Jesus Is Angry, Stop Skipping Him | | God Message Today |

my beloved

child there is a link between rushing

and stress and I told you not to be

stressed you will be blessed with peace

that you can’t explain if you let me set

the pace in a world full of danger and

unknowns it’s normal to feel sick

sometimes for Christians though there is

no place that is really unsafe your

final home is in heaven and no one can

take this wonderful gift away from you

because it will never die spoil or fade

I also have control over everything

including your life and the people you

love you or they can only be hurt by

what I let happen you can break free

from painful irrational thoughts that

come from upsetting events the more you

focus on me and my word you might have

to deal with the same thought more than

once before you can control it but your

hard work will pay off in more freedom

and more enjoyment of my presence I have

searched you and gotten to know you well

I know all of your ways I know

everything about you before you even say

a word being honest with me shouldn’t

scare you because you trust me you have

nothing to worry about you are a loved

member of my family and our close

relationship helps me a lot when I feel

lonely say your prayers to me when you

feel alone or scared talking them out

loud helps you think more clearly

because I understand you so well I hear

hear your silent prayers you don’t have

to explain anything to me you can just

ask for my help right away please take a

moment to enjoy my company and feel the

happiness I bring I’ll make sure your

path is safe so your anklet don’t

turn you don’t need to think too much

about what’s coming up and wonder if you

can handle it only I fully understand

what you can do and know what your true

future holds I can change your situation

either slowly or drastically there is a

path here that I can make wider for you

I want you to understand how deeply I am

connected to your life I enjoy taking

care of you and making changes to your

situation so that you don’t have to go

through extra trouble remember that I am

a shield for everyone who runs to me

trust me talk to me and walk with me in

joyful dependence are your parts in this

journey there will still be bad things

in your life but I will make your path

wider to bless you and keep you safe you

can choose to be happy my love you might

not be able to change your situation but

you can always choose to be happy my

dear child I made you a little lower

than the angels and gave you a great

mind your high status in My Kingdom

gives you the power to think and make

choices because they affect how you feel

and act your thoughts are very important

so try to choose positive ones the truth

is that the world has been at War since

sin came into it this world is now

dangerous because of the Fall In the

Garden of Eden good and evil are always

fighting each other so it’s very

important to be aware and in control

remember that the devil your worst enemy

has already been beaten I beat the world

and you are now on my side of the

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