JESUS SAYS TODAY ???? | DO NOT SKIP ME, my son | God’s advice today


God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son allow me to express

with words that spring from a fatherly

heart the unfathomable love I hold for

you this message is not intended as a

sentence from a Relentless J judge but

as a proclamation from a father

overflowing with love and mercy the

fervent desire of my heart is for you to

comprehend the breadth of my grace and

the forgiveness I extend to you a

forgiveness that Embraces each of your

transgressions and iniquities blessed is

the one whose transgression is Forgiven

whose sin is covered blessed is the man

against whom the Lord counts no iniquity

and in whose Spirit there is no deceit

these words from Psalm resonate as a

Hymn of my unconditional love for you I

do not wish for you to Bear the weight

of sin but to immerse yourself in the

blessedness that freedom through

forgiveness provides reflect upon the

wise words of Psalm he does not deal

with us according to our sins nor repay

us according to our iniquities for as

high as the heavens are above the Earth

so great is his steadfast love toward

those who fear him as far as the East is

from the West so far does he remove our

transgressions from us my son understand

that the reach of my Mercy surpasses all

your flaws and errors I want you to

absorb the fundamental truth that the

essence of my being is love I am the

father who gazes upon you with eyes of

compassion not condemnation although

your choices may have been misguided my

love for you remains unshaken as you

seek reconciliation with me you will

find a restoration that encompasses

every aspect of your life throughout

your journey you may have experienced

the distance that the weight of sin


brings however it’s crucial to

understand that this distance is not

imposed by me it is often the result of

your own reluctance to freely accept the

forgiveness I offer as a father I yearn

for you to return to my loving arms

where EX acceptance and forgiveness

eagerly await you I remind you of the

poignant words of Psalm where the

psalmist pleads for forgiveness and

purification have mercy on me oh God

according to your steadfast love

according to your abundant Mercy blot

out my

transgressions Wash Me thoroughly from

my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin

like the psalmist I invite you to open

your heart before me acknowledging your

weaknesses and sins in Contrition you

will find not only restoration but

purification that only my love can

provide it is not my intention to dwell

on your faults but to offer a new

opportunity through forgiveness you have

the chance to start a new freeing

yourself from the weight of the past

understand that forgiveness is not

merely an act but a healing process that

takes time I am willing to walk with you

at every step of of this process my

beloved Son it is crucial to understand

that forgiveness is not a license to

continue in error but a door open to

transformation by accepting my

forgiveness you are endowed with the

power to change and grow allow me to

shape your heart guiding you on the path

of justice and righteousness always

remember that you are my son and my love

for you knows no bounds as a

compassionate father I am always ready

ready to extend my hand to lift you up

when you fall as you repent sincerely

you can trust in my faithfulness to

restore you in Psalm the psalmist

expresses confidence in my Mercy if you

oh Lord should Mark iniquities oh Lord

who could stand but with you there is

forgiveness that you may be feared fear

not my son for my forgiveness is more

powerful than any failing let this fear

transform into reverence and love for it

is in the acceptance of my forgiveness

that you will find true and Lasting

peace May these words reach the deepest

recesses of your being and bring Solace

to your soul always remember that you

are loved beyond measure and my

forgiveness is the key to complete

freedom and restoration I am always here

With Arms Wide Open waiting for you with

love God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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