JESUS SAID ‼️STOP‼️ MY CHILD । You will regret tomorrow if you skip this ।God’s advice today

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son know that my presence

by your side is constant and

unwavering as it is written in Joshua

have I not commanded you be strong

strong and courageous do not be afraid

do not be discouraged for the Lord your

God will be with you wherever you go

just as the Holy Spirit envelopes you

with his magnificent Glory I am always

ready to abundantly bless you your Worth

to me is infinite and I have full trust

in your ability to keep your faith firm

in the face of any challenge with each

New Dawn I am here to fill your heart

and soul with peace and joy ensuring you

Security in my love and eternal

protection if you ever feel

uncertainties or fears remember that I

am by your side strengthening you at

every step of the way there is no

obstacle too great that you cannot

overcome with my help trust in me for I

am guiding your steps with love and

divine wisdom I love you beyond words

and I’m always by your side my dear

child turn away from Sorrows gently

close your eyes and feel my spirit

around you sing praises from your heart

bathe in the river of my love I promise

your troubles will disappear everything

will improve with greatness I bestow my

blessings upon you my beloved child

trust in me for I am guiding your steps

with infinite love and protection May

the words of Romans comfort you

and we know that in all things God works

for the good of those who love him who

have been called according to his

purpose believe in my Providence and my

plan for your life for I am always by

your side guiding you with love and care

even in the darkest moments I grant my

blessings upon you to bring remarkable

and magnificent opportunities into your

life you have a purpose that I entrusted

to you you to care for your family

challenges will arise difficult days

will come for these are part of the

Journey of growth but know this today

you are enveloped in my love and will be

ready when those moments arrive

therefore fear not lose not hope for I

am with you today to Grant even greater

wisdom and strength to overcome any

obstacle that comes your way I will

firmly guide you through paths f filled

with obstacles and

adversities I am deeply concerned with

everything you feel and hold your

aspirations in highest esteem I know

your dreams and plans each shaped by the

many beautiful qualities within you you

hold a special place in my heart

possessing the key to love kindness and

forgiveness your example will inspire

many around you steering them away from

feelings of inadequacy and leading them

to fulfill the wonderful purposes I have

for each one I will always be by your

side strengthening you to face any

challenge that arises my dear child know

that you will be a light in the darkness

for those who need my guidance fear not

for I am always by your side ready to

strengthen you at every step of the

journey enveloped in my unconditional

love you will find courage to embrace

the opportunity ities that arise in your

path I promise to be attentive so that

nothing hinders your progress guiding

you with wisdom and love your cry to me

does not go unnoticed you sought me in

your hardest hours and I am here to

answer your questions and Supply your

needs my love and comfort are like a

bomb for the pain in your heart know

that nothing escapes my knowledge I am

aware of every detail of your life and

your family

therefore I urge you to stand firm in me

trusting that my plan for you is one of

Hope and prosperity continue to walk in

my ways for in them you will find

strength peace and full

fulfillment sometimes life’s journey may

seem dark and unknown but do not despair

As Romans

says may the god of Hope fill you

with all joy and peace as you trust in

him so that you may overflow with hope

by the power of the holy spirit let the

Hope in me be the light that guides your

steps even in the darkest moments trust

in my promise that I am always by your

side sustaining you with love and care

even when everything seems uncertain

remember that I am working in your favor

preparing a future full of joy and peace

stay strong in faith for it is the key

to over overcoming any challenge you

encounter your confidence in me will

bring tranquility and strength allowing

you to walk with courage through life

storms never doubt my love for you for

it is eternal and unwavering ready to

envelop you in times of greatest need

even in the most challenging moments

remember that love is the foundation of

everything as Corinthians

reminds us and now these three

remain faith hope and love but the

greatest of these is love let my love

for you be the strength that sustains

your faith and nourishes your hope trust

that through my unconditional love you

will find the courage and perseverance

needed to face any adversity you

encounter on your journey know that even

in the darkest situations my love is the

light that illuminates the path and

brings brings Comfort to your heart

allow this love to surround you and

strengthen you empowering you to

overcome any challenge with Faith and

Hope always remember that my love for

you is eternal and unwavering and no

matter the

circumstances I am by your side guiding

you with love and care trust in me and

let my love be your source of strength

and Security in every moment of Life do

not let life’s adversities shake your

confidence in me as Peter

declares through him you believe in God

who raised him from the dead and

glorified him and so your Faith and Hope

are in God know that your Faith and Hope

are secure in me as I am faithful to

fulfill my promises trust in my love and

sovereignty for even in the toughest

tribulations I am working for your good

stand firm in faith faith knowing that

in me you will always find the strength

and security you need to face any

challenge that comes your way have peace

in your heart for I am your refuge and

strength always ready to guide your

steps and sustain you with my

unconditional love your faith in me is

the key to unlocking the wonders of my

love and grace providing you with a life

abundant and overflowing with blessings

trust in me and move forward with

courage for I am always by your side

guiding you with love and protection

fear not the challenges that may arise

for within them you will find

Opportunities to grow and strengthen

remain steadfast in your faith for it is

the foundation of your journey towards

the fullness that I have reserved for

you know that you are unconditionally

loved by me and your success and

happiness are my greatest desires trust

in my promise and continue to walk your

path with faith and

determination trust in my light it will

guide your way to peace and happiness

trust in me for I am taking care of you

with an unparalleled love that

transcends any adversity be certain that

you will never be alone for I am your

heavenly father always present and

faithful with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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