It’s Time To Say Goodbye If You Skip Jesus | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child pay close attention to

what I say today the rough patch you’ve

been going through is over say goodbye

to your sadness and hello to days of

peace and plenty have faith get your

strength back and smile not the kind

that the world gives but a lot of Grace

and blessings don’t think of yourself as

a loser instead think of yourself as a

winner and Trust what I say say trust me

they can help you get many Supernatural

benefits that you might not be able to

see right now but they are real now is

your chance because sadness and problems

are going away I will give you a reward

for all the work you did to stay strong

and not trip over the things the enemy

put in your way you will soon get your

reward which is the crown of Victory and

the peace that comes only from my Throne

you will soon get just be brave Brave

and make good use of your time energy

and the things I give you my dear child

I love you and want you to stop being

sad please smile because what I’m saying

is true if you have any bad feelings

inside get rid of them clear your mind

of all doubt and fear and shake off the

dust I will clothe you with true Purity

and healing don’t forget that you have a

purpose and a destiny to follow don’t

live like people people who don’t

believe in God who let their problems

take over their lives or who look for

happiness in things that don’t last

today is the start of your days of

happiness and blessings when Miracles

and other worldly things will happen in

your life think about what I’m saying to

you today the suffering pain and hard

times you’ve been going through will end

the miracle I give you will change your

family your future your money and even

who you are life will never be the same

for you again again my child I love you

here is the answer the key that will let

your miracle and blessing happen please

take my word for what it says it is

alive and works you will be free of all

that is wrong and the false ideas that

have taken root and are causing you so

much pain and discouragement will be

healed take what I say today to heart

and trust me I’ll give you more strength

faith and good things in life I have

loved you and watched over you over the

years I have watched you move through

this world and can feel every heartbeat

and sigh you let out I’ve always been by

your side no matter what your situation

was or how bad you were I have always

loved you and will always love you I

could never stay away from you because I

love you and your flaws or sins can’t

make me love or care less about you keep

in mind that you are my most valuable

creation and that I am with you every

step of the way I’ve seen your inner

struggles your buried Fe fears and your

hushed Sorrows I know every thought

you’ve had every tear you’ve shed every

laugh we’ve shared every problem you’ve

solved and every goal you’ve reached

while I’ve seen you thrive and grow my

heart has always been next to yours and

been filled with joy because I know that

you were born to do something very

special that’s why I’m telling you today

my child that I can see through

everything you do my light will shine

even when things look the worst show

showing you the way to truth and

forgiveness I will always be with you

and hold you when you feel sorry for

yourself when you are in the dark I will

lead you to the light you can’t go

anywhere or go any depth and my love

will still find you the same way a

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