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said my dear son please listen carefully

to my words for they are a source of

strength and guidance in times of need I

am always here making the impossible

possible quiet your mind and Trust in my

presence I have always been by your side

and will continue to be like a powerful

force calming the fiercest storms I will

Soo the doubts and fears that Roar

within you find solace in knowing that I

am here for you unwavering and constant

you are never alone my child even when

everything seems dark In My Embrace

where your worries and uncertainties

will be calmed I wish for your life to

be at peace both amidst the turmoil of

the day and in the Tranquility of the

night you are entitled to countless

blessings yet often they go unnoticed

hidden behind the shadows of unfounded

fears and the influence of those who do

not wish you well I implore you to find

Serenity in your soul to ignore the

chaos of the world the idle words and

threats that try to sway you stand firm

in your journey for I am here to support

you every step of the way may the light

of Truth and Love guide your paths

dissipating all darkness and bringing

Clarity to your thoughts always remember

you are stronger than you imagine and

your potential is infinite when you

trust in yourself and in the power of

good never doubt your worth and your

ability to overcome any challenge life

presents to you as it says in Isaiah

fear not for I am with you be not

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you I will help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

remember it is my voice that guides your

destiny even when facing opposition or

bearing the consequences of your actions

do not lose heart you are my beloved

always under my protective Wing amidst

the chaos and fear remain Brave and

steadfast fear not for I am with you my

love is constant in your life feel my

presence a reassuring touch in your

heart dispelling all doubts my love for

you is

unwavering I am actively healing the

scars left by those who have harmed you

believe this with all your heart for the

strength of love love and faith is

immeasurable capable of transforming

even the deepest wounds into sources of

growth and renewal trust that your past

struggles were not in vain they have

equipped you with strength wisdom and

empathy now you are ready to be a Beacon

of Hope and love Illuminating the

darkest corners of

Despair however be vigilant for the

forces that oppose the Peace of your

soul are always watching seeking to

disturb your Serenity be careful not to

allow these forces to disrupt your peace

and diminish your faith if you succumb

to fear you will be enveloped in sadness

once again but remember this my love for

you is infinite my Mercy is endless and

my spirit will protect you from all evil

even if you falter I will lift you up

never think that I have abandoned you if

you fall into temptation I will rescue

you if your faith falters and activity

clouds your heart I will be there to

strengthen you you are not alone on this

journey I am by your side guiding you

with love and light the Lord is my

shepherd I shall not want he makes me

lie down in Green Pastures he leads me

beside Still Waters he restores my soul

he leads me in Paths of righteousness

for his name’s sake even though I walk

through the valley of the shadow of

death I will fear no evil for you are

with me your rod and your staff they

comfort me you prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies you anoint

my head with oil my cup

overflows surely goodness and mercy

shall follow me all the days of my life

and I shall dwell in the house of the

Lord forever Psalms chap

– this Psalm so well known and recited

by millions around the world offers a

profound message of trust and divine

protection the psalmist portrays God as

a loving Shepherd who cares for his

sheep with Zeal and attention the image

of the sheep being guided and protected

by its Shepherd is a powerful metaphor

for the relationship between God and His

People by by declaring I shall not want

the psalmist acknowledges God’s abundant

provision he trusts that under the

Lord’s guidance he will find Green

Pastures and Still Waters symbols of

peace and spiritual sustenance even in

the darkest moments when he walks

through the valley of the shadow of

death he fears no evil for he knows that

God is by his side ready to comfort and

protect him the table prepared before

him in the presence of his enemies is an

expression of the Victory and security

the psalmist finds in God’s presence

even amidst challenges and adversities

he is blessed and strengthened the oil

poured over his head represents Divine

anointing and consecration demonstrating

the intimacy and communion between the

psalmist and his Lord the final promise

of the psalm that God’s good goodness

and mercy will follow him all the days

of his life is a powerful reminder of

God’s faithfulness and eternal love even

in the face of uncertainties and

tribulations we can rely on the constant

presence of the Lord who guides protects

and sustains us may these words Inspire

us to trust in God’s kindness and Care

in all circumstances and to find comfort

and hope in the certainty of his coming

constant presence in our lives may we

like the psalmist dwell in the house of

the Lord forever enjoying his eternal

peace and communion I will still fight

for you purify your soul and rekindle it

with my sacred word nothing can separate

you from my love no adversity illness

danger or worldly Affliction can break

our bond in every situation you are

victorious through my love you have

renounced evil and dedicated yourself to

me recognizing me as your savior and

guardian your faithfulness is unwavering

unlike those who doubt and complain in

adversity you do not express your


imprudently these people disregard the

sanctity of Life family and the future

and the blessings their actions mock the

Salvation I offer disrespect in the

sacredness of divine love yet even so I

persist in loving them tireless in my

efforts to draw them close but you my

beloved my beloved turn away from the

wicked and pray for them keep moving

forward persisting firmly in the face of

Trials opposition do not remain stagnant

Paralyzed by fear or regret I bless you

on this day with immense opportunities

granting you Supernatural strength

Advance courageously steadfast in your

conviction in the face of every enemy

and conflict you may encounter for you

have become a mighty and courageous

Champion empowered by my spirit begin

each morning by kindling your faith with

my Living Word present your petitions

and praises to me first remember that

nothing is impossible for me you have my

full support and commitment in all

things I will continue to help you in

every situation maintain inner calm and

remain in my peace you are entering into

the supernatural life I have prepared

for you and here in my presence is your

safe haven when your knees touch the

ground in sincere prayer with humility

faith and reverence my heavenly armies

will rush to your Aid I command you to

be calm and let your heart not be

troubled your soul finds perfect peace

in the safety of My Embrace enveloping

you tell me that you accept this freely

offered gift for I am fully determined

to bless you you have cried out to me

and I have heard your voice your life is

changing right now do not doubt this

truth I am giving you a new heart and

even those closest to you will be amazed

help will come to you from the most

unexpected places be grateful for I am

opening doors of blessings for you with

abundant New Opportunities coming your

way hold fast to the words I have spoken

and boldly share them with others

thirsty for Hope never cease to

communicate with me in prayer talking

together is no burden to me simply close

your eyes and say Lord I need you and I

will be by by your side immediately you

must have childlike faith and trust know

this truth my presence will never leave

your side as long as you allow me to

guide your steps and illuminate your

path trust in me and see how I transform

your heart and your life together we

will overcome all challenges and you

will experience the fullness of my grace

and love let me be your guide your safe

Refuge amidst life storms with me by

your side you will never be alone even

when adversities seem overwhelming

remember that I Am with You

strengthening and empowering you to face

any obstacle fear not for my love for

you is eternal and my Mercy is infinite

let me be your light in the darkness

your comfort in sorrow and your hope in

times of Despair trust in my promise

that I am working all things for your

good embrace the peace that only I can

offer and walk in faith knowing that I

am always by your side ready to guide

and sustain you in every moment of life

with love

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