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God said my dear son May the peace and

Grace of the Lord be upon you today I

wish to speak to you through the

inspiring words of Psalm echoing the

promise of my constant presence in your


lift your eyes to the mountains for from

there comes your help do not forget my

son my daughter were the boundless

source of the aid you so desperately

need originates the opening verse of

Psalm proclaims an eternal truth

that resonates Through the Ages my help

comes from the Lord who made Heaven and

Earth this transcendental statement

Echoes with the unshakable certainty

that you are not forsaken I as the

creator of Heaven and Earth the

architect of all existence Stand By Your

Side regardless of the magnitude of the

problem before you or the complexity of

the challenge you face know that my

Providence can resolve and my wisdom can

surpass in this moment I invite you to

trust in me for I am your safe and

infallible help reflect on the certainty

that I will not allow you to stumble

like a careful father I am a attentive

to every step you take my Vigilant gaze

never wavers from you the protector of

Israel does not sleep I am always Alert

in every moment of your journey I am

your guardian the one who watches over

your well-being you can rest assured for

I am the Lord your protector just as a

shadow that protects I am at your right

hand the shadow symbolizes shelter a

refuge against life storms even even on

the hottest days and darkest nights I am

the shadow that envelopes Your Existence

fear not for I am ever present ready to

offer you support and comfort trust in

me for I am your constant Shadow the

secure shelter in times of Tempest in

the daytime the sun will not harm you

nor the moon at night these words are

more than a promise of physical

protection they represent the assurance

that even in the most challenging

moments I am the light that dispels the

darkness of uncertainty in my presence

there is no room for the darkness of

fear and doubt trust in me for I am the

light guiding your steps regardless of

circumstances the Divine promise is

clear and unshakable the Lord will

protect you from all evil he will

protect your life regardless of the

adversities that may arise in your path

rest assured that I am your secure

Refuge trust in me for I am your

faithful Guardian the one who watches

over you incessantly both day and night

your life is of immeasurable value to me

and I pledge to protect you from any

evil that dares to approach this is a

Divine oath echoing with the certainty

of my constant love and care for you the

Lord will guard your going out and

you’re coming in now and forever this is

my eternal promise in every every step

you take I will be there from dawn to

dusk from youth to old age I am your

constant guide trust in me for I am the

Lord of time the guardian of your

destiny my beloved Son know that I am

your everpresent help no distance can

keep me from being by your side simply

seek my presence I am your protection

the safe refuge in times of storm

without my permission nothing can shake

your life life fear not for I am your

Aid and defense stand firm in my word

for therein you will find the strength

to face life’s challenges I am your

loving father and my love for you is

eternal trust in me like the reliable

shadow that never forsakes you in times

of uncertainty remember these words of


let them resonate in your heart

strengthening your faith I am the Lord

your Shepherd and you shall not want for

anything May the peace that surpasses

all understanding guard your heart and

mind in Christ Jesus trust in me my

beloved Son for I am your present help

in all moments in my love you will find

the strength to overcome the peace to

rest and the hope to continue I bless

you with the certainty of my constant

presence in the name of the Father the

Son and the Holy Spirit amen with love

God I hope this message has been an

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