Jesus commands: “Open my latest message from God today. God’s advice for today.

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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because it is a message from God’s heart

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said my dear child even when you feel

invisible to the eyes of the world I see

you every detail of your journey does

not go unnoticed by me I want you to

understand that life is an intricate


where every thread of joy and every line

of challenge intertwine to create the

Magnificent picture of your existence

even in moments of pain when it seems

like the weave is about to unravel I am

the skilled Weaver who can transform the

most fragile threads into something

beautiful you carry the weight of many

concerns but I want you to know that you

are not alone in the Solitude of the

night in the stormy days in moments of

Silence I am

present sometimes you may feel like your

prayers go unheard but know that every

sigh of your heart is a Melody to my

ears I listen understand and respond in

ways that often surpass your

comprehension if you believe in God’s

blessing comment I believe I want you to

realize the gift of freedom I have given

you don’t create prisons for yourself

with fears from the past or anxieties

about the future today is a gift a gift

that I want you to unwrap with gratitude

and joy don’t let the shadows of

yesterday obscure the light of today be

free to embrace the now knowing that

each moment is an opportunity for a new

beginning faith is often spoken but

understand that it goes beyond a mere

belief in me true faith is grounded in

trust the trust that even when you don’t

fully understand I am working all things

for your good it is the conviction that

even in the darkest moments I am the

light that never goes out perhaps you

feel unqualified incapable or Unworthy

of my love understand that it is not by

your own strength that you are loved but

by my grace that flows continually

toward you no failure no mistake no

repentance can extinguish the flame of

my love for you allow me to be the

Redeemer of your story transforming

stained pages into testimonies of Grace

know that the pain you carry is not in

vain just as the gardener prunes the

rose bush to promote more abundant

flowering I am also working in your life

sometimes pain is the fertile soil in

which the garden of your purpose grows

even when tears flow I am collecting

each one in a sacred vessel transforming

them into a fragrance that fills the

heavens it is not my intention to hide

from from you often it is you who

withdraws distracted by the concerns of

the world or shrouded in the midst of

Pride my desire is to walk with you not

only in moments of Despair but also in

Daily Joys as you seek meaning in

purpose know that I have called you to

something Grand you are stronger than

you imagine more capable than you

believe do not underestimate the power

of my grace in you let it be the force

that lifts you up above challenges the

courage that propels you when the path

is steep if you believe do not fear the

unknown for I am the god who knows all

things every uncertain step you take is

a step closer to the destiny I have

planned for you uncertainty is the blank

canvas on which I paint the most

beautiful landscapes of Your Life Trust

in my guidance for I am your Shepherd

and you will never be lost as long as

you are in my loving arms some sometimes

you wonder if you are worthy of my love

know that your worth is not rooted in

human achievements but in the reality of

being my son my daughter I chose you not

for your merits but for my Unconditional

Love Therefore accept the grace flowing

from my heart to yours and allow

yourself to be loved you are a song

resonating in the halls of Eternity

every note of your life is a unique

Melody contributing to the symphony

being played since the foundation of the

world even in moments when you feel Out

Of Tune I am tuning your heart to

harmonize with the sublime purpose I

have planned for you understand that

time is both a gift and a challenge each

season of life brings unique lessons and

growth opportunities do not fear Aging

for true beauty lies in the maturity of

the Soul every wrinkle tells a story and

every experience shapes the Masterpiece

you are coming do not be a prisoner of

the past if there is repentance in your

heart bring it before me my Mercy is an

endless ocean capable of washing even

the deepest stains let forgiveness flow

over you like a gentle rain restoring

the brightness of Hope in your eyes with

love God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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