he Lord declares I am giving you more

than you asked for I am raising you

removing curses breaking limitations and

blessing you beyond human understanding

get excited because your best days are

ahead I love you

Jesus in moments of challenge when it

feels like all hell is breaking loose do

not give into the lies of the

enemy your calling matters your purpose

matters and and your witness

matters do not tap out keep going until

you experience your

breakthrough the one who promised is

faithful and he is with you in the

Valley of the shadow of death even

though you may face difficulties fear no

evil for he is with you providing

comfort and guidance in times of

distress do not forget that God is

working to bring about a transformation

in your life

he will make you forget the pain of the

past and you will wake up grateful and

blessed your joy will surpass

understanding and you will be filled

with gratitude for the goodness that God

has brought into your life to everyone

listening join in this

prayer heavenly father I humbly come

before you acknowledging your power and

greatness I thank you for the blessings

you have already bestowed upon me I ask

ask for forgiveness for any sins I may

have committed and repent with a sincere

heart please bless me my family and my

friends meeting our basic needs and

guiding us as we pursue our dreams grant

us health strength and protection let

your light shine through me and may

every word and action honor you mold and

guide me according to your will in

jesus’ name I pray

amen Divine words Cascade gently upon my

spirit as the Creator Whispers dear

child cease the idolization of your

Deeds performed in my name Revel not in

the works for your value is not

extrinsic to

accomplishments my love boundless and

unconditional already exceeds Earthly

measures bask in the opulence of knowing

you are cherished beyond measure simply

because you are

mine contrary to societ Al ideologies

your worth transcends the

tangible embrace the anointing within

and let your Consciousness dwell solely


me understand it is not the works that

render you

valuable rather it is the essence of

your being that I

adore child my yearning is

profound I a jealous God desire to

common with you

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