JESUS SAID : My child, this is very SERIOUS! It is TODAY! DO NOT IGNORE! God’s advice TODAY

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son it is with immense joy

and love that I address you at this

crucial moment of your journey as I look

upon you I see a radiant Soul filled

with potential a magnificent and unique

creation and bearing my own Essence

through your experiences and challenges

you have grown and evolved in ways that

fill my heart with pride and admiration

in your journey you will encounter those

who interpret your spirituality as

weakness seeking to manipulate you

however this is an illusion within you

lies immeasurable strength a deep

connection with me which gives you the

courage to face any challenge do not be

shaken by the opinion opinions of others

Trust In Your Divine Essence for it is

your greatest strength instead of

allowing them to sway you from your true

purpose let these adversities strengthen


determination stand firm in your faith

and your connection with me thus you

will overcome all obstacles with Grace

and conviction knowing that you are

loved and protected by me at all times

from the moment I created you I have

enveloped you in my love and prot ction

to me you are a precious Jewel carefully

crafted to reflect the light of my grace

and wisdom with every challenge you face

I am by your side guiding and

strengthening you with the power of my

unconditional love never doubt my

constant presence in your life for I am

your faithful Guardian always ready to

support you in times of difficulty trust

in me and my promises for they are the

anchor of your soul in life storms you

are loved beyond words and capable of

overcoming any obstacle with my help

stand firm in your faith and your

connection with me and together we will

navigate all adversities that may arise

on your path you are endowed with unique

gifts and talents each of them a gift I

bestowed upon you to express my glory in

this world in your heart there resides a

deep compassion and a love that

transcends all barriers do not let

others underestimate your gentle nature

for it is this kindness that makes you

special in my eyes your talents are not

just gifts but tools to illuminate this

world with my light and love use them

with humility and gratitude always

remembering that you are my beloved

child cherished and valued do not be

discouraged by the voices of Doubt or

negativity instead Embrace who you are

and the purpose for which you were

created manif EST your compassion love

and talents with confidence for you are

a Precious part of my Divine work move

forward with courage and determination

knowing that I am always with you

guiding and sustaining you every step of

the way when you feel discouraged or

confused remember that I am always with

you guiding you through the shadows and

Illuminating the path ahead you are part

of a larger plan an epic story that I am

weaving with every soul in in this

universe trust in me and the plans I

have for you for they are plans of Hope

and a future full of promises amid the

uncertainties of Life remember my

constant Presence by your side I am here

to support strengthen and encourage you

no matter how difficult the path may be

you are an essential piece of the grand

puzzle of existence a unique expression

of my love and purpose in this world

thus even in the the darkest moments

keep the flame of Hope Alive in your

heart trust in my wisdom and guidance

for they will lead you to light and the

Fulfillment of your deepest dreams with

faith and determination face each

challenge knowing that I am with you

today and always in each challenge you

face I Am with You strengthening and

empowering you to overcome any obstacle

that may arise in your path trust in my

presence and my unconditional love for

they are your anchor in life

storms never doubt my love for you my

beloved Son it is eternal and unwavering

an infinite source of strength and hope

that will sustain you in all moments

always remember to look within yourself

for truth and guidance for there you

will find my voice Whispering words of

love and encouragement at times you may

navigate life’s paths with the innocence

of a child allowing others to take

advantage of your kindness and

generosity but it is important to remain

steadfast in your faith recognizing that

God has chosen you for a magnificent and

divine Mission you are no longer willing

to let others exploit your goodness

instead you are rising as a majestic

entity fueled by God’s grace and

blessings now you are a beacon of God’s

Miracles bathed in an abundance of

blessings before the eyes of those who

doubted your your journey God will

restore everything that has been taken

from you offering you an inheritance

multiplied compared to what you

initially possessed the richness of life

is unfolding before you a testimony to

God’s infinite love and Providence allow

me to share a secret with you God will

fill your life with prosperity and

abundance just as you may have witnessed

in your younger years now with wisdom

and Grace you can fully appreciate and

embrace the generous gifts that God has

prepared for you you are stepping into

Realms of unexpected financial

prosperity reaching for the dreams you

held close to your heart perhaps you

were naive before freely offering your

heart to others without anticipating the

potential for

misuse however this is part of the human

experience to grow and learn from these

situations everyone goes through phases

of innocence and vulnerability but God

is always watching protecting your

inheritance and Paving the way for new

beginnings and advancements he has

strengthened you revealing the true

extent of your inner strength and

resilience in the midst of negative

encounters he has transformed each one

into a step toward your greater good you

are destined for royalty forged from a

lineage that holds unique significance

in God’s eyes know that not everyone one

around you wishes harm upon you on your

journey you will encounter Souls that

resonate with your Purity and kindness

remember the love and warmth of family

members like a voice that Saw The Light

Within you even as a child these

individuals have been pillars of support

praying for your well-being and seeing

the potential for greatness in you you

are blessed my son my daughter and you

are ready to embrace these blessings As

you move forward embracing the maturity

and wisdom gained through experiences it

becomes clear why specific events have

occurred in your life you realize that

the spirit of God residing within you

has attracted other people sometimes

drawing individuals with less noble

intentions however do not dwell on the

past but look toward the bright future

that God has prepared for you God

appreciates your loving and gentle

nature planning to use these qualities

for his greater glory even if others

mistakenly interpret your kindness as

naivity know that in God’s eyes you are

perfect beloved Son beloved daughter

listen to me closely God is weaving a

wonderful narrative for your life where

every setback becomes a step toward your

destined Glory God loves your

compassionate spirit and has great plans

to take you to new heights stand firm in

your faith and open your heart to the

shower of blessings that is about to

fall upon you as a testimony to the

unwavering love and grace of the Creator

let your heart be light and long for a

future filled with joy and divine favor

under the watchful eyes and loving

Embrace of God with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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