dear listener don’t skip this video because now I want to take a moment to

talk to you about something important watch the whole thing because I believe

it’s going to be helpful for you my beloved child I’ve informed you of the

things you ought to avoid doing you now possess the capacity to discriminate

between right and wrong you are aware of Samson

I advised him against doing the deed but that’s not what he did you found not

later what had happened to him and how it ended similar to this there have been

occasions when you have disregarded my instructions there were moments when you

committed transgressions even though you were aware that they were wrong you later

realized things were incorrect because you saw where they LED and at the time

you held me accountable for your own errors Samson pleaded to me after

realizing his error and I granted him forgiveness and fulfilled his request in

the same vein I have pardoned you and given you a fresh start once you

realized your error and asked for my assistance however are you continuing to

make the same errors do not believe that you may beg me for forgiveness after

committing anything believing that it is acceptable to to so it is not necessary

for you to question my forgiveness however such errors will

direct you towards negative outcomes thus pray without ceasing and live OB

obediently according to my desire many things in this world have the power to

separate you from me but you can hold it with a prayer like this video if you follow

through in Jesus today Lord is communicating with you those who look to me are radiant I I

am the Sun that never goes out no matter what your circumstances you find the

light by looking to me and turning towards me spend some time in my

darkness being still I created a dark far Forward

Design since you are aware of my presence you tilt your face upward and

take in my light I am able to bless and strengthen you more the longer you

remain in this environment this bright drenched You may

wish to M too Jacob while you are asleeping with me surely the Lord is in

this place whether or not you see me as close this phrase is always accurate

since I am everywhere at all times you may become more conscious of

my presence by taking some time to absorb my brightness and bask in my love

light spending time with me also enables you to radiate my love to everyone

around you enabling you to be a light in the world my glory strength was received

this is not the way I want you to handle things just passing the time in a

depressing manner so be cautious of reacting with a grimly critical negative

attitude when persistent issues demand you to persevere over an ex extended

period of time there are opportunities in the conditions of your life because I’m the

one in control of them be unlike the guy who unhappy with his circumstances cast

his master’s gift into the ground rather than seizing the chance he

gave up and chose the easier route blaming his hard work and actuality the

more more challenging your situation is the more opportunity it presents and the

more you stand to earn I grant you glory and power with

pleasure it is very powerful because the spirit strengthens you from the inside

out empowering you furthermore my boundless Glory power gives you the

ability to Bear the unbearable there is more than enough of

this immense power to overflow into Joy I want the fear of negative news to be

gone from you type yes to claim this blessing the only way to succeed in this

endeavor is to have a firm heart and put your faith in there is a lot of negative

news in the world but you shouldn’t let it scare you rather trust me with

confidence and have faith in me discover inspiration in my selfless death and

Resurrection I am almighty God your living savior I am still in charge and

have sovereignty over world affairs on the cross and my enchanted come to me

and give KN your old heart when it seems like everything in the world or around

you is spinning out of control invest your efforts in prayer

rather than worrying and hating come to me for guidance as well as comfort and I

will assist you in determining the best course of action in addition I rule your

world in ways that are beyond your comprehension and I consider your

petitions never fear or be alarm by unpleasant newss rather maintain your

composure and steadiness by placing your confident confidence in me Love Takes

its time one of the many qualities listed by the Apostle Paul is

patience this is the capacity to handle hardship with composure it is the

ability to cope with challenging people or situations without losing your cool

Paul emphases Intercultural understanding but my

followers often ignore it when people think of the essential

attribute of Love contrary to popular belief love is seldom the first thing

that Springs to mind there is one typical exception to this rule though a

father or mother who has been abandoned and good parents learn patience by

meeting the needs of their infants and nly children they thoughtfully attend to

their children’s needs putting aside their own I want my followers to be

patient with each other and to thread their love with lots of love the fourth

quality mentioned and the fruit of the spirit is this virtue consequently my

spirit can provide you with the tools you need to overcome this difficult task

never forget that I have Flawless unwavering affection for you seek the

Holy Spirit to assist you in providing my abundant patient love to others seek

my ever look to me and my strength I urge you to rejoice in your heart while

you are looking for me imagine a couple who are deeply in love

and engaged when the guy opens the door and blight rushes to see his fiance she

doesn’t say oh it’s you nor does he inquire do you have anything to eat as

if she were invisible Lancing past her rather the fact that they are together

makes their hearts slant as your fiance I am the first to love

you deeply glory in my holy name and rejoice in the amazing love I have for

you it is Holy because it is a representation of me though this name is

greater than others you are welcome to use it to joyfully worship me and have

conversations with me it is a luxury for you to have such simple access to me

some individuals take great pride in their Fame Fortune success or

attractiveness however I’d want you to rejoice in me your lord Savior and L

glorifying me Will applift and please you giving your prayers power and your

heart Joy if you desire Miracles watch this video all the way through to the

end dear child there’s a profound battle one that’s not visible to us it’s a

struggle that unfolds beyond the boundaries of our sight and a realm

that’s not accessible through our physical senses this conflict as highlighted by

Paul in his letter to the Ephesians

takes place in a spiritual di mention where forces of Darkness oppose divine

order seeking to derail the mission entrusted to me and sa

Discord you’re being offered a gift a deeper understanding that transcends

ordinary perception this gift enables you to discern the true nature of the

spiritual struggle that pervades our physical reality ity the aim of these malevolent entities

is to infiltrate and transform yet your essence is safeguarded within you

resides a sacred presence a manifestation of the Divine shielding

you from the encroachment of these Sinister forces recognize the sanctity within you

for it is your armor against the intrusions of evil Desiring access to

your Sanctified space through our sacred Bond you are

endowed with the inight to identify their deceptions and resist their

influence take heart for this wisdom empowers you to confront these

adversaries with confidence be vigilant for these dark

Spirits are cunning an await opportunity unities to dominate it’s possible for

even The Devout to annoyingly welcome these entities not realizing the

pathways through which they can enter to liberate Souls from their grasp a

Ministry of Deliverance has been established offering freedom from their

Dominion awareness of your adversaries is crucial ignorance could lead to peril

in this battle knowledge is Your Arsenal this is not to suggest that mere

attendance at religious Services suffices superficial Faith renders one

vulnerable to harm these entities are astute possessing a profound

understanding of the spiritual realm far surpassing that of some

followers they wield the power to to influence thoughts and feelings each

demon specializing in particular aspects of Temptation and

turmo the study of demonology delves into the characteristics and operations of these

Spiritual Beings as depicted in the scriptures revealing a domain far from

mundane or indifferent each demon operates Within tatan

expertise by embracing this perspective you arm yourself against the spiritual

challenges that lie ahead recognizing the sanctity within and relying on

Divine wisdom you can navigate through this unseen battle with strength and

Grace God declares if you wish to feel my serenity right yes the scripture

tells here the law of the Lord refers to God’s teaching rather than only the law

of Moses god proclaims the teaching he has revealed to be Flawless The Gospel

offers the poor sinner all that his great needs might possible

need it is a comprehensive plan or rule of merciful Redemption it is bringing

the man’s soul back to life and placing him back in the position where Sion had

thrown him the application of God’s word is to draw man back to Holiness God and

himself furthermore the soul is moved to him rejuvenated the turn or conversion

is not limited to the outside the Lord’s testimony is reliable

enlightening the and informed to Timothy D States and that from childhood you

have known the sacred writings which are able to give you the wisdom that leads

to Salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus the sacred writing refers to the

scriptures which have the power to Enlighten the ignorant we may find

knowledge in the scriptures that guides us to Redemption by trust in Christ

Jesus you it is in the nature of parents to guard their goal is for their kids to

grow up to be successful content and healthy adults these are all healthy and

typical things however we must understand that it is just

incidental the first is that we need to give them time to be ready for eternity

for people to obey J Jesus we must inform them about him some parents have

the issue of educating their kids about trch at things rather than those that

last forever let’s prepare our kids for eternity parents God will either say

depart from me or well done good and faithful servant when our children stand

before him one day these are the crucial words it’s

critical to provide our kids academic preparation real world life skills and

employment Readiness training more significantly however get them ready to

a god set a good example for them let’s give them some discipline let’s teach

our kids the proper path to take and they won’t leave it when they’re elderly

this passage comes from a letter that the Apostle Paul sent to the

congregation at colassi Paul emphasizes Jesus Christ

Supremacy and preeminence in this specific passage Paul first alludes to

the church when he says that Jesus is the head of the body this indicates that Jesus is the

church’s head and source of authority directing and leading it Paul continues by referring

to Jesus as the first born of the dead and the beginning type pal and if you hold the

Christian faith this means that Jesus is the first to be raised from the dead and

the Genesis and origin of everything his triumph over sin and Mastery over over

death are shown by his resurrection which makes it noteworthy Paul Ends by saying that

Jesus is the most important thing in everything this indicates that Jesus is

the greatest person and that he is better in every way his name is to be elevated above all

others because he is greater than all other powers and Authority ities he

deserves the highest respect and consideration in all facets of our lives

and the existence this suggests that the supremacy of Christ thought to affect

and direct our ideas Deeds choices and priorities his lessons should guide

every action we do and we need to put our connection

with him first imit in his love humility and Grace and making an effort to live

in a manner that honors him the notion of Desire is the main topic in this

poetry James claims that when someone is tempted to sin it’s because they have a

need or desire for something that pulls them in the direction of saying this

want might be satisfied or pleasurable or it can be a desire for goods

Authority or control because our wants have a b impacted on how we think we need to

exercise caution when we give into our impulses we may find ourselves

preoccupied with the immediate gratification of the results of our

choices it’s important to remember that Temptations and wants are not always a

sign of wrongdoing the problem emerges when such Cravings push us in the

direction of immoral ideas or deeds for this reason it’s critical that

Christians keep a close eye on their hearts and thoughts to protect against

Temptation they should depend on the Holy Spirit and the teachings of God’s

word to help them resist the draw of sinful desire the premise underlying James

caution In this passage is that when we are faced with temptation we should

proceed with caution and judgment although Temptation might be

seductive and appealing we must be aware of its harmfully effects and be wary of

its deceitful nature the only way to resist exist the Lura of sinful desire

is to depend on the Holy Spirit and the knowledge found in God’s

word type Jesus is the almighty King for the sake of anything they love more than

the truth people despise the truth they detest truth when it corrects them but

they like it when it shines brightly on them people adore their sins which is

why they detest God and His truth and they are aware that they must give them

up if they want to serve God who has unchangeable moral standards and laws

they pretend that he doesn’t exist by burying their heads in the

sand they consciously reject the Creator in order to lead a life of sin despite

the fact that they know deep down that there is a God and they lash out and rage and

hatred towards God and his people in an attempt to persuade themselves they are

correct people really despise God because they do not want to be reminded

that their immoral decisions have repercussions in an attempt to feel

better about their own shortcomings and and transgressions they lash out in

Wrath individuals who despise God do so out of guilt they know he exists they

would simply prefer to behave as if he doesn’t and when faced with the fact

that they will eventually have to answer for their deeds when they pass away they

will react with hatred and rage nothing will change if we reject

God denying the existence of gravity also won’t make a difference God gives

you more light to comprehend his truth when you react to his light which is his

truth God gives you insight into something when you believe what he has

spoken however God takes away more light from you when you sell away the truth he

has given given you via denial rejection or compromise he also takes away your

trust and comprehension of his word there is a falling away from truth

from God from his light God burns your conscience and gives you up to a

reprobate mind so that false doctrines Illusions and deceptions may sweep you

away once you start to reject God’s knowledge God’s truth and God’s

ways and when you are given up to Satan he will use shame to transform you into

a twisted pervert to LAX conscience much like a wild beast the risk of rejecting

God’s truth is great keep your confidence in God’s word because only he

has the power to save you from the depths of hell and your descent into

depravity it is quite terrifying to play about with gods word which is his

unchangeable the only thing that can rescue your soul is God’s

word right I love you Jesus if you believe men’s inherent consciences even

fear being discovered to be at odds with God given that J Jesus died on the cross

to atone for the sins of both Jews and Gentiles it was specifically advised by

Divine wisdom that the Jews should design is death first and the Gentiles

should carry out that purpose if Christ had not been rejected

by others in this way God would have never accepted us the son of man was now

given up to the control of irrational and evil people he was brought out so

that we might get away as a sacrifice obligated to the

altar he was crucified and hang the scripture was fulfilled he died among

criminals offered as sacrifices to public Justice not at the altar among

the offerings and now let us Alan gaze at Jesus with

trust was there ever an anguish comparable to his observe him shedding

blood love him when you see him dying live for him and adore him because he

bore the wrath of God in your place he bore the brunt of your sin and was

crushed for you he shed blood so that you may have eternal life with him if

you’re prepared typs and send this video to eight Believers in

God give and it’ll be given to you a correct measure press down shaken

together and running over may be poured into your lap Luke

dear listener join this prayer with me and repeat after me all powerful God

I am great grateful that you created me I am grateful that you have kept my

family and I safe up to this point I ask for protection from both spiritual and

material adversaries I ask for the fortitude

defend against the Devils assaults assist me in Dawning your entire armor

and virtuous breastplate guard me both at night and in the morning kindly take

out every trap that has been created for me that I am unable to

notice please Shield me from the wicked ones sights and snares please direct my

steps so that I do not go with the evil keep my family safe from any worldly

Customs that might cause them to perish guard us against everyone who

would do us harm both from strangers and those who are dear to us prevent anybody

with ill intent from entering our life be a bright light under our feet to help

us avoid thorns and Slick terrain keep us safe from every harm

including the evils we inflict upon ourselves come what may let us not stray

from your care grant us the courage to walk walk beside you lead us from

Sunrise until sunset keep an eye on us in everything

that we do be our traveling partner thank you Lord for hearing my plea

knowing that you hear me even when I speak out loud makes me so grateful that

I can bound my head in prayer God I beg you to examine me and

pardon me for whatever I may have said or done that you felt was wrong God I am

aware of my errors I appreciate your kind forgiveness of me when I ask I beg

you today to pardon me and give me the support I need to

improve God I want to deepen my connection with you and develop in my

faith I am aware that building trust is the first step please keep teaching me

how to surrender to your truth will and Method father I lived my life in my own

way for a very long time and it did not turn out well my goal in life is to rely

only on you I think you have a better strategy and that you love

me I respect your knowledge even when I don’t fully

understand it in the name of Jesus I beg you God to strengthen my faith and make

it easier for me to turn to you for everything thank

you thank you for taking the time to see our videos to show your gratitude for

our videos and if you want to give something to us then you can use the

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