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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son may peace be with you

in this precious moment of communion

between our hearts I am the Lord your

God the shepherd who with tenderness

guides each of your steps and watches

over every state age of your Earthly

Journey today my desire is to share with

you words inspired by the Psalms that

you with devotion uttered in your heart

since the beginning I have been by your

side dedicating myself to shaping you

with the tender love of a father

carefully molding every facet of your

essence with Divine affection as the

psalm proclaims I am your Shepherd

and in my presence you can be assured

that you will never EXP experience any

form of lack the Green Pastures of my

grace surround you providing not only

rest but also nourishing your soul in a

constant demonstration of my

unconditional love I will lead you to

Tranquil Waters where peace will flow

like a gentle River in your heart

enveloping you in Serenity and comfort

throughout your journey remember my

precious son that you are the unique

Masterpiece of my hands in Psalm

I manifest myself as your light and

salvation amidst the darkness that may

linger in the world your trust in me

will dispel all fear you are the

embodiment of my perfect creation and as

you Traverse your path you will always

be guided by the brightness of my

presence fear not for I am your sturdy

Refuge the secure shelter in times of

tribulation in my protection you will

find strength to overcome with firmness

any challenge that may stand before you

as you recite Psalm

praying for the creation of a pure

heart and the renewal of an unwavering

spirit I understand the sincere desire

emanating from you you long for a deeper

communion with me and this longing

resonates in the heavens like a

Celestial Melody creating a unique

Symphony between our heavenly father and

his beloved Son I receive your supp

lications with joy extending my paternal

hand to heed the Deep Cry of your heart

I wish for you to comprehend the

magnetude of my love for you I am the

Creator who knows every fiber of your

being every thought that crosses your

mind when you pray for a pure heart I

hear and smile for that is the desire of

my own heart for you envision me

delicately shaping your inner being

removing any impurity and restoring your

nature to the image of of my boundless

goodness in your prayers for an

unshakable spirit I perceive your

humility in the face of life’s

adversities know that even amidst the

storms I am with you I will strengthen

your spirit making you unshakable in the

face of contrary winds that may blow

believe that in your weakness my

strength is perfected and together we

will resiliently navigate through all

the storms life may bring dear son each

word of the Psalms you recited Echoes

like a Celestial Melody to my ears never

forget that you are loved beyond measure

and your pursuit of me is reciprocated

by my constant desire to be with you in

your repentance you find the Embrace of

forgiveness and in your quest for

Holiness you discover the grace that

sustains and elevates you to Divine

Heights the Journey of life is long and

filled with challenges but in every step

I I am by your side as a father who

yearns for the well-being of his child I

guide you with wisdom and love allow me

to enter every corner of your being

enabling me to create in you a pure

heart and renew an unshakable spirit

that will persist with resolution in the

face of life’s

uncertainties May our intimate dialogue

infused with the Psalms that inspired

you be the solid foundation of a life

lived in communion and love all always

remember these sacred words for they are

the genuine expression of our divine

relationship in your heart let the music

of Faith reside and in our conversations

find the guidance you need to

confidently and steadfastly Traverse

life’s paths with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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