if Jesus has blessed you today type amen

God Is Bigger that what is making you

anxious don’t forget to thank God for

the delays redirections closed doors and

seemingly unanswered prayers thank him

for being a good father who doesn’t

always give us what we want but rather

gives us what we need out of his perfect

love for us just be still God is taking

control he’s got this figured out have

faith he loves you CR walk you up Todd

high he is not done wi TN Noah got drunk

Jacob lied Moses murdered Rahab was a

prostitute David had an affair Peter

denied Jesus God still used them he can

use you too I don’t think normal coming

back but I know Jesus is this might be

the most amazing data picture you’ve

ever seen it shows the

, cross references of scriptures

in the Bible had the Bible been written

by one pers at one time this would still

be amazing however the Bible was written

by authors over the span of

years on three different continents the

Bible is complex diverse and intricate

and yet it has one unified message God

is love and will redeem all who believe

what you are looking for in life you

can’t find on Google put down your phone

and pick up your Bible Jesus is in there

sometimes I think we need to thank God

for what did not happen dear Lord I

trust you I will not overthink I will

not worry I will not stress out I will

rest in you today tone who calls on the

name DF the Lord will be saved a lot can

happen in the last months of keep

trusting God rejection seems a lot less

painful when you realize that it’s the

Lord’s protection I love it when God

shows you why you went through what you

had to go through God is always working

sometimes you can’t see it sometimes you

can’t feel it sometimes you can’t grasp

what he is doing that’s what faith is

believing in the goodness of God in

spite of what we can see I don’t deserve


chances God has already given to

me nor do El deserve the next ones but

here he is Al by my side thank you God

God is preparing you for what you prayed

for have patience Jesus please keep me

calm when life gets chaotic please keep

me strong when the devil is attacking my

weaknesses please keep me patient when I

am waiting on your plan to come together

I trust you amen God will never leave y

q you prayer tip thank God more than you

ask for help

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