God’s advice today God is sending many

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son in the midst of the

turmoil and bustle of this world I

invite you to dive into the Tranquil

Waters of my peace you will find rest

for your soul for I understand the

internal struggles you face the

tumultuous thoughts and the worries that

can steal your peace I want to encourage

you to seek inner peace which begins

when you fully trust in me life may be

like a roller coaster full of ups and

downs but your peace doesn’t need to

depend on changing

circumstances it is grounded in your

faith in me in the understanding that I

am constant faithful and capable of

transforming even the most challenging

situations for your good don’t seek

peace only in external solutions for

true peace is found when you surrender

to my sovereign control quiet your heart

and trust in me the peace I offer is not

the Peace of the world it transcends all

understanding remaining steadfast

regardless of

circumstances demonstrate your faith and

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you haven’t already inner peace is a

gift I offer to all who come to me when

you face challenges and uncertainties

remember that my plan is perfect and my

peace is available to you even when life

seems out of control I am in command and

my peace is a beacon to guide you

through turbulent Waters don’t let

worries about the future steal your

present peace for I am the god of now

the inner peace found in the present

moment focusing on me my love and my

provision makes anxiety lose its power

over you true peace doesn’t mean the

absence of challenges but the ability to

face them with confidence in me when you

feel overwhelmed by life storms take

refuge in my presence remember that

storms don’t last forever and I am your

constant security let me be your inner

guide in the quietness of your heart

listening to my gentle voice guiding you

peace is not found in the world’s

turmoil oil but in the Silence of

communion with me wake up each morning

with the certainty that I am with you

and your daily Journey will be guided by

my peace inner peace is not an escape

from difficulties but the ability to

face each challenge with the confidence

that I am with you peace is not the

absence of War but the presence of the

Prince of Peace within you I invite you

to allow me into the areas of your heart

that need my transforming peace

sometimes in peace comes when you choose

to forgive and release the bonds of

resentment forgiveness is not just for

the other person it is a gift you give

to yourself releasing the weight that

hinders the flow of my peace in your

life inner peace is a fruit of my spirit

residing in you let my spirit work in

you shaping your character and filling

you with peace when you feel Restless

call upon my spirit and it will come

like a gentle breeze calming the storm

forms within you replace doubt with

self-confidence and negativity with

positivity affirm to yourself that you

are worthy capable and deserving of all

the good things life has to offer do

this every day right upon waking if you

haven’t done it today start now and

write in the comments with the Lord I am

deserving in the most challenging

situations choose to trust in my

sovereignty inner peace doesn’t come

from from understanding everything but

from the trust that I am in control even

when paths are unknown trust in me for

my ways are higher than yours when

anxiety tries to invade your heart

remember my promise that you can cast

all your anxieties upon me because I

care for you no concern is too small for

me I invite you to exchange your anxiety

for my peace which surpasses all

understanding inner peace is cultivated

in your communion with me dedicate time

to be in my presence read my word pray

and listen in these moments you will

find the peace that the world cannot

give inner peace is more than a

momentary experience it is a lifestyle

grounded in trust in me in the dark

nights of your soul when peace seems

distant remember that I am the light

that shines in the darkness when you

don’t know which step to take trust in

me I am the way the truth and the life

and my peace will illuminate your path

in challenges you are invited to look to

me don’t just look at your problems but

at the one who is greater than all of

them inner peace is found when you fix

your eyes on me and allow my presence to

flood your being remember that inner

peace is not something you achieve but a

gift you receive it flows when you trust

surrender and allow my love to fill your

heart if inner peace is an expression of

my abundant grace and I am always ready

to give it to you my dear child from the

moment I created you I placed within you

a unique and special purpose Every Beat

of your heart Every Breath You Take is

part of the intricate fabric of the plan

I have designed for you from the ends of

time I have known you and every detail

of your life is engraved in the palms of

my hands you are not an accident nor a

coincidence you are a carefully planned

Masterpiece filled with meaning and

purpose even before forming you in your

mother’s womb I knew you and consecrated

you for a grand purpose I am with you

and my love is a steadfast anchor

guiding you through every Twist and Turn

believe in this demonstrate your faith

by writing in the comments God is with

me know that I am increasingly proud of

you as I see you seeking to be in my

presence more and more the purpose of

your life is not something you should

desperately seek outside yourself but

something you must discover within your

being it is intertwined with your

essence in the way you think love and

serve understand that your life has a

Divine Purpose a meaning that transcends


circumstances I appreciate you for who

you are for seeking your connection with

me and for trusting in my guidance inner

peace and the purpose of your life are

gifts I offer to all who come to me

receive them with gratitude live with

confidence and know that you are deeply

loved with love God hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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