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said my dear son allow me to speak

directly to the depths of your heart so

that my words resonate in your soul like

a gentle whisper bringing comfort and

hope know that my presence is always

with you enveloping you you with my

eternal love and that every Living Word

I’ve spoken echoes in the core of your

being seeking to penetrate every fiber

of your existence this is a sacred

moment a divinely ordained encounter

since the dawn of time in which I

express my loving intention for you my

beloved Child open yourself to me let my

spirit flood every corner of your being

overflowing in you the fullness of my

grace allow me to soften your soul so

that my anointing can saturate every

aspect of your being from the darkest

depths to the highest Heights I invite

you to draw near to prepare your inner

self for a deeper communion with me for

I am your faithful provider and in my

storehouses blessings abound beyond your

imagination fear not my child for your

cries have not fallen on deaf ears even

now as you read these words know that I

am moving moving Heaven and Earth on

your behalf the answers you seek are

already on their way and at this very

moment I am orchestrating events and

aligning relationships to fulfill my

purposes in your life I am preparing a

table of abundance for you even in the

midst of adversity and soon you will

witness my faithfulness in the presence

of your enemies I am your rock your

secure Refuge your Liberator Victory is

already yours for I am with with you at

all times lift your eyes to the hills

recognizing that the source of all help

comes from me I am your constant Supply

the Fountain of Life that abundantly

flows abide in me drink deeply from my

Essence and allow me to refresh and

restore your soul my

beloved understand that this is just the

beginning of the work I’ve initiated in

you the seeds I’ve planted in the

fertile soil of your heart will

germinate and produce a Bountiful

Harvest you will live to see the

Fulfillment of the promises I’ve

declared over you do not let uncertainty

or anxiety obscure the vision of the

victory that is already yours know that

you are unique and exquisite creation of

glory and grace there is no one like you

in all of creation do not compare

yourself to Earthly standards for I see

you with eyes of love and acceptance

fear not my beloved for I am continuing

to mold you in my image transforming you

from glory to glory let go of vain

comparisons and embrace the truth that

you are a bearer of my Divine image let

me assure you that you will see the

perfect completion of the work I’ve

begun in you I am the author and

finisher of your faith and what I

declare I bring to completion none of my

words return void but accomplish the

purpose for which they were sent just as

a gardener patiently tends to plant I am

cultivating and nurturing every aspect

of your life until it blossoms into full

maturity do not be discouraged by

imperfect Beginnings or winding paths

remember that in my hands even small

Loaves and fish fed multitudes and left

abundance trust me to multiply and

maximize the anointing on your life no

matter how small or insignificant you

may feel surrender to the transforming

power of my Spirit at work within you

for what I’ve begun I will surely finish

I am faithful to bring to fruition every

promise I’ve spoken over you do not

settle for fragmented blessings or

partial fulfillment for I desire to

bless you abundantly beyond all you can

ask or imagine do not lose hope in the

Fulfillment of the promises whispered in

the secret places of your heart I am

committed to bringing them to pass in

due season in my hands you will become a

masterpiece a unique expression of my

grace and favor do not judge yourself by

Earthly standards but see yourself as I

see you an original magnificent creation

full of Glory fear not for the work I am

completing in you is worth the wait the

process is ongoing and each day you are

getting closer to the fullness I have

prepared for you you are like a tree

planted by streams of water and your

fruit will be evidence of my presence in

your life I am your Refuge your strength

and joy and in me you will find rest for

your soul continue to look into the

mirror of my word to discover your true

identity as my image Bearer as you

surrender to the purifying fire of my

spirit you will emerge radiant with

Glory From the Inside Out do not doubt

my faithfulness to complete what I have

started in you I am committed to

perfecting you according to to my

purposes and my grace is more than

sufficient to sustain you in all seasons

do not lose sight of the promise because

of difficulties or seemingly prolonged

time keep trusting in my perfect timing

for at the appointed hour all things

will align for your good reach out your

hand in the darkness let me be your

stability Proclaim my promises until the

flame of faith is ignited allow my word

to soften weary places

trust that what I began will be

completed my grace is enough I am

faithful to perfect you I will not

abandon my work rest in faithfulness

trust in timing let me complete

according to my purpose fulfillment will

surely come wait patiently my beloved

child May the light of my presence

illuminate the darkest places dispelling

any Shadow of Doubt and uncertainty

continue to walk in confidence that I am

working all things for your good and the

Fulfillment of my purpose in your life I

bless you my dear child with a peace

that surpasses all understanding with

joy emanating from the certainty of my

presence and with hope that renews with

each Dawn continue to trust in me for

the Journey of life unfolds and I am by

your side guiding you with love and

grace I am your heavenly father and you

are my beloved child

rest in my love for it is eternal and

unshakable amen with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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