do not let worries weigh you down my


ones I am your help and you need not

fear your

inadequacy in your moments of weakness

celebrate that I stand ready to help you

trust in my endless sufficiency and

together we can accomplish wonders

according to my

will as you walk with me remember that I

will never leave you or forsake you

trust in my promise and do not worry

about the unknown moments

ahead I will lead you provide for you

and fulfill your needs in due

time instead of worrying choose to trust

in me

wholeheartedly listen my dear ones for

worrying achieves nothing but faith in

me opens doors of opportunity and allows

me to transform

everything I know the exact moments when

you will cry and pray for I have already

made provision for every

circumstance trust in my sovereignty for

I shaped you and breathed life into

you therefore instead of worrying trust

in me numbers are not just

numbers they symbolize alignment and

engagement so in alignment with my will

trust and

believe picture the awe of the wise men

as they gazed upon the Infant Jesus

offering their Treasures as symbols of

love and

honor in your worship express your trust

with a resounding lean not on your

understanding but trust in the Lord with

all your heart submitting to his

guidance for straight

paths have faith my children for as the

psalmist declares unless the Lord

watches over the city the guards stand

watch in

vain your journey is interwoven with

Celestial threads and and at each step

my Cosmic Grace accompanies you take

solace for the universe cradles your

life and the ab and flow of cosmic

rhythms guide your dance of

peace I beseech you let your thoughts be

a Serene Pond reflecting the clarity of


wisdom as constellations weave their

memories across the night sky let their

luminescence illuminate the recesses of


soul your prayers are Not Mere

Echoes they are woven into the very

fabric of creation an eternal hymn In

The Cosmic choir of

Tranquility know that I the Lord claim

you as my

own I am not merely your help and

shield I am yours for all

eternity in times of daunting challenges

fear not for I am your Shield guarding

against physical emotional and spiritual

perils even those dangers unbeknownst to

you are under my protective

gaze find comfort in the Assurance of my

powerful presence and fear no evil for I

am with you and I love you

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