God’s advice today God is sending many

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said my dear son as a loving father I

want you to know that I am with you at

all times when illness tries to invade

your life remember my words in Jeremiah

for I will restore Health to you

and your wounds I will heal declares the

Lord do not let scarcity dominate you

for I am your faithful provider stand

firm in your Truth For You are a beloved

child created in my image when anxiety

and fear try to overwhelm you remember


For God gave us a spirit not not of

fear but of power and love and

self-control you were not meant to live

in fear or confusion with authority

command these mental oppressors to Bow

before my name for I am your strength

and your salvation always remember my

triumph over all dominion and Authority

as my child you share in my victory

therefore use it boldly even praise

aloud for demons scatter in the presence

of joy in my glory gratitude replaces

lies and problems disappear in the light

of my

Supremacy if you agree demonstrate it to

me in the comments by writing the glory

of God has power He reigns over every

challenge you face be it illness

scarcity or

anxiety I am accelerating my plans in

these last days what once took years now

happens in months expect long awaited

advancements to manifest rapidly the

floodgates are open and abundance pours

out ancient barriers crumble before the

momentum of my advancing Kingdom your

patient hopes will suddenly become

reality did I not say that eyes have not

seen ears have not heard the Wonders I

have prepared for those who love me I

take your Mustard Seed and magnify it

into a tree bearing Rich fruit trust in

my extravagant response you have not

dreamed big enough the desires I place

in your heart reflect only a fraction of

what I intend to do ask for a spouse and

I will send the perfect one more loving

than your boldest prayers seek a home

and I will give you a mansion with rooms

filled with joy cry out for finances and

I will open sources of abundance that

will flow over you without measure God

has promised to accomplish great Deeds

through us his children by the power of

the Holy Spirit he empowers us to

perform works even greater than those

Jesus did in his Earthly Life John

This Promise fills us with hope

and motivates us to trust in God in all

situations knowing that he is with us

and empowering us to f fulfill his will

as we seek to live in communion with God

and allow him to guide us we witness the

transformative power of His presence in

our lives he invites us to be his

instruments of love peace and Justice in

this world empowering us to make a

difference wherever we are Matthew

to as we trust in his power and obey

his will we see mirac Miracles happening

lives being transformed and His glory


manifested therefore we must stand firm

in our faith trusting in God’s promise

to accomplish great things through us as

we surrender to his plan and submit to

his will we experience the supernatural

power of God at work in our lives and

the world around us may we continue to

trust in God and seek his will in all

areas of our lives knowing that he is

faithful to fulfill his promises I will

part Seas bring down walls and calm

storms before you when you trust in me

there are no limits to what we can

accomplish together the sky is just the

beginning when I guide your steps with

love and care you can count on me to be

by your side in every challenge holding

your hand and guiding you through the

turbulent Waters of life keep an ear

you’re attentive to my whisper for often

I call you to seasons of Silent rest and

strength in unity at other times I

thrust you into seasons of radical risk


acceleration in all these situations I

am shaping you to be stronger wiser and

more resilient for it is in adversity

that you find opportunities for growth


transformation trust in me even when you

do not understand the path for I am

working for your greater good let me

dictate the rhythm of your life for I

know what is best for you even when the

paths seem winding and the mountains

steep I am by your side guiding you to

the purpose I have for you I never

promised that the journey would be easy

but I promise to be with you every step

of the way trust in my redeeming purpose

for even in the difficulties I am

working for your greater good allow me

to shape you through trials and

tribulations for that is how you will

grow in maturity and Faith therefore

trust in me for I am always by your side

shaping and guiding you toward a greater

purpose remember that even in

challenging times I am working for your

good allow me to lead you with wisdom

and confidence knowing that in the end

you will emerge stronger and prepared

for the blessing I have reserved for you

trust in me for I am faithful and my

love for you is eternal the d psalm is

a song of trust and devotion widely

known and loved by Generations

throughout the

centuries this Psalm attributed to King

David offers a vivid expression of God’s

care and protection for his people using

pastoral imagery to convey a sense of

peace and security the the psalm begins

with a declaration of trust the Lord is

my shepherd I shall not want this simple

statement establishes the foundation for

the entire poem conveying the unwavering

confidence of the psalmist in God’s

provision and guidance it portrays God

as a loving Shepherd who cares for his

sheep leading them to Green Pastures and

Still Waters where they find rest and

refreshment even in the darkest moments

of Life symbolized by the Valley of the

shadow of death the psalmist does not

fear for he knows that God is with him

God’s presence is his source of comfort

and security represented by the shepher

staff and rod these instruments not only

protect but also comfort and guide

showing that God is always beside his

people even in the most difficult times

the psalm concludes with an expression

of confidence in God’s Eternal goodness

and mercy the psalmist declares his

conviction that God’s goodness will

follow him all the days of his life and

he will dwell in the house of the Lord

forever these final words resonate as a

promise of security and protection for

all who trust in God as their Shepherd

my dear child the storm is coming to an

end and the winds are changing in

response to the Cry of your heart soon

you will feel gentle breezes carrying

refreshment healing and New Beginnings

if you are grateful for this show your

gratitude by writing thank you for

everything Lord in the comments my

greatest joy is to wipe away every tear

Scar and restore every loss until

morning turns to laughter I am raising

Gardens of life from shattered hopes

graveyards reserving the richest soil

for you my precious child the most

extravagant display of the power of

Resurrection is bursting forth in your

life and the invisible seeds I planted

are about to bloom the Green carpet of

pastures is being rolled out before you

and the banquet I am preparing will be

enjoyed in the presence of those who

opposed the stormy clouds are

dissipating and the winds have change

change bring whispered Promises of

better days ahead the night is swiftly

disappearing and the faint streaks of

purple announc the dawn now is the time

to rise from despair open the blinds of

your soul and welcome another day that I

offer you with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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