God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

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said my dear son May the peace and Grace

of the most high be with you always

today I address you with Expressions

filled with love Faith and Hope for I

understand that the spiritual journey

you have chosen is deep and

transformative just as an Earthly father

cares for and guides his children I your

heavenly father am here to assure you

that your prayers have been heard and

your desire for spiritual growth has

been recognized and embraced with

endless love and compassion your quest

for connection with the deepest truths

and Mysteries of existence reflects

beautifully and purely the longing of

your soul know that you are not alone on

this journey I am always Always by your

side ready to guide you at every step my

love for you is infinite and I am here

to offer guidance support and wisdom

Without Limits The Path you have chosen

is a continuous process of spiritual

growth Ain to the unfolding of a flower

Under The Gentle Touch of the sun I ask

you to be patient with yourself and

embrace the lessons and experiences that

come your way for each one is an

opportunity for learning May knowledge

be a powerful tool that illuminates your

journey open your heart to the beauty

and diversity of the world for it is by

embracing the fabric of life that you

will find deep connections and profound

truths nourish your spirit through

practices that resonate with you such as

meditating on the word of the almighty

engaging in deep Reflections and

Performing acts of kindness write I

receive in the comments to claim this

blessing for you are a Divine being with

Incredible potential for growth and

Enlightenment trust in yourself and the

power that resides within you I am here

to guide you and together we will embark

on a wonderful journey of self-discovery

and spiritual expansion may your heart

be filled with love your mind with

Clarity and your soul with eternal power

trust in the unfolding of your spiritual

journey for it leads to infinite Beauty

and per found wisdom dear son if you

wish to hear my voice and receive my

blessings I invite you to watch this

video Until the End paying close

attention to the following words when

someone hurts you and acts wrongly

towards you remember that dwelling on

the pain allows them to continue hurting

you instead it is crucial to let go and

not grant them power over your emotions

entrust your concerns to God for he has

witnessed what you have been through the

tears you have shed and the anguish in

your heart he promises to exchange your

ashes for beauty to see this beauty you

must first let go of the pain and

release the ashes this requires

forgiveness and moving forward with your

life by surrendering your grievances to

him he will bless you with magnificent

and rewarding blessings that will make

you forget what you have lost he has

plans for you beloved Son that surpass

pass even your wildest dreams remember

that a delay does not mean denial for

every delay he has a plan and for every

situation he has a purpose at this

moment you may not comprehend The Works

of his hand in your life but with time

understanding will come and you will be

grateful for all he has done for you

maintain faith my son recall the words

of the Book of Proverbs and trust

in the Lord with all your heart and lean

not on your own understanding in all

your ways submit to him and he will make

your path straight you may have made

mistakes and faced failures but these do

not define you remember that you serve a

loving and compassionate God full of

grace mercy and kindness his love knows

no bounds and his mercies are renewed

every morning even if at times you have

turned away from him believe that

nothing can separate you from his love

and the greatest proof of this is Jesus

who suffered and died on the cross to

save you do not allow your past to

determine your future you can find

forgiveness for the past and start a new

today holding hope for the future it is

time to stop avoiding thoughts of God

and turn back to him to the warmth of

his Open Arms always ready to embrace

you I encourage you to make this

decision recalling the words you will

seek me and find me when you seek me

with all your heart Dear Son let us now

unite our hearts in prayer with faith

repeat these words with me aloud or in

your thoughts dear God my heavenly

father I come before you with a humble

heart seeking your guidance and

protection as I prepare for this new

month that begins I ask that you take

away my worries and regrets allowing me

to enter this new month with a renewed

sense of hope and

positivity please father recharge my

soul filling it with your divine

presence granting me strength to face

any challenges that may arise in my path

I trust in you Lord and ask that you go

before me spiritually clearing the path

that lies ahead protecting me from any

harm or obstacles that may hinder my

progress I pray for your divine

intervention that you bring the right

people into my life those who will

support and add to my journey similarly

I ask that you remove from my path the

wrong people those who may impede my

growth or distract me from your purpose

be kind and merciful guide me with your

unconditional love enlightening my path

and showing me the way forward fill my

heart with your joy so that even amid

difficulties I may experience your peace

and find comfort in your presence thank

you for listening to me once again and

for always being with me amen beloved

Son if you truly believe that this new

month holds great blessings and

Transformations for your life write I

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important as it materializes and

symbolizes your faith and trust in God’s

plans for you amen before I bid farewell

remember that I love you you and will

always be with you with love God I hope

this message has been an inspiration to

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