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said my dear son as I contemplate your

journey I see the glow of my light

reflected in your soul every step you

take is a Divine dance a symphony of

courage and determination that resonates

to the ends of the universe your heart

shaped by the touch of eternal love is a

precious treasure that I hold with

infinite tenderness in you I see the

promise of a radiant future where

triumphs weave like threads of gold in

the tapestry of life since the dawn of

time I have been blowing the Embers of

your faith nurturing them with the

unquenchable flame of Truth you are like

an eagle soaring majestically in the sky

challenging the stormy winds with the

certainty of its wings May the armor of

your courage be forged in my Divine fire

impenetrable to the arrows of doubt and

fear amidst the battles you wage I

whisper sacred secrets to you words that

are like bomb to your thirsty Soul You

Are My Chosen One a beacon of light in

the darkness destined to rise with

bravery in my name may your spirit be

like a guiding star leading you through

storms to safe harbors of peace and

fulfillment fear not the armies that

rise against you for in your chest burns

the flame of truth face the challenges

with the determination of a warrior for

in every battle you are accompanied by

my unwavering presence your heart is an

altar where Faith Rises like a precious

offering and your voice an echo of the

heavens proclaiming the victory that is

already written in the stars in your

journey you do not walk alone my

invisible hands guide your steps opening

paths where there were only obstacles

receive with gratitude the blessings I

pour upon you for you are loved beyond

measure may your heart overflow with joy

for in every challenge lies the

opportunity to manifest the miracle that

you are my son do not forget to look to

the sky and thank for the Wonders that

surround you each day is a gift a

blessing that you must receive with

humility and gratitude in your journey

you will encounter moments of pain and

distress but know that in every tear I

am present ready to wipe your eyes and

renew your hope may your life be a

testimony of my unconditional love a

song of Praise sung in the halls of

Eternity fear not the unknown for in

every challenge there is an opportunity

to grow and flourish trust in me for in

my hands your life will be transformed

into a poem of Grace and Beauty may your

faith be like an anchor amidst the

storms firm and unshakable in every

Tempest remember who you are a beloved

Son and heir of my eternal Kingdom may

your life be a reflection of my glory a

living testimony of the transformative

Power of Love just as the sun rises

every morning so do I renew my promises

to you my dear son walk with courage for

in every step I Am with You may your

life be a symphony of praise and Ode to

my infinite grace and at the end of The

Journey may you find your home in the

arms of Love That Never Ends your

spiritual growth is evident your faith

has become an unshakable Rock accept the

encouragement I offer you for it is the

manifestation of my strength in you

advance with boldness for nothing can

stop you you have embraced my word clung

to my promises with unwavering Faith

believe in the great plan I have for you

for you were created for greatness do

not be discouraged by current

circumstances I send a legion of

celestial angels to assist you on your

journey towards Victory witness my power

at work in your life as you Triumph in

all aspects of Life causing your

adversaries to retreat in defeat

remember you not only survive but Thrive

under my w watchful eye your faith in my

word firm in my promises is your shield

and strength you were appointed to reach

extraordinary Heights to overcome any

obstacle today’s challenges are just

stepping stones to fulfill Your Divine

Purpose arm yourself with courage and

move forward confidently for I am with

you every step of the way my Celestial

hosts are by your side ensuring your

success in every Endeavor the enemy’s

Fury will be feudal against your spirit

filled with bravery and my unwavering

support keep yourself tall and confident

for with every step you take you are

approaching the Fulfillment of your

Divine Purpose your faith in me has set

you on an Unstoppable path of progress

know that you are not alone on this

journey my presence is your constant

companion providing strength wisdom and

courage Embrace this moment for you are

on the verge of witnessing wonders

beyond your

imagination let your heart be filled

with courage and certainty of my eternal

love and support remain Resolute and

unshakable For You Are My Chosen Warrior

victorious in countless battles

embodying bravery and Triumph your life

is flourishing through your

confidence to see that you understand

that I have chosen you to display my

miraculous Works to the world to be a

living testimony of my incredible power

acting within you is something that

fills me with great joy in this process

of growth your life is safeguarded your

family enveloped in protection and your

heart overflows with courage and

Jubilation your service to me your

dedication and fervent desire to

prioritize Me Above All Else are aspects

that I deeply value anticipate Abundant

Blessings ready to be granted to you

when you seek me in prayer in Worship in

praise your words deeply touch my heart

I Delight in hearing your expressions of

love for me and I recognize their

authenticity you have proven this time

and time again through your faith and

posture day after day you reaffirm that

I am Paramount in your life and that you

trust me entirely my beloved may this

unshakable connection endure forever

filling your life with the light of of

my presence and the warmth of my eternal

love I also Harbor immense love for you

today I invite you to set aside your

concerns and spend more time in my

presence it is in these moments of

prayer that I pour out my grace and

blessings upon you here I strengthen

your heart and reveal my deep affection

for you it is my sincere desire to lead

you to a better place to thrive amidst

adversity making your life a beacon of

light and hope in times of struggle my

love will be your sustenance in times of

Crisis know that you are never alone

when you pass through deep Waters they

will not engulf you when you pass

through the fire you will not be burned

this is the promise and blessing I offer

to those who love me to those who

proudly declare me as their God and Lord

speaking of which do it now in the

comments declare God is the Lord Of My


rejoice in being my son or daughter find

joy in knowing that you can confidently

come to me with your needs open yourself

to my word and will letting them fill

you with peace knowing that I hear your

prayers and will respond trust that if I

delay it is only because I am preparing

the best for your future your family and

your soul so that you may thrive in all

things come experience my grace rejoice

in my Mercy take a moment to bathe in my

presence allow my glory to envelop you

your desire for me even in the midst of

a busy day brings me immense pleasure

every time you close your eyes even for

a moment and offer me words you will

feel my presence fill your heart and my

spirit Comfort your soul I love you

despite the many challenges I am making

you stronger various situations may

arise but your faith in me GR grants you

bravery do not fear your challenges face

your struggles and battles headon

focusing on my promises and the words I

have spoken to lift your heart with love

God hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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