JESUS IS SAD Because You Ignoring Him Intentionally । God’s message today । #jesus #godmessage

today God is speaking to your soul

directly you should watch this full

video without missing a single second

because the following minutes will

have a profound impact on your life so

please please don’t skip this


video wonderful gifts are ready to

come into your life via these words that

the almighty has Ed a tide of Goodwill

is about to overwhelm every facet of

your life be ready God has promised


words you may never have dared to dream

of the tras speaks that your monetary

prospects health and career path would

ultimately attain you have been waiting

impatiently for me to unlock this

door type thank you God if you want my


you set yourself up for the

impending gains to flow when you

interact with this message you are going

to have an

extraordinary amazing experience over

the following days if your faith


true simply enter in the comments

to claim these benefits and to reaffirm

your faith


God says I am always here for you so

don’t worry in spite of the fact that

you may not be liked by

everyone Reach Out And Touch them with

compassion it’s like putting a warm

glove on them I will lavish you with

rewards for your video in

exchange don’t let difficult times

depress you they are only stepping

stones to the infinite blessings that

await you in the future along with God

let us bore down in prayer asking him


Comfort let us pray that the weight of

suffering anxiety and conflict will be

softly lifted from our shoulders and

replaced with the blessings of excellent

Health unrestricted joy and deep

Serenity Type A if you believe in

God keep anxiety out of your mind and

focus on the

future rather put your faith in God and

back it up with hard work he’ll be your

Beacon of Hope showing you the path

ahead expect positive news to arrive and

to express your

conviction type yes with complete

confidence in comment

box remember that you are not alone and

God is always with you he is

unwaveringly at your

side beyond your most valuable

expectations a magnificent shift is

predestined for your

life if you are prepared enter yes and

share this video with five people who

believe in God and please don’t forget

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