God is always talking to you with every

beautiful sunset with every ocean waves

crashing on the shore with every newborn

baby’s cry with every random coincidence

that changes your life God’s there

working and showing you that he has it

all under control prayer tip thank God

for three things for every one thing you

ask him for that’s probably the biggest

question of the entire world but I’ll

answer it for you the best way I can I

know God is real because have seen him

in the face of a stranger being kind to

me and reaching out a hand when I didn’t

want to try anymore I’ve heard God when

I go to church and the preacher happens

to talk about exactly I mean word for

word what I’m going through or when I

turn on the radio randomly and a song is

playing that calms and is just what I

need to hear I’ve prayed and received no

answer but El also prayed and received

many answers he’s not going to walk in

and sit down in front of us but he is

always with us Lord please put a shield

around my friends and family today wrap

them with love and protection amen I

don’t know who needs to read this but

Isaiah says when the timney is

right I the Lord will make it happen so

relax and trust God today the Bible is

still the best answer forgiveness is

still the best response prayer is still

the best approach Jesus is still the

only savior Bible does it say to figure

it all out on your own over and over

again it simply says to trust God I’m

not sure who needs this I know you feel

lost and alone right now but God’s got

big plans for you he is going to help

you get through this God can give you

the strength to fight this battle

because you still have a purpose God is

not done with you yet he loves you the

enemy wants you to quit so bad because

he knows that God loves you and has

something big planned ahead when you

pray and ask God for things to change in

your life maybe his answer is by

changing your your hello God we need

your help down here the world has gone

crazy please hear our prayers thank you

we trust you amen dear Lord we need you

our world has been taken over by Satan

we are celebrating sin ignoring you and

loving ourselves please remind us of the

power of Jesus remind us of what life

truly means remind ESS us of Your Love

only you can help us what heaven looks

like when someone accepts Jesus as their

lord and savior

be patient I know life is full of closed

doors right now but God hears your cries

he knows your frustrations trust that he

will open that next door at the right

time in your life his timing doesn’t

always match our desires Bo it matches

his plan the devil is just distracting

us right now then give him the attention

he is looking for God is good even when

things seem bad if you really want to be

like Jesus be the one who stays when

everyone else walks away way be the one

who forgives even when it’s undeserved

be the one who shows Grace when everyone

else is casting Stones be the one to

show love even when they betray you cuz

that’s who Jesus is I wish you truly

knew how much God loves you and what he

does for you every single day he

protects you from battles you never knew

you were facing he ignores the prayers

that he knows will hurt you later on he

changes your path when he has a better

one planned for you God loves you so

much every stumble is still a step

forward stay focused on the destination

God has laid out for you not the bumpy

road sometimes best way to add Gods to

your L IIs S subtraction from it God

has taught me that I never need to worry

about tomorrow I survived yesterday I am

alive and dealing with today with God’s

help I can face tomorrow and whatever

may come my way today is not about the

bunny it’s about the Lamb of God almost

, years ago the devil thought that

he had won but the Jesus rose heavenly

father who sent your only son Jesus

Christ to save us from our sin show me

how I can honor you and bring Glory To

Your Name by walking in the way of Jesus

give me grace and mercy I seek try and

fail guidance when I’m not sure which

way to go and wisdom to trust you in all

things for your love brings light and

Life to all who seek it may El Seek You

more as I walk with you through this

Holy Week and Beyond Amen on this Good

Friday let’s never forget the true

meaning of Easter for when Christ was on

that cross we were on his mind when I

look around at what has happened to our

culture and Society I realize that this

is what it looks like when you remove

God from our decisions and identity

don’t get caught up in this mess going

on right now focus on the truths that

are written in the words in red how many

here believes us Christ is the only only

way to heaven God did not give us the

Book of Revelation so we build bomb

shelters in the backyard he gave us the

book so that W build bigger dinner

tables and invite our friends over and

tell them about Jesus dear God when I am

overwhelmed by what is going on please

remind me that you are with me give me

the strength to not fear evil but

instead remind me that you overcome it

show me your comfort and protection and

keep me rooted and grounded in your love

in Jesus name name



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