don’t ignore the signs that you ask at

God to show youo if someone crosses your

mind today check on them God did that

for a reason read this in silence dear

God thank you for sending your only son

to save us what a beautiful gift that I

can never earn Lord sometimes I’ll

struggle to believe that I am worthy of

your presence in my life remind me that

thesis not the case remove any barriers

that are keeping me from committing my

life completely to

you in Jesus name amen one day soon

you’ll wake up in the weight of the last

few weeks months or even years will be

lifted off your shoulders you can’t

control when that day will be all you

can do is trust God and have faith it is

coming dear Lord please help me to

discover my purpose here on Earth I da

want to follow a road that I choose

instead I want to follow the road that

you have already prepared for me I love

you so much and trust you with what’s

ahead I pray the hardest part about

being a Christian is living in a pbl

world that glorified sin replacing why

is this happening to me with what is God

trying to teach me is a game Cher for

your life God wants you to know today he

will give you strength when you think

you can’t go on he will give you Joy

when you feel discouraged he will make a

way when it looks impossible we have to

trust God even when his answer is and no

the same God who created heaven and

earth in six days can change your life

in one stay faithful and Trust his

timing he’s got this your friends are

fighting battles that you don’t even

know about make sure you cover them in

prayer dear Lord please protect our kids

as they start in New co Year amen I

will never get tired of thanking God

because he never gets tired of waking me

up each morning never doubt what God can

do with a broken life when y give Tim

all the pieces Jesus didn’t say come to

me all who are rushing it living your

best life and I will give you rest he

said come to me all who are weary and I

will give you rest if you are

discouraged tired or weary don’t worry

that’s exactly how Jesus expected you to

come to him I don’t understand

everything and that’s okay what I do

understand is that this world is so big

and so complex that only Divine Creator

could have thought of everything God is

real and the proof is all around us my

friends Wednesday reminder those who

leave everything in God’s hands will

eventually see God’s hands in everything

Lord please protect me from what is Comm

IMG that I can’t see you won’t have to

chase what God has sent you that’s how

youi know it’s from him I don’t know who

needs to read this but Isaiah says

when the time is right I the Lord will

make it happen so relax and trust God

God puts people in your life to help you

accomplish the purpose that he has

planned for you he also removes people

for the same reason until Jesus is

enough for you no other person or thing

will be stop trying to sit at the tables

that Jesus would flip over let’s pray

for each other comment below with

anything you need prayer for if you pray

for them like their comment I hope you

know that Jesus didn’t only die for the

dressed up people that sit in church

every Sunday and read their Bibles every

single day he also died for the broken

people that cry themselves to sleep wake

up too late for church and go weeks

without thanking him don’t ever forget

that don’t stop praying because you Dawn

TC results immediately God’s working in

his own time trust me it will be worth

the wait to pie a debt that he didn’t

tee oh because we day debt that we

wouldn’t pay I just started thinking

about how blessed I am and I started to

te are up thank you God for my family my

friends my health my strength and my

life amen I am not sure who needs this I

know you feel lost and alone right now

but God’s got big plans for you he is

going to help you get through this God

can give you the strength to fight this

battle because you still have a purpose

God loves you didn’t ever forget that

yesterday is gone today is here tomorrow

isn’t promised enjoy the blessings that

God has already provided and prepare

yourself for what he has planned for you

not once in the Bible does it say to

worry about it stress over it or figure

it out but over and over it clearly says

to trust God being a Christian doesn’t

mean you and never go through hard times

it means you’ll never go through hard

times alone you need Jesus just to leave

the house now aays it’s a mess out there

the same God that created the beautiful

sunrise created you remember ho Speck

you are if you really want to see change

in your life stop being led by our

culture and start being led by the Holy

Spirit strong no my friend I am far from

it what you are seeing is simply a weak

person with a very strong God this world

today doesn’t make sense to me Jesus

does if you have accepted Jesus as your

savior comment amen I don’t deserve the

chances God has already given

to me and I don’t deserve any that he

will give me in the future but there he

is always by my side thank you Lord God

is not in a hurry you are it’s why

you’re tired it’s he you’re anxious

stressed and disappointed today I pray

you surrender your timeline in favor of

his peace trust that what was meant to

be yours will be pray to God when you

feel alone

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