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said my dear son as I deeply reflect

upon the vastness of the intricate human

Journey it fills my heart with profound

admiration to witness the magnificence

of Faith blooming within sincere Hearts

like yours faith that Divine flame

reveals itself as not just a mere

abstract concept but as the unwavering

firmness in the things we hope for and

the certainty of the invisible to

Earthly eyes it is a living pulsating

link that intricately connects you to me

constituting an everlasting source of

strength and hope that serves as an

anchor in the face of the inevitable

uncertainties meticulously woven into

the intricate tapest hisory of your

life’s journey the intrinsic Simplicity

of Faith as we have conversed about

previously can be metaphorically

compared to the size of a humble Mustard

Seed this analogy woven with poetic

richness eloquently emphasizes its

transformative potential a power capable

of surmounting obstacles that might

initially seem

insurmountable believing not just

superficially but with a profound


stands as a poignant expression of your

love for me this profound Faith doesn’t

merely confront challenges it radiates

as a Guiding Light Illuminating the

intricate Paths of your existence laying

bare the extraordinary scope of our

relationship that transcends the

inherent limitations of human

understanding to build the foundation of

your existence on faith surpasses being

a mere Choice it evolves into a crucial

step a divine dance to bring joy and

satisfaction to my being trusting in my

existence and embracing the promise of

reward for those who earnestly seek me

establishes a connection that goes far

beyond intellectual agreement it is a

passionate surrender of the heart this

journey mirrors the co- crucifixion with

Christ allowing him to not only reside

in your heart but to emanate through

every fiber of your being the life you

experience in the physical realm is not

just lived it is deeply lived by placing

your faith in my beloved Son who driven

by unconditional love selflessly gave

himself for you I implore you my

cherished child to devote not only

fleeting moments but the entirety of

your life’s journey to attuning your ear

to the inner message that gentle and

melodic voice resonating at the very

core of your existence faith burgeons

when you allow yourself to be permeated

by the profound understanding of Truth

and goodness that emanate from the very

essence of the Divine may this Divine

message not only be heard but be

internalized weaving an intricate web

that fortifies the foundation of your

trust in me in the midst of the

unavoidable challenges recall the

sagacious words when confronted with the

storms of life stand unwavering like an

unshakable Rock resilient against the

tempests keep the Divine promise alive

and vibrant within your heart assuring

you that you will abundantly receive

everything you earnestly ask for in

prayer cultivate a trust that transcends

the visible Realm perceivable by Earthly

eyes delve deep into the profound

understanding that your existence is

propelled by faith reaching far beyond

the mere surface of what is immediately

apparent trust my beloved child for

through this unshaken Faith you will

discover not only strength and solace in

challenging moments but more

significantly you will immerse yourself

in the fullness of my unwavering and

unconditional love for you these words

extend beyond being mere counsel they

are profound Expressions emanating from

the depths of my unconditional love for

you the eternal love and everpresent

theme in our dialogues emerges as a

steadfast Force amidst the EB and Flow

of life’s

vicissitudes it serves as a guiding

luminescence illuminating your steps

even in the darkest of moments and

remains an inexhaustible source of

renewal it transcends the realm of mere

forgiveness it stretches forth to

restore heal and renew offering not only

Solace but infusing a profound sense of

hope into the very core of your soul

during periods of uncertainty anchor

yourself in the certainty that I am your

secure refuge and an infinite Wellspring

of strength nothing absolutely nothing

can sever you from the Embrace of my

unshakable love not even the most

formidable of

circumstances amidst the Myriad of

feelings and diverse experiences

comprehend that I am love and whoever

steadfastly remains in this love abides

in me and I in them therefore my

cherished child absorb these words not

me merely with your cognitive faculties

but allow them to penetrate the recesses

of your open heart permit the

ever-flowing stream of my love to

permeate every facet of your existence

imparting not only healing and relief

but also a profound understanding of our

Eternal Bond believe unreservedly trust

unwaveringly and live abundantly in the

fullness of this love that never falters

that never fails with love God

I hope this message has been an

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