparing you

for a greater purpose trust my timing

for the time you spend waiting is not

wasted in patience you will find

strength to face trials I want you to

feel my Embrace when you feel lost my

strength when you feel weak and my peace

when the storm rages around you be

courageous my son for I have placed

within you the Divine spark that makes

you unique and special do not fear being

who you are for you are the Masterpiece

of my love when you pray talk to me as

you would talk to a friend for I am

always available to listen to you share

your Joys and Sorrows dreams and fears

for in our dialogue we strengthen our

connection prayer is the thread that

binds your heart to mind creating an

indestructible Bond remember to love

love your neighbor as yourself for love

is the most powerful force that exists

in compassion and kindness you will find

the true essence of life be generous be

compassionate for in helping others you

also help yourself throughout your

journey you will face challenges and

adversities but fear not for I am with

you you will grow and learn from each

experience becoming stronger wiser and

closer to me

life will not always be easy but with

faith and confidence you will overcome

every obstacle keep the flame of Hope

Alive in your heart even in the darkest

moments the light of faith will

illuminate your path my love is the

anchor that keeps you steady even in the

most violent storms be grateful for the

blessings I grant you even in small

things gratitude is the key to open the

doors of abundance by acknowledging ing

my gifts you will attract more reasons

to be thankful life is a gift my son and

Every Breath You Take is a gift from me

to you never forget that you are loved

you are valuable and you have a unique

purpose in this world your life is a

story unfolding every day and as you

write it I am cheering for you

celebrating your victories and

comforting you in defeats in the Silence

of your soul you will hear my voice

Whispering words of love and

encouragement approach me with a humble

heart and you will find a peace that

surpasses all understanding for in my

love you will find rest for your soul

may these words touch your heart my

beloved Son I am always here ready to

love guide and bless you continue your

journey with faith courage and love for

you are truly special to me with I love

God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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