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said my dear son with an Indescribable

love from the moment I created you I

have been accompanying every step of

your journey I observe your journey with

a heart full of love and pride knowing

every aspect of your life every joy and

every pain you have

experienced it is with this deep

understanding that I wish to speak to

you now to reinforce how much you are

loved and supported no matter what

challenges you face I am always by your

side ready to guide and sustain you

trust in me and surrender your worries

for I am here to take care of you you

are my precious child and my love for

you is unconditional and eternal I am

always with you I want you to know how

much your fervent Faith Delights me the

strength you show in prayer knocking at

the door of my heart persisting even in

the face of adversity is something that

fills my heart with joy it is this faith

that will sustain you in the toughest

times and guide you towards the light

even in the darkest Shadows your

assistance and devotion are a testament

to your love for me and that fills me

with joy stay strong for I am with you

every step of the way never doubt my

unconditional love and support for I am

always by your side ready to sustain you

but those who hope in the Lord will

renew their strength they will soar on

wings like eagles they will run and not

grow weary they will walk and not be

faint Isaiah

this passage emphasizes the

importance of faith and trust in God to

overcome challenges and find strength

even in the most difficult

situations Just Like an Eagle which is a

symbol of courage and determination we

can renew our strength by trusting in

the Lord and moving forward with

perseverance knowing that he will guide

us and give us the necessary strength to

face any obstacle

I trust in your leadership ability and

positive influence in this changing

world as your determination inspires and

guides others on their Journeys may you

continue to radiate your light for you

are a Beacon of Hope and strength to all

those around you always keep that flame

burning bright fear not my child for I

am with you at every step of your

journey the door you have sought so

diligently is opening before you

revealing possibilities you never

imagined despite the challenges and

doubts thrown at you by others remain

steadfast I am here strengthening you to

face any storm that may arise trust in

me and move forward with courage for my

love will sustain you through all

adversities let nothing shake you for

you are Guided by my protection and

unconditional love pray press on for the

best is yet to come every blessing that

comes into your hands is a Divine gift

but also a

responsibility fear not for I am with

you to empower and sustain you trust in

me as you have trusted before and

together we will face any adversity that

may arise I will be by your side in

every challenge strengthening and

guiding you to victory my love for you

is unw waving and my protection is

eternal keep the faith for obstacles

will be overcome with our determination

and Trust always remember our sacred

Bond and move forward with courage and

Faith you have carried this burden for

too long but know that it is not your

fault to solve problems not created by

you listen to my heart carry these

worries no more I want you happy healthy

away from the emotions that hurt you

today I am giving you a new life full of

Hope and joy everything will be

different for I will transform your

Wounded Heart and take care of you with

all my love and dedication trust in me

to lighten your burdens and guide you to

the peace you deserve I am with you at

every step of the journey always present

to strengthen you I give you strength to

start a new opening a grand door with


opportunities fear not grasp my hand

Leave the past behind it is time for

your Victory with Incredible blessings

prepared by me your God who knows your

needs and cares for every detail of your

life the time of your Redemption has

come and I am by your side in every step

of this journey to guide and strengthen

you trust in me and move forward with

courage and Faith together we will

overcome any challenge that may arise on

this new day prepare yourself for

eagerly anticipated

surprises you will receive long awaited

news today I will change your life I

have seen your suffering your faith your

dedication the impending Miracle will

fill your heart with joy you thought it

impossible but hear this prepare to

receive your blessing open your hand

hands cleanse your heart of doubts and

suspicions what comes today is Grand

greater than you imagined I observe your

outcry your plea for

opportunities with joy I say this door

has opened your wishes will come true

believe in my power accept my blessing

be brave receive with confidence and joy

what I offer you use wisely what I place

in your hands remember I am your God and

I am with you always even in the midst

of conflicts I am with you though your

eyes do not see me I continue to work I

do not stop building and creating for

you a blessed future that I have planned

you and your family are protected in my

hands times of joy and prosperity await

you do not doubt my plans never doubt my

words do not be discouraged because some

doors do not open or because some plans

did not go as expected rest peacefully

for I am here holding you in my

arms sometimes the storm is strong I

know and I see the enemy trying to

destroy your faith with cutting winds

but who am I I am your powerful father

even before you were born I know you and

I am with you in all circumstances of

life no matter how difficult it seems

how dark the night or steep the mountain

I am by your side guiding your steps and

strengthening your heart every challenge

you face every tear you shed I will be

there to dry it and turn it into Smiles

of Joy so trust in me dear child let me

be your guide your protector your friend

for I will never leave you nor forsake

you together we will face the world

overcome challenges and celebrate

victories For You are not alone I am

with you now and forever know that every

obstacle you face is an opportunity for

growth every tear shed is a chance to

become stronger do not fear the unknown

for I already know the path you must

follow trust in me and move forward with

courage knowing that I am always by your

side illuminating your path path with

the light of my love do not be

discouraged by difficulties for I Am

with You strengthening you every step of

the way do not let fear dominate your

heart for my love is greater than any

storm let me be your strength in times

of weakness your hope in times of

Despair for I am your God your safe

refuge in the midst of the storm so do

not fear my child rise and move forward

with confidence for I am with you at all

times I am your God your loving father

and nothing in this world can separate

you from my love trust in me and you

will see wonders happen in your life

amen with love God I hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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