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God’s advice today God is sending many

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son as I address you

through these words I wish for you to

delve into the depths of our

relationship a narrative that transcends

time and space in the Eternal pages of

my word you will find the expression of

my unconditional love for you a story

that envelopes you from the beginning of

time from the moment I spoke the words

that gave birth to the universe I

created you in my image you are more

than a mere creation you are a

masterpiece of my love crafted with care

and purpose I created you in my image in

my image I formed you male and female I

created them Genesis

every detail of your being reflects

my Divinity a unique expression of my

love for you your existence is a song of

my heart echoing eternally how special

you are to me throughout your journey I

call you to live in obedience and

righteousness the Commandments I have

given you are not cold rules but a map

for a full and blessed life you shall

have no other gods before me Exodus

this fundamental commandment is not

an arbitrary imposition but a deep call

for you to recognize my sovereignty and

surrender your heart to me in obedience

you will discover a path of blessings

and prosperity for my desire is to see

you flourish in the New Testament the

culmination of our love is revealed in

the coming of my son Jesus Christ he

personifies my redeeming love

sacrificing himself so that you may

experience the fullness of eternal life

for God so loved the world that he gave

his one and only son that whoever

believes in him shall not perish but

have eternal life John

through the sacrifice of Jesus the

door of reconciliation is wide open for

you and the promise of eternal life is

sealed this is the Pinnacle of our love

expressed tangibly so that you may feel

and live it in your journey you will

face challenges but remember remember

that I am your Shepherd in me you will

find everything you need for nothing

will be lacking the Lord is your

Shepherd you shall not want Psalm

in every joy and sorrow I Am with

You guiding you with love and provision

Eternal hope is the light that shines

with every step transcending temporal

circumstances in the New Testament Jesus

commissioned you to love me with all

your being and to love your neighbor as

yourself love the Lord your God with all

your heart and with all your soul and

with all your mind this is the first and

greatest commandment and the second is

like it love your neighbor as yourself

Matthew and this is my call to

you to love me wholy and to Manifest

this love to your fellow beings in Every

Act of love you will reflect my

character and fulfill the essence of my

purpose for your life the path to

eternal life is narrow requiring Faith a

renunciation of selfishness and a

decision to follow in the footsteps of

my son enter through the narrow gate for

wide is the gate and Broad is the road

that leads to destruction and many enter

through it but small is the gate and

narrow the road that leads to life and

only a few find it Matthew and

on your path choose the narrow way where

authenticity commitment and service to

others are your guides in this path you

will find True Life in me for I am the

way the truth and the life the Book of

Revelation reveals the promise of the

New Jerusalem a place where suffering

gives way to Victory and evil is

completely overcome behold I am making

all things new revelation This

Promise of total renewal is my

unwavering commitment to fulfill what I

have promised in the end my love and

Justice will Triumph and you will

experience the fullness of Eternal

communion with me conclusion a profound

and meaningful relationship my beloved

Son this letter is an invitation to your

soul to explore the pages of my word

where you will find The Narrative of our

relationship May these these words

inspire you to constantly seek my

presence to understand my will and to

fully enjoy my love may the Bible

continue to be an inexhaustible source

of wisdom comfort and guidance on your

Earthly Journey may it illuminate your

steps and assure you of my eternal love

for you with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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