today God is speaking to you my beloved

child you can believe that what you

believe is best for you and you could

make several plans in order to fulfill

them occasionally your ideas could

succeed because of how long your plans

are taking you could sometimes feel like

it’s a waste of time though the plan may

not always go as planned it may

sometimes result in a fresh benefit you

never would have imagined receiving

therefore if you felt that you were not

given what you needed remember that I

have a plan for you and instead of

worrying about it pray to me have faith

in me I am aware of my actions in your

life when you get the blessing I have in

store for you you will recognize it at

that point you’ll realize that

everything that has occurred to you or

Ben through as been

worthwhile recall that the one who sent

you and initiated anything in your life

has a purpose unique to you all you have

to do is trust me recall that you are my

child and that I am your father I


you Jesus says comment why I ask if you

want to follow my will the almighty said

behold I am your permanent assistance

many folks grab the coffee pot first

thing in the morning after stumbling out

of bed they are awake enough to go in

the direction of anything that will help

them sort through their thoughts even if

they are not yet thinking

properly I serve a similar purpose for

you when your thoughts go toward me so

that you may have a meaningful

conversation with me ask me to clear up

any doubt you were made in my image

which is why you have this incredible

potential while you wait in my presence

I clear your mind and make your day

easier to navigate I have complete

control over all f assets of your

existence so I have no trouble clearing

the path in front of you there are

others who believe they don’t have

enough time to start their day with

me they are unaware of how much I can

help them with their tasks by taking

away roadblocks and providing

time-saving insights I lavishly reward

you for the valuable time you spend with

me by

streamlining your thoughts and improving


situation that indicates your

advantages Joy is the righteous Prospect

this shop is for you you have great

expectations because I have given you my

cloak of righteousness because they

concentrate too much on the issues and

difficulties in the world some of my

followers are un able to discover what


need they don’t enjoy life to the

fullest instead they spend it trying to

reduce danger and suffering they also

mandle their joy and efficacy In My

Kingdom as a result this isn’t what I

have for

you an outstanding work of art Soul each

day I start out excited to obtain the

joy I have in the event that I fail to

locate the joys I have they repair their

lives and Le careful minimal lives every

morning when you wake up look for my

face with optimistic

anticipation ask me to help you become

ready for the joys I have placed along

your path as well as the challenges that

lie ahead then grab my hand and and

allow me to accompany you on your trip

through the day experiencing every

moment of

Joy walking close trusted love bonds of

Joy decline with me although it may seem

paradoxical joyful dependency is the

most satisfying way to live type yes to

claim this

blessing you are living in a court

with my ideal plan for you when you take

pleasure and depending on me H I am

completely trustworthy and I reach out

to you with unwavering

love these are only two of The

Magnificent Riches of the connection I

give you I am closer to you than the air

itself I am happy when you strive to

live a life of faith and dependence on

me as as a result our friendship deom

stronger and our affectionate

relationships with one another

deepen law and morality are not the only

things that find a happy married couple

warm Recollections of their shared

Adventures create bonds between them

that keep them devoted to one another I

want you to know sweetie that I am fully

devoted to you as you gladly rely on me

and walk in the light of my presence I

may fill your heart with love memories

when you glance around you’ll find a

landscape full of unfulfilled

promises I promise not to let go of you

it has a firm hold on you forever we

live in a world that is hazardous and

uncertain in a lot of ways you will


unfazed as long as you live in a forest

the prophet Isaiah is depicting a really

bad situation but my love is a vow that

I will always keep even if the hills and

mountains were to disappear my unfailing

love would still have these

circumstances Hills that vanish and

mountains that tremble My Love Remains

unwavering no matter what happens on it

you may construct your life even though

my kids sometimes think I love them they

still struggle to fully accept my love I

want you to realize just how big long

lofty and profound my love is for you

seek my spirit’s assistance in

understanding this love that is greater

than knowledge Release Yourself from

false perceptions of you are and see

yourself as I do luminous in my

righteousness and encased and

incandescent love stay encouraged and

don’t give up it’s easy to get so

exhausted that you want to give up when

you are facing persistent

issues persistent issues May exhaust and

deplete your energy moreover you run the

risk of doing so of you dwell on these

issues excessively not expand

WV sinking into a Chasm of hopelessness

or self-pity there are several types of

fatigue physical weariness that isn’t e

puts you at risk for Spiritual and

emotional burnout but a few focus on me

I’ve given you the tools you need to

rise above your

problems I endured the cross on your

behalf paying a heavy price for this

provision thinking about how keager I

was to go through so much can help you

get through your own struggles one

amazing way to regain your Vitality in

my presence is to worship me when you

praise me in the midst of ad adversity

you are met with my magnificent light

when you walk in faith you become more

and more like me as you continue to

concentrate on me reflecting my glory to

others and evolving into my image with

ever growing

Glory if you have faith in God right

Amon dear cherished one your path

forward is secure within the mighty and

commanding Embrace of my love for I

stand as your protector and God my love

enduring and boundless promises to be

your constant companion its warmth and

patience a testament to its NeverEnding

nature it is my solemn vow to ensure the

Fulfillment of my divine plan in your

life I pose to you this question will

you Grace my unshakable love can you

find the strength to dismiss the

Whispers of doubt and the unsettling

news that may come your way your

heartfelt prayer for a renewed mind was

a beautiful oat to your faith a faith

that sparked joy in to Heavens as we

welcomed you back with open arms in your

journey through life’s challenges know

that you are advancing your trust in me

Bri Over Troubled

Waters you have opened your heart to me

sharing your deepest thoughts and

concerns in doing so you’ve began to

ener the joy of living even as you

confront long buried

emotions our daily conversations will

fortify you expanding your faith and

imbuing you with a Newfound sense of

power my presence lifts the burdens from

your shoulders lightening your soul and

infusing your being with

joy having heard my voice I invite you

to converse with me fearlessly allowing

your heart to speak openly my love for

you is immeasurable and no force can

hinder the blessings I have in store for

you take up my shield and under my

sacred protection you will find

safety my angels stand Vigilant ready to

Shield you from any Peril the harsh

words of others will be swept away

leaving no trace and sorrow will not

greed you come mourning instead my love

will infold you I urge you to open your

heart to me to to silence the external

voices that seek to dominate your life

my love for you manifests in countless

ways find courage and confidence within

it letting no one else’s opinion sway

your own

self-perception remember I know your

true Essence seeing the goodness within

you even before you do before you give

Credence to those toxic words words

recall that you were created with a

unique and loving purpose your deeds

will cast my love into the light

touching the lives of many I am

elevating your faith to height you’ve

never experienced and each day I will

remind you too keep your gaze fixed on

me for I will reveal my and my word to

you in Myriad ways to do not fear for I

am with you do not despair for my love

for you is profound trust in me and

continue on your path for I am ever by

your side let not fear overtake you my

love is your strength and your hope

cling to it and do not succumb to

adversity I will Endy you with wisdom

and strength to to overcome any

challenge no enemy can harm you under my

protection when weariness overtakes you

I will be there to uplift and comfort

you with my boundless love rejuvenating

your spirit and IGN attend you desire to

sort toward your dreams once more type

if you trust Lord the scripture

tells this passage serves as a reminder

to accept God’s omnipotent presence in

our life it’s simple to fall into the

Trap of believing that we must work for

our own Spiritual Development and change

Paul says that God operates within of us

God is actively concerned in

transforming us into Christ’s likeness

in addition to working insai us God

gives us the will and motivation to

carry out his purposes our natural

tendency to act morally and our desire

to please God are not traits we own

rather they are gifts from him the

source of the ability to and act as God

it is the generous and Sovereign

pleasure of God to develop in Christians

the capacity as well has the desire to

submit to his

will this reassuring fact tells us that

God will never ask you ask to do

something for which he is not able to

supply the means god provides us with

the means to accomplish his goals in

addition to the desire he gives us the

ability to labor for his Joy this

implies that the responsibilities

assigned to to us despite their seeming

difficulty are not designed for you as

to do on our own at all times we can

depend on God’s strength and

direction we are able to practice our

religion and have a significant

influence on the world around us because

of his strength may we always seek his

Direction and submit to his task

let’s give God the freedom to mold

ourselves into vessels that exalt his

name to feel the happiness and

contentment that come from living in

accordance with his will let’s submit to

him and put our trust in his

strength all of us have experienced the

agony of Envy one we see the success

belongings or interpersonal connection

of others at some time in our life one

feeling that has the power to take over

our hearts and brains and deprive us of

happiness and fulfillment is

Envy it often results from insecurity or

the worrying of not having what other

people have it renders it feeble but as

God’s people we are expected to give up

our jealousy and put our faith in his

Flawless plan for our life although it’s

a normal emotion eny doesn’t have to

Define who we are the cure to jealousy

is contentment accepting who we are in

the situation we find ourselves in

entails realizing that contentment

originates inside not from Material

Goods or accomplishments on the outside

we must accept

contentment finding happiness in the

road and being thankful for our

advancements are what it means to

embrace contentment not to settle for

mediocrity lets be conscious of our

emotions when we experience jealously or

Envy while acknowledging that it’s a

typical human emotion it’s still

important to talk about and resolve it

in a healthy manner make an effort to

pinpoint the precise circumstances or

triggers that make you feel

envious is it dread of being replaced

comparon to others or identifying the

underlying reason will enable you to

handle it more skillfully getting over

Envy requires work take care of yourself

with B patience and self

compassion giving it over to God of

uncertainty may bring us healing and

calm but holding on to it can be

detrimental to our general well-being

the term commandment alludes to binding

Divine instructions that direct people

tour doing what is proper and for one

them against doing evil disliking one ‘s

own path and tales perceiving it as

unimportant and disregarding it while

choosing a course of action word whether

from parents employers rulers or God

himself the one who upholds the

Commandment demonstrates care for their

own soul and well beinging they honor

God by keeping the Commandments with

faithfulness and love even if they may

not be able to obey perfectly someone

like them makes an effort to follow the

rules as closely as they can conversely

spiritual death awaits the person who

scorns their own paths and disregards


instructions they don’t give their

spiritual well-being a second thought

instead they follow their own hearts and

worldliness I trust the divine plan to

agree they reject God’s provided means

of Salvation as well as the ways of The

Commandments they will so suffer the

Ultimate Death known as the second death

and are already dead in their

sins it is important to note that the


interpretation contends that someone who

rejects God’s ways will ultimately Al

perish either as a result of divine

wrath or ARA hands of others due to

their well-known

transgressions respecting God and living

a life in accordance with his will are

reflected in keeping the Commandments

that have been placed before us he will

not let your foot be moved as a promise

of stability and persistence in the

grace that leads to Glory whether the

psalmist is speaking to himself or to

any other good person friend or

acquaintance by keeping his Believers

from faltering the Lord keeps them in

the spiritual situation they are and

right now he won’t let them stray from

the solid foundation and unchanging

truth that they are based

on they won’t be diverted from God’s

dwelling place where they serve as

unwavering pillars or from his righteous

ways where he leads them they won’t be

significantly shook even if they may

move a little they won’t tumble or lose

their way even if their feet falter and

their foothold

slips he who keeps you will not Slumber

the Lord himself is the one who watches

after the Saints Not Angels or people

every saint every person who has been

regenerated every sheep and his flock

and every member of his church receives

Personal Care from him he uses his might

to keep them safe his grace too protect

them his right hand to grasp them

securely and his Divine wisdom to lead

them if you are coner comment hman

listen carefully we experience

excitement at Fresh Starts we often hear

about God’s deity and his ability to

create new things but we never hear

about how he the Omega ends things it

may be a romance gone sour a dream

dashed a failed Enterprise or the loss

of a loved

one this is difficult ult for us since a

conclusion often seems like a failure

and a setback however God ends things

and shuts doors just as he opens them he

shuts a door because he has something

greater in

mind the best course of action is to

just bid farewell to the pain the

questions the disappointment and the

self-pity rather than becoming bitter

and losing your pleasure give stop

criticizing yourself and dragging your

past mistakes into the present be at

peace with the past accept it as a part

of God’s plan and go on you are free to

enter your future when you bid the past

farewell in addition to the physical

scars that occur from accidents and

injuries life also also leaves us with

emotional scars from past mistakes

breakups and the death of loved ones we

attempt to cover up our wounds from

those scars as a

result they bring the anguish back to us

but you have to have a fresh perspective

on your wounds God gave you that scar to

serve as a reminder of the struggles you

over pain consider God’s mercy instead

of the

suffering the scar indicates that the

injury has healed the agon is over and

you may go on you are able to accept

your scars your scars convey your

narrative nobody in the Bible reached

their goals without suffering injuries

from fighting everybody gets hurt the

scar is evidence of your healing by God

the scar serves as a reminder of God’s

Majesty you may have a scar but you have

overcome it and are now whole restored

blessed and living out your

mission we experience excitement at

Fresh Starts we often hear about God’s

deity and his ability to create new

things but we never hear about how he

the OM meiga ends things it may be a

romance gone sour a dream dashed a

failed Enterprise or the loss of a loved

one this is difficult for us since a

conclusion often seems like a failure

and a setback however God ends things

and shuts doors just as he opens them he

shuts a door because he has something

greater in mind the best course of

action is to just bid farewell to the

pain the questions the disappointment

and the self-pity rather than becoming

bitter and losing your

pleasure give stop criticizing yourself

and dragging your past mistakes into the

present be at peace with the past accept

it as a part of God’s plan and go on you

are free to enter your future when you

bid the past

farewell if you agree God’s words then

share this video who is closest to your

heart I have been crucified with Christ

and I no longer live but Christ lives in

me the existence I now live within the

body I live by way of faith in the Son

of God who loved me and gave himself for

me Galatians to

dear listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me Lord there are a

lot of upsetting things happening in the

world when we hear about all that is

happening in the news wherever we look

it might be difficult to feel at ease in

order for us to experience your peace

you command us to pray about everything

and to Sur Sur ourselves with good and

praiseworthy things we thus entrust

anything that is upsetting and

distracting to your hands

tonight we beg your assistance in

turning our thoughts toward what will

ultimately the to peace please help you

ask to surrender everything to you in

prayer as we consider what we see and

hear assist us in blocking out the


sounds please allow us to relax in your

arms and find Solace and Tranquility in

your company we pray in the name of

Jesus we are grateful that each day

brings with it a fresh

start oh Lord although we are aware that

we should live each day as it comes it

may be difficult at times to put the

future out of of our minds please assist

us so that we don’t forget how important

today is please help us to put less

emphasis on worrying about the future

and more on trying to live like Jesus

now one saying goes we reap what we sow

kindly assist us in concentrating on

ideas acts and thoughts that will grow

us closer to Jesus and produce a lot of

fruit for your

kingdom we make these requests in the

name of Jesus

Amen type thank you Father if you

believe May Lord Jesus bless you all

today your life will uplift mly

spiritually financially may you get

success and possibly even click the

super thank button to make gift we would

really appreciate it

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