JESUS ALERT “LISTEN TO ME, IT’S URGENT” | Do you have 3 minutes for God today?

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son may deep peace and

eternal Grace be with you in this

precious moment today with words flowing

from the core of my heart to yours I

wish to share with you the immeasurable

magnitude of my love allow me to guide

you on a journey into the Serene and

uncharted waters of my unconditional

love a love that Echoes through the

centuries in the sacred Psalms bearing

witness to my devotion to you in every

verse of Psalm and I feel

compelled to express the preciousness of

my love for you envision dear child the

image of a bird tenderly Sheltering its

chicks under protective Wings this is is

how I am with you a secure Refuge a

place where you find peace and security

I desire for you to Delight in the

pleasures of my presence and quench your

thirst in the perennial river of joy

that flows from me in me you will find

the source of life and my light will

guide your steps revealing the true

Luminosity of my constant Presence by

your side in Psalm

I reveal myself as the

compassionate and patient God my

patience is an echo of my unwavering

love for you and my faithfulness is the

solid foundation upon which you can

build your life I invite you to trust in

me for I am trustworthy in my love you

will find the strength needed to face

life’s adversities my patience like a

gentle Echo resonates Through the Ages

manifesting as an extension of my

steadfast love for you my beloved child

contemp plate then the solidity of my

faithfulness like an unshakable Rock

upon which you can build the foundations

of your existence in my faithfulness you

will find a luminous Beacon guiding your

steps on the Journey of life I invite

you to trust in me as a child trusts in

the warmth of a mother’s Embrace truly I

am worthy of your trust and my promise

is a secure anchor amidst the storms of

life in my love unfold holds a majestic

Fortress not merely withstanding the

onslaughts of adversity but flourishing

amidst the seasons of your existence it

is a fortress Rising as an

insurmountable Tower offering a safe

haven in moments of tribulation let the

strength of my love permeate every fiber

of your being renewing and empowering

you to face challenges with the courage

inspired only by Divine love I highlight

with immense affection my forgiving

nature in Psalm and I will not

deal with you according to your sins for

I offer you mercy and forgiveness as the

heavens surpass the Earth so great is my

love for you Ponder the distance between

East and West a symbol of the complete

removal of your sins when you repent

allow forgiveness to flow over you like

a gentle rain washing away all stains

from your heart in Psalm verse and

I invite you to give thanks to me my

love is good and my Mercy is eternal

thank the god of gods and the Lord of

lords for my Mercy is endless May

gratitude bloom in your heart like a

lush Garden where each flower is an act

of thanks and each Leaf an expression of

acknowledgement in the folds of your

being discover the natural response to

the constant love I pour over you in

every thanks giving dance with the joy

that Springs from the awareness of the

abundance of my love finally meditate on


and see me as the one who heals

broken hearts and tends to wounds I know

every Star by name and just as my wisdom

is immeasurable so is my love for you

allow me to be the healer of your pains

and Trust in my guidance for my power is

tremendous and my wisdom passes all

human understanding dear child this

message transcends mere words it is an

expression of my immeasurable love for

you I invite you to dive into the depths

of my love to trust in me as your secure

Refuge to find forgiveness and joy in my

constant presence may this letter be a

constant reminder of how much you are

loved by me May the radiance of my love

illuminate every step you take guiding

you toward a journey of peace and

fulfillment with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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