if you watch this video till the end you may end up with a lot of money good

things are going to happen soon you will get money from places you did not expect

and this will definitely happen my beloved child I will rescue

you from your lowest point and turn it into a powerful tool for your

advancement I am your God so my child come to me expecting great things my

anger has driven me to bring you here I am freeing you from

confinement here you will experience favor and fulfillment like never before

since I am leading you there now it’s over keep your spirits up and your

hearts open this holiday season here I am ready to answer your

questions have faith that I am carrying out your instructions you’re about to change the

narrative drastically the tale of how you have been blessed with Miracles so

much motivation and one inspiring success

story many will find inspiration in your story of overcoming adversity and

emerging Victorious there will be a shift opportunity will find you because

of me you are about to get some unexpected benefits the correct

individual will appear out of no where suddenly you’ll feel much better all of

a sudden you’ll have enough money to take care of your expenses and even

treat your kids a little I am making a change that will benefit you if you

believe in God then you should like this video in the Bible verses Psalm

– always say why my soul are you downcast why so disturb inside me put

your hope in God for I will yet Praise Him My Savior and my God today Lord

wants to tell you something from heaven in terms of your mindset I am trans

forming you into something new if you want to live near me you need to be open

to change and Novelty by completely reimagining your

thinking I am changing you this is going to take a lot of work you’re going to be

scaffolded from now till the end of time nevertheless you are not like the inert

elements used to make homes you are a living breathing part of the

material your incredible capacity to plan ahead and make weighty decisions as

a gift from me as I change you I want you to make an advantage of this divine

power to work with me to achieve this you must shed your

old identity and adopt a new set of habits and I use if you want to make

wise Godly decisions you must know me look for me in my word and pray that my

spirit would shed his light on it so that you may see the Bible and a new

light you will become more like me and have more Delight in being a light in my

presence as you make a conscious effort to live in accordance with my

will your joy focus on me grows as you look at me more and more there are a lot

of unsettling things that demand your attention when you look at the world

nowadays you will fall into a pit of despair if you dwell on such things for

too long at the same time your everpresent savior says I am here seek

me my lover and discover happiness in me

no matter how faintly it lingers in your thoughts my presence is always able to

benefit you you have the ability to be aware of me even while you attend to other

concerns the incredible mind I bestowed upon you is capable of

multitasking my presence will be subtly with you while you’re doing the anything

mentally taxing God says yes if you want to

praise my name unfortunately it’s not always uplifting and reassuring it is not

escapism to make me your joyful focus in fact paying clo attention to me

fortifies you and gives you the bravery to face life’s ch chages head on you

will be more effective and happier the more you look to

me you can count on me seeking purpose and meaningful connection might lead you

to engage in more and more activities but there can also be moments

when you feel stressed and duped by the people and events around

you when you’re physically L at rest your mind is always racing with ideas on

how to fix upcoming issues keep in mind that I am the one

who is all the keys to understanding and insight speak quietly to yourself from

time to time Jesus you are my treasure too remind yourself of this wonderful

fact I find my wholeness in you need you are shield

from fragmentation when you make me your first love and value Me Above everything

else a person might learn to redirect their thoughts to the one who completes

them whenever they notice that there thoughts are wandering your life will

gain Direction now you will feel closer to me as a result of

this in order to live in my presence and take place and my presence you must strive to

fulfill my commandments so that you may share in my joy and find fulfillment in

your own I am sharing this with you God the Savior I am he and me you

can find Delight no matter what their fourth planet has been affected by

what’s occurring in the world from the moment Adam and de we

disobeyed me Abel has been in a terrible state of Decline and a tragic manner

they condemn Sons because of his jealousy Cain murdered his younger

brother H retaliation God condemned Cain to a life

of Perpetual wandering as ambiguous area therefore

the task that lies de of you every day day is to the Earth is still very Joy

despite all the Brokenness because of the fall and its lasting

ramifications lesus is with me and for me you should tell yourself

again nothing can ever take his love away from me spend all your might

seeking out the good that is still here on Earth and delighting in my presence

and the areas where I have given you access use your talents to bring my

light do not be afraid of bad news I am able to turn evil into good learn to

believe in me your savior with a heart that is unwavering to bring glory to myself I

made to you as you navigate through this day keep precept in mind giving thanks

praising and worshiping are ways that people bring glory to me always remember

to thank me and keep your eyes peeled for my blessings like a treasure hunter

seeking for a Hidden Gem sing me praises and make my name

known in all your words not only in prayer and

music praise me by telling them of my mighty Works come to church church with

other believers so that the presence of my glory may be felt think about how

your choice will bring me honor and happiness whenever you are faced with a

dilemma making better decisions and becoming more mindful that my presence

may be aided by this seek my guidance how you consider things through so that

you don’t get mired and self-re reflection regarding you and your

predicament I am fully informed seek to deepen your understanding of me because

the more I know you the better I can direct your decisions you will find

guidance and comfort in my word typ pal and if you love allmighty

father sweet kids I’m here reaching out to be a part of not just your world but

your heart I aim to write words of comfort within it and gently remove the

chains that have held you tight with a Simple Touch from me your

discomfort your fears anxieties and worries will

vanish even the sky listens when I speak and I speak to you now with clear

intention because I’m eager to see you filled with joy to know inner peace and

to be confident about a shining tomorrow spending time with me is your

chance to feel embraced to be reassured of the truth of my existence my deep

affection and my promise to keep you safe from all dangers this gift is what

I wish for you to have trust me fully accept it your power is ready just

waiting for you to embrace it to be wrapped in my love and to be changed by

the nurturing and transforming presence of my spirit now rise and move forward

empowered by my spirit when obstacles come they won’t stand a chance against

you you’re not fragile you are fortified with my love love and a steadfast

belief always keep this in mind because for those who have faith anything can be

achieved I hold you dear and you’re going to be okay have confidence in

me my timing is impeccable and I’m setting up everything so when the moment

is Right blessings will come your way with these I give you patience and

Serenity treasure them don’t let your emotions push you into Hasty actions or

decisions type if you believe almighty

God please wait for me without taking on new debts you’ve had enough of that I

don’t wish for your future to be burdened a bright light will soon fill

your life showing you my kindness and faith

I’ll break away the restraints and restrictions giving you the freedom to

live independently we’re embarking on this journey together just you and me for now

keep your plans and aspirations close don’t share our vision because

many around you who lack discretion H or jealous might mock you or try to deter

You by reminding you of past setbacks but that time has passed your heart is

renewed relying on me now and you will succeed in all you

do as I have said you’ll be blessed opportunities will open up and the

burdens you carry will be lifted I’ll release you from chains and constraints

granting you peace prosper ity and freedom from worrying or

debt don’t let the actions of others sway you as long as you have faith in me

and proceed with honesty no one can challenge you or your loveed ones

remember I am with you every day always my words alone are enough to

bring healing the extraordinary power emanating from my speech is here

for you offering life and upliftment you shouldn’t continue to be Shackled by

thoughts of Anguish or feel you’re deserving of harsh outcomes due to past

errors you exist and a realm of hardship yet it’s a realm already vanquished you

are a child of the Supreme beinging and this assurance has been given to

you trust in me with with every step forward and even in this world’s

challenges you’ll find Triumph I notice you still spend hours in Terrors often

unsure why let me clarify it’s the ache of missing me a deep-seated yearning for

reconnection your entire Essence feels incomplete without me recognizing that

apart from me you’re powerless it might feel as if life is slipping

away without having found the peace and joy you’ve longed for with loved ones

seemingly drifting further apart but take note I am right here with you

beside a spring of blessings ready to refresh your life and soul washing away

all sadness drink from this spring let it cleanse you today I’ve reached out to

touch your life stepping into your space where I plan to remain showering

blessings and protection over your family and you far beyond what you can

Envision I’ve noticed a touch of Gloom in your aura seen the Shadows under your

eyes and realized you’re an dire need of a boost to carry on your your path with

zest approach with trust you don’t have to wander through your day lacking drive

or hope after all I’m not a distant figure

unreachable in your moments of need my love isn’t far off I’ve been right here

beside you though at times you might Overlook my presence take my hand let’s

rise together share this powerful message is individual who is closest to your

heart I propose we take a stroll through the corridors of your mind chair with me

what scares you whats extinguish the will to embrace your life your purpose

it’s clear life can dis not harshness as a youngster your eyes

sparkled with Wonder anticipate ating the bast offering Smiles freely in

camaraderie yet the harshness of Deceit and betrayal dim that light quenching

your joy and breaking your spirit your heart closed off trust faded

including in me yet I assure you I get it I truly do I am as familiar with you

as I am with the night sky constellation ations understanding every burden every

scar even the slightest discomfort you endure we’re in tune and I comprehend

precisely what brings you Solace as we wander let me whisper of a

realm where you’re cherished deeply da and Royal attire your name held in high

esteem in this special place your continuously bathed in an adoring gaze

day and night here like a nestling fed your

Essences nurtured here lies Your Truth a sign of the Supreme molded in the Divine

image remember no stumble can ever host you from the most Splendid realm

imaginable a space reserved just for you within the vastness of my heart secure

and honored you’re always welcome to converse with me regardless of feelings

of unworthiness don’t let falsehoods trick You Through My Sacrifice I’ve claimed

Your Existence enabling a clean slate remember nothing can ever extract you

from My Embrace nor sever our connection you remain I cherished my young one ever

resilient you’ve persevered alive and defiant booed by the faith in my pledge

to you endowed with a Heavenly Force impenetrable by any

foe cling to these truths and resist the onslaughts aim at dismantling your

aspirations they shall not Prevail you are my shielded by my omnipotence safeguarded

by my luminance your Triumph lies in my Assurance your reflection mirrored in my

steadfast promises where you are deeply valued the real Skirmish lies within

battling against the turmoil of your sentiments that if unchecked must lead

you into despair don’t let emotions dictate don’t concede to defeat by

visible struggles nor be swayed by ominous forecasts or apparently adverse

circumstances my dominion over your existence is absolute I convert all to

your benefit for you are my selected cleansed by My Sacrifice rejuvenated by

my spirit you been bestowed the strength to conquer hold fast to me seek shelter in

my affection and this moment as my words resonate with you know that even

missteps will be redirected for your gain your anguish will cease your Kent

shall Thrive and as the days unfold right I love you Jesus if you

believe the scripture always tell aoid in impediments to Sinners paths is the

message of this passage since Adam disobeyed God and all human sin because

of their own transgressions it is essential to remember that everyone is

guilty despite receiving Christ’s atoning sacrifice even God’s elect still

s after Faith here however it denotes infamous depravity that is both open and

brazenly practiced those who fail to adhere to God’s law are represented by the term

used their pathological indifference and joy and heinous acts propels them

relentlessly from one Wicked deed to another not only does the way refer to

their corrupt views and attitudes but it also describes their wicked lifestyle it

leads to evil corruption ruin and mortality the fortunate person is the

one who gets up and walks away from this

situation even if they may find themselves on this road they will not

stay there that is in line with what is said in Romans even if they didn’t

act act sinfully on the outside the Pharisees were internally corrupt

throughout Christ’s time the path of self-justification via legal efforts was

on their path but like the Apostle Paul and others before him the one who finds true

Joy has not stand in that method but rather stands in Christ Jesus and the

way of of life and righteousness that is through him sitting on the seat of scoffers is

also mentioned in this passage this describes those who are pompous and

arrogant and who fight against others who are modest and

lowly they have a hauny attitude towards others because they are proud of

themselves and their inherent talents intelligence wealth

status or virtue those who are hopelessly entangled in the evil might likewise be

caught up in it those who are genuinely lucky avoid being around or sitting with

people like that they abstain from their secret meetings and do not support their

beliefs words Deeds or attitudes to accept it with belief

please type during Christ’s day the Pharisees

and scribes were notorious for making fun of Jesus his teachings and the

disciples but others did not go along with them rather they treasured

Christ his Shepherds and his truths acknowledging him as God’s omniscience

and might being careful and genuine in our religion being a disciple of Christ

entails more than merely acting religiously and seeming

holy one must have a living growing connection with God’s power in order to

be really Godly because of it we are able to live

virtuously let God’s power change our life and let our faith be evident in all

that we do be mindful of those who claim to be religious but aren’t sincere about

pursuing a connection with God they may try to trick Us by using scriptures that

teach us to be cautious with religious terminology or

practices in order to achieve their own Twisted objective they pray on innocent

people who are already struggling under the way of their own faults and

desires let us exercise caution so that we do not succumb to their manipulation

what are our options for replying to this message let us strive first to

build a solid relationship with God let us have faith that transforms our

emotions perspectives and deeds type PS

if you think God is My Savior when we do this God’s power May

operate inside us next while interacting with others let’s use caution and wisdom

we should not put our faith in those who profess to be holy without investigating

their actions motivations and teachings it is better to maintain our

distance and shield our elves from spiritual damage if their actions and

words do not align with the genuine message of the Gospel we are reminded In

this passage that our world has a tendency to reject good

teachings true teachings would be met with a lack of patience and desire at

some point as the Apostle Paul predicted rather students would look for

instructors who would give them the answers they want based on their

interests and preferences individuals would strave

from the Everlasting principles of the Gospel as they seek their own pleasure

rather than the truth even when it conflicts with popular opinion or our

own inclinations we must keep fast to the true teachings of scripture as this

verse tells us holding on to the inherent truth of God’s word is our

highest Authority we are commanded To Be watchful perceptive and unwavering in

our devotion to it being firmly grounded in God’s truth is essential end a

society where there are many competing ideologies philosophies and false

doctrines the inherent realities revealed and scripture ought to mold our

views not to whims of the masses or our own inclinations we have been given the duty

as Christians to hold to the gospel and to preach it with all our might make

sure the instructors and teachings you choose are in line with the fundamental

truths of scripture by being careful with your

choices even when it goes against popular culture let us not waver in our

dedication to the truth and let us preach the gospel with humility and

compassion urging people to reject the world’s tempting Lian instead put their

trust in Christ alone for Everlasting salvation Comet Lord is stand with me

listen carefully perhaps you are unsure about the friendliness of the individual

you have just met no matter what you should take the opportunity perhaps you

are unsure as to whether or not this girl would want to join you for

lunch no matter what you should take the opportunity perhaps attending that

religious gathering makes you nervous it doesn’t matter just go you shouldn’t sit

around and hope that your anxiety goes away most of the time just making a

decision and taking action eliminates fear the more you’re able to do things

against your natural inclination the less terrifying you’re darkest concerns

will seem in spite of the fact that you could feel like your clothes have

magically vanished over that the sky has suddenly opened up confidence means

taking a risk at their best emotions serve as a

steady Source a few but at their worst they may be really unpredictable though

genuine your emotion have no business dictating your choices as long as you

keep added eventually you’ll succeed but folks who wish inside the

Lord will renew their strength they will leap on wings like eagles they may run

and not develop weary they’ll walk in now not be fate Isaiah

– dear listener join this prayer with me and repeat after me oh Lord

according to to your word you are among us and you are the one who can rescue us

your Jo over us as contagious Your Love soothes us and your

joy is accompanied with singing allow us to see you doing it this evening we beg

you to calm our racing Minds your kind voice that talks to us

and brings us peace and your beautiful song please let us hear them both you

have my eternal gratitude for the Tranquil you have given me and the

unconditional love you have shown me I appreciate you keeping an eye on us and

an ear out for us your actions and being our much

appreciated we ask this via Jesus Christ on any level physical emotional

cerebral spiritual or or financial may you reach out to those who are suffering

and in need your promise to provide for our needs is a comforting one because

you are the compassionate God we also pray for everyone we know who is

suffering since you told us to pray for each other sending your peace and

comfort to everyone that reads this may they find Solace and count from their

suffering may you provide each person with blessings they can’t even fathom

for the ability to pray in jesus’ name and for all that you will do we are

eternally grateful I implore you to mending my soul mind and body please God

pardon my transgressions and provide me strength to overcome my weaknesses

I pray that your word would change me into someone more like Jesus in every

way you know I am capable of great things I ask that you assist me release

the things that are holding me back in every facet of my life help me to seek

your highest and finest to live a triumphant life in you I beg for your

assistance fortitude and might I pray for all these things name of Jesus

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