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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son may my grace and peace

flow abundantly upon you as you read

these words for I wish to speak with you

about the experience of finding me in

the midst of the chaos that often

permeates your life the scriptures Teach

as recorded in Romans

and we know that in all things God

works for the good of those who love him

who have been called according to his

purpose I want you to understand that

chaos although it may seem like unstable

ground is in fact an opportunity for you

to discover my constant presence and my

ability to bring order even in the most


situations life often resembles a storm

where gusts of wind from the unknown can

shake the structures you believe to be

solid chaos can manifest in various ways

unexpected changes uncertainties that

seem to obscure the future and

situations challenging your

understanding however know that even in

the midst of this chaos I am present

ready to guide you and offer you my

peace when you find yourself surrounded

by turmoil it is easy to feel lost and

disoriented nevertheless I want to

remind you that even in the most

challenging circumstances my light can

penetrate the darkness chaos is not a

sign of my absence but an opportunity

for you to experience my presence in a

deeper way in moments of discomfort you

have the chance to discover the silent

strength that resides in me finding me

in chaos doesn’t necessarily mean

escaping life storms but recognizing

that even amid them there is a safe

Anchor Point in me you may feel the

Winds of uncertainty blowing around you

but when you look beyond the surface of

chaos you find the solid rock of my

faithfulness I am the lighthouse guiding

you through turbulent waves offering

guidance and security chaos often arises

when things don’t go according to your

plans understand that my plan is often

more extensive and wiser than you can

conceive every twist every challenge is

part part of the intricate plan I am

unfolding for your journey when the

pieces of the puzzle of your life seem

out of place remember that I see the

complete picture write thank you God in

the comments as a sign of gratitude for

finding me in chaos you are invited to

release the control you often seek to

maintain the need for control is a heavy

burden that can create more turmoil than

order allow yourself to trust in me

knowing that my wisdom surpasses your

understanding chaos often presents an

opportunity to release the need for all

the answers and trust that I am working

behind the scenes even when you cannot

see though it may seem like a threat to

your inner peace chaos is in reality

fertile ground for spiritual growth in

times of discomfort and challenge you

are called to deepen your faith and

discover the inner strength that often

goes unnoticed during times of


Finding Me In chaos also invites you to

cultivate gratitude even when

circumstances are difficult gratitude is

a light that shines even in the shadows

of chaos Illuminating the positive

aspects of your life it’s easy to focus

on what’s wrong and the hardships you

face but by looking beyond the immediate

chaos you can find reasons to be

thankful gratitude doesn’t deny the

reality of chaos but changes the

perspective Ive allowing you to see the

gifts present even in challenging

situations sometimes chaos may lead you

to question the purpose of your journey

making it seem like you’re losing

direction or that your aspirations are

Out Of Reach however remember that your

journey has a Divine Purpose every step

every challenge is an opportunity for

you to grow learn and draw closer to me

even in the midst of chaos I am working

all things for for the good of those who

love me it may be a challenging chapter

but it’s only a part of the complete

story being told by finding me in chaos

you will discover that true peace is not

found in perfect circumstances but in

unwavering trust that I am in control

even when things seem to crumble this

peace is an inner source that never runs

dry a solid rock in which you can trust

even when everything around you is in

motion in conclusion Dear Son Finding Me

In chaos is a journey of trust gratitude

and acceptance recognizing that even in

the most challenging situations I am

present offering you my peace that

surpasses all understanding it’s an

opportunity for spiritual growth

discovering the true nature of your

relationship with me and learning to

find stability amid life’s turmoil

remember that I am by your side every

step of of the way guiding you through

chaos and offering you the peace that

can only be found in my presence even in

the midst of storms may you discover the

inner Tranquility that comes from

surrendering to the unconditional love I

have for you with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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