my beloved children come close and give heed to my words this day great change

is imminent the time I have foretold draws near for years my prophets have

said it is coming soon I know you have grown weary of

these promises wondering if this prophesied door will ever open but now my patient and steadfast

ones your faithfulness has been seen you have withstood the storms and onslaughts

of the enemy with Valor the hour has arrived for you to witness my mighty hand at work what I am about to do will

shake Nations and kingdoms but do not fear though systems of man falter and

strongholds crumble it is to set you free the world as you have known it will

be no more I have warned about the coming economic turmoil advising you to

prepare as best you can for some hard times are still ahead but remember this

promise I will never forsake you in your deepest trials my sustaining Grace will

be enough the present corrupt system which you have known since birth will be torn down you were born for such a time

as this long ago I deposited my overcoming strength within you for this battle truly these are unprecedented

days in history I Am The Great I Am maker of heaven and Earth and soon the

eyes of all humankind will behold my unmatched power and

Glory the time of birth pangs is here each contraction growing stronger and

closer together stay near to me abiding under my wing during this turbulent

transition despite the pain be filled with Supernatural peace and joy your final push will Usher in

Freedom like you’ve never known full restoration healing of wounds

a new life beyond what you dreamed possible if only you could see a glimpse

of all I have prepared for you for I am doing something completely new more

wonderful than your imagination can conceive I am about to shock and Amaze

the world those who have mocked and persecuted you who have arrogantly

opposed me who have poisoned my truth and misrepresented my character will

indeed reap the consequences of their deeds I have had enough their discipline

will be severe and perfectly just long have I extended Mercy yet still they

refuse to turn from their wickedness but concerning you my faithful one you have

endured fiery trials yet continued to Hope in me your reward is coming every

prayer every tear of intercession Every Act done in my name has been captured in my eternal Ledger the fullness of time

time for recompense draws near so brace yourself for surely I am doing something

in your day that you would not believe even if you were told as this glorious climax approaches

abide in me as I abide in you I will supply all needed strength for the birth

pangs fear not for all I have spoken will come to pass Terrors of night

plagues disasters and warfare shall not Prevail against you no weapon formed

against you will succeed and no lie raised against you will stand for you

are under the shadow of my wings during this turbulent transition War not against flesh and blood but pray

for your enemies be quick to forgive offenses even as I forgave you return evil with

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