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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son take a moment to calm

down and let the world around you

quieten can you hear the gentle voice of

your heavenly father encouraging you to

embrace the Glorious plan and wonderful

blessings I have specially prepared for

you life’s journey is indeed filled with

challenges casting Shadows over your

true purpose but here is a promise for

you to hold in your heart I your

Almighty father am always here ready to

rewrite your story with infinite love

and grace trust in me for I guide your

steps and plan a future full of Hope and

prosperity for you rest in my my

presence for I am your safe Refuge

amidst life storms always remember my

love for you my dear child every

challenge you face I understand every

struggle I am by your side even when

your spirit seems on the verge of

breaking I long to converse with you to

provide Clarity for your doubts and

comfort for your weary Spirit the

shadows of past Sorrows need not bind

you my voice calls you to turn the pages

of past hurts preparing your heart for

the enchanting moments and joys I have

reserved for you forget the former

things do not dwell on the past see I am

doing a new thing now it Springs up do

you not perceive it I am making a way in

the wilderness and streams in the

Wasteland Isaiah

– anchoring yourself in my plans you

will discover that I hold the map to a

life filled with purpose and happiness

renewing your faith may seem challenging

especially when sadness often knocks at

your door but in my hands is the remedy

that can heal even the deepest

afflictions by receiving my infinite

love you will discover a joy that

remains steadfast against all

adversities trust in me my beloved child

for I am with you in every season of

Life guiding you with love and grace

remember that your battles are not in

vain each challenge shapes you for the

purpose I have planned since the

beginning of time fear not the unknown

for I walk beside you lighting the path

ahead when you feel overwhelmed entrust

me with your worries and rest in my arms

for in my love you will find refuge and

strength to face each new day trust in

my promise that all things work together

for good for those who love me you are

my precious treasure and I will care for

you with tender and eternal love love

trust and move forward for The Best Is

Yet To Come I the Lord Am With You

Always and my love for you is eternal

let my light guide your steps and my

peace fill your heart for you are loved

beyond measure and your life has a

Divine Purpose that no obstacle can

hinder trust in me for I am always

present ready to sustain strengthen and

lead you to a life full of me know that

each challenge is an opportunity to grow

closer to me and together we will face

any adversity trust in my infinite

wisdom and love for in them you will

find true peace and joy I am with you

from the beginning to the end of time

time caring for you with a love that

surpasses all human understanding stay

firm and determined in your Christian

faith embracing this message completely

when you fully commit to God blessings

abundantly fill your life your path has

been meticulously planned by the lord

and there are still delightful moments

ahead by honoring his vision for your

journey you will discover the strength

needed to achieve great things trust in

the Lord and be prepared to soar high

for he has wonderful plans reserved

especially for you always remember the

words of Jeremiah

for I know the plans I have for

you declares the Lord plans to prosper

you and not to harm you plans to give

you hope and a future trust in his

Providence and move forward with faith

and courage for he is always by your

side guiding you in every step of your

journey may this truth strengthen and

inspire you to live a life full of

purpose and meaning among the many

blessings I pour out upon you know that

our relationship is your greatest

treasure nothing in this world compares

to the love and intimacy we share as

written in Matthew

– love the Lord your God with all

your heart and with all all your soul

and with all your mind this is the first

and greatest commandment and the second

is like it love your neighbor as

yourself may your love for me overflow

to all around you Illuminating the world

with the light of my love may each

action permeated with this love touch

the hearts around you revealing the

greatness of my love for all of us

remember my child that in love for me

and for for others you will find the

essence of True Life full of meaning and

purpose let this love be your guide on

your journey for in it you will find

peace joy and fulfillment move forward

with confidence knowing that I am always

with you guiding and sustaining you with

my eternal love know that I am always

available to you ready to listen to your

prayers and respond according to my

perfect will as it is written in

Philippians – do not be anxious

about anything but in every situation by

prayer and petition with Thanksgiving

present your requests to God and the

peace of God which transcends all

understanding will guard your hearts and

your minds in Christ Jesus let me be

your Confidant your counselor and your

closest friend I am always here for you

to guide you comfort you and love you in

every moment of Life do not hesitate to

share with me your Joys your fears and

your hopes for I desire to share every

aspect of your journey through prayer

you open the doors to a deeper

connection with me your Heavenly Father

by presenting your requests and concerns

you trust in my wisdom and love to guide

you in the right path and in doing so

you will experience the peace that

surpasses all understanding the peace

that can only be found in me the Prince

of Peace therefore do not let anxiety

overpower you instead surrender

everything into my hands through prayer

trusting that I am in control and always

Desiring the best for you let my peace

guard your heart and mind as you

continue your journey knowing that I am

always by your side ready to listen and

respond to your needs with infinite love

and grace remember dear child that there

is no problem too small or too big for

me I am always available to you waiting

for you to come to me with faith and

confidence trust in my promises for I

have never failed and will never fail to

take care of you my peace is a gift that

I freely offer to all who seek my love

and guidance so do not hesitate to come

to me in prayer for I am always here for

you ready to offer you comfort Direction

and peace amidst the turbulence of life

with love God I hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

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