God thank you for the close doors thank

you for not allowing me to settle for

second best God every time I thought I

was being rejected from something good

you were redirecting me to something

better God I pray you will give me peace

when frustration Creeps in I pray you

will give me strength too press on when

I’m told no God I thank you for teaching

me that no is just a step to us bigger

and better yes amen nothing can happen

without God’s permission and God will

not allow a difficulty unless he has a

Divine Purpose for it if you will keep

your peace you will pass the test and

God will bring you out better than you

were before God is taking you to a new

level in life your sadness will be

replaced with joy your struggles will

turn into blessings your loss will be

replaced with a miracle greater than you

can imagine you will receive the perfect

peace God has for you God says trust me

I’ve stayed with you through every storm

in your life I’ve given you all that you

need I have and always will protect you

your family and loved ones things might

be difficult for you right now just

trust in my timing a change in your

circumstances is coming trust me and

enjoy this new day we are hard pressed

on every side but not crushed perplexed

but not in despair persecuted but not

abandoned struck down but not destroyed

we always carry around in our body the

death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus

may also be revealed in our body for we

who are alive are always being given

over to death for jesus’ sake so that

his life may be revealed in our mortal


God wants you to know that he is your

god of divine happenings he will place

you at the right place at the right time

where you will meet the right people and

do the right things this means that if

you were looking for a job he can open

doors of opportunities for you if you

desire a life partner he can cause you

to cross

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