today you have a strong message from

Lord greetings my child are undoubtedly

concerned about a number of matters

perhaps regarding one’s parents spouse

children educational background or

occupation I am well aware that these

circumstances induc tension in

you it is impossible for anx anxiety to

bring about any change but your faith in

me has the power to effect change permit

me to tell you one thing I will

determine the extent of your trust and

meat through the use of specific items

in your

life you will fail any examination if

you fail to provide the accurate

response when composing the essay even

if you write the correct answer in order

to pass the exam at the time you will be

required to retake it in the future in

order to maintain your passing

score in the same manner when I evaluate

you I will assess not only your patience

but also your level of faith in me and

your obedience to me should you be

deficient in any of these elements I

will permit the challenges you are

currently encountering to

persist because I desire the best for

you and I love you you are well aware

that I never Act without a solid

plan you are aware that despite the

challenges you are currently

encountering I will mold and prepare you

for the blessing I have in store for you

consequently rather than fixating more

on the events transpiring in your

existence Endeavor to direct your

attention towards me put your trust in

me I shall transform your anguish into

your utmost

Delight like the video if you needs God

Direction you are being told by Lord

remain optimistic and never give up it

is easy to get so exhausted that you

want to give up when you are facing

persistent challenges prolonged issues

have the potential to exhaust and


you if you dwell on these problems

excessively you run the risk of sinking

into a pit of despair or self-pity there

are several types types of

fatigue physical weariness that is not

eased puts you at risk for Spiritual and

emotional depletion which may lead to

heart failure but if you focus on me

I’ve given you the tools you need to

rise me your

problems I endured the cross on your

behalf paying a heavy price for this

provision thinking about

how eager I was to go through so much

can help you get through your own

struggles one amazing above to regain

Your vitality and way my is to worship

presence you get my wonderful me when

you walk in faith and praise me in the

midst of

difficulties you become more and more

like me as you persist in focusing on me

reflecting my light the glory and

becoming more and more like me although

it may seem oxonic walking and tight

trusting love others bonds of Joyful

deepest dependence with me may be a

wonderful way to

you in accordance with my ideal plan for

you when you take pleasure in depending

on me I am a reliable person who reaches

out to you with unwavering love and the

connection I provide you is full of

magnificent richness I exist beyond the

air you

breathe I am very happy when you try to

realize how much closer I am to you and

your dependence on live as a result our

length become stronger and our passion

for one another

deepens law and morality are not the

only things that bind a happy married

couple warm Recollections of their

shared Adventures create bonds between

them that keep them devoted to one

another I want you to know sweetie that

I am fully devoted to you as you gladly

rely on me and walk in the stronger of

me light I may fill your heart with love

memories everyone who was on the truth’s

side I was created to Bear witness and

come into your realm of my hand that

presence was the reason I got to know

the truth a lot of individuals think

that everything is

relative type on if you believe in

Christianity people with unscrupulous

intentions manipulate at facts in order

to further their own goals and

capitalize on the prevalent situation

they portray things that are bad is nice

and vice

versa this discusss me greatly as I

previously said the terrible Lake of

burning sulur will be the resting place

for all un repentant Liars recall that

the father of Lies is known other than


devil you will value truth and pleasure

in me the Living Truth the more you

listen to me particularly when you study

scripture seek the spirit of Truth the

Holy Spirit to provide you wisdom he

will guide you through this absolutes

where deception and open Line are the

norm to live near and experience my


make an effort to always stand on the

side of Truth he mentioned the Eternal

Father and Isaac’s prophecy about my

birth even though the Trinity is made up

of three me there his Oneness of essence

within them I even went so far as to

declare I am the father are one when the

Jews entered the

temple I said anyone who has seen my has

seen the father when Philip later

requested presence to reveal the father

to the disciples that’s why I’m more

than simply a fantastic instructor I am

God and I am in complete Union with the

father even still I felt like they were

interrogating me persons her recognize

that you are becoming nearer to to the

father as you get a deeper and more

comprehensive understanding of

me don’t be perplexed by the Trinity’s

enigmatic wealth just acknowledge that I

am all you could possibly need me to be

and come to a.m. enough for you I am

your one and only

savior throughout this hectic Advent

season remember to return your attention

to sacred in front of rejoice and never

forget that Emmanuel has arrived my dear

my face is beaming at you

talk I am all joyous light and I want to

know that you are a great gift even

closer than the air you breathe still

the is breathing close to you the most

important thing is that I am always with

you no no matter what and that you are

aware of my loving my throughout the


Cosmos I am Transcendent being outside

of the cosmos and above it I am the soul

God the Eternal King Immortal presence


unseen my ways are higher than your ways

and rejoice thoughts are higher than

your ideas just as the heaven are higher

than the

earth so don’t expect to comprehend who

a am or methods in their entirety when

things don’t W the as you had hoped be

prepared to submit to my countless

knowledge and wisdom although my

decisions are excellent they cannot be

searched for and my roots are not easily

found after his family went through many

tragedies he worshiped on the ground I

am greater than all of your pro access

my presence and find Repose in my

company I want you to be more mirr of me

since I am always thinking about you oh

my presence may bring you great rest and

even when you are a feeling very

agitated knowing that I am always with

you leads to enter calm and can fill

your heart mind and so was thinking

about being

busy many of followers lose their job

because they are fixated on the issues

they see and the prophecies they hear it

becomes buried behind many layers of

anxiety and

Terror as soon as you acknowledge that

something Happ has occurred in your life

bring my smell of your worries discuss

each one with me asking for my advice


assistance ask me to lift the layers of

anxiety burying your joy your joy will

start to surface once again as you

commit your concerns to my protection

sing or utter praises to mathog of Glory

who loves you

forever to nurture This

Joy comment lord always with

me affirm I Express gratitude for the

chance that today presence my life is

abundant with blessings I am

appreciative of the ability to shape a

life that brings me Joe I am thankful

for the support and companionship of my

friends and family

I am able to find the positive aspects

of each day I actively Embrace gratitude

in my heart I am grateful for the

challenges I have successfully overcome

I have faith that additional blessings

will be bestowed upon

me I possess all the necessary resources

and I am grateful for the opportunity to

Simply embrace life the cosmos is

boundless and plentiful I Express

gratitude for my well-being I

demonstrate my admiration for

individuals in my

vicinity type I Love You Lord to

affirm the Divine message saying humans

have a built-in need to find contentment

in life we are naturally motivated to

look for full F contentment and

significance in a variety of facets of

life it is an essential aspect of what

it is to be human affecting our

decisions behaviors and ideas and has

caused us to engage in immoral deeds in

an attempt to satisfy our deep seated

deed for

satisfaction we often turn to outside

sources such as achievement material

belongings interpersonal connections or

even self-indulgence in our unrelenting

search for contentment these sources

nevertheless are never able to

completely satisfy the need in our

souls we search everywhere for

satisfaction but in the end we are

disappointed to find it no where we find

nothing near satisfaction are we search

everywhere for it but among all the

sources of ultimate satisfaction there

is only one that never wavers Jesus

Christ we discover the ultimate source

of enduring happiness and fulfillment in

Jesus the only place true satisfaction

can be achieved is in a close connection


him Jesus provides us with satisfaction

that goes beyond our life on Earth he

assures us that our lives have a higher

purpose and that our ultimate

satisfaction rests in an eternal

connection with him giving us Hope For

Eternity because we know that our future

is safe and his hands this hope keeps us

going through lives obstacles and

hardships according to the Bible you

make known to me the path of life and

your presence there is fullness of joy

at your right hand our Pleasures forever

more this text makes it clear to me that

Christians do not at anything to our

Salvation God is the one who gives us

the ability ability to choose and

act God called us because he knew we

were predestined and since he called he

also Justified us

furthermore he exalted Us in addition to

justifying us see that’s all he’s doing

all of it is by his grace and kindness

there’s nothing to be proud

of it is a monistic act that is not of

Our Own

vition if we believe and Obey because we

are motivated by our physical Cravings

the fact is that our nature will never

choose to obey God by Nature we are

sinners and since God Is So holy Sinners


him even while they continue to be kind

and self-centered their personalities

goals and and methods of doing things

are entirely at odds with his and his


theirs that is why we obey and trust in

Jesus monergistic behaviors a man cannot

believe it until it is shown to him from

above at that point hour ears start to

hear spiritual things our eyes are

enlightened to spiritual things and by

God’s sheer Grace we begin to represent


Jesus God is at work inside us to enable

us to willingly submit to him God is

transforming us with his power and Grace

have you ever wondered whether you’ve

already been born again I have a

question for

you do you still like the things you

used to enjoy such as lying slander

jealousy and other such things do you

still like carrying out those tasks do

you do them voluntarily and fearlessly

for God I’ll tell you

what your conversion is not true are you

aware of the reason because the Bible

states that the old has gone away and

the new has come and that anyone who is

in Christ is a new creature

this implies that if we are sincere

converts we are whole new creatures

because our attachment shifts we no

longer adore the things we formerly

loved like worldly

actions and we now adore the Bible which

we used to despise friends if you

believe that you are saved just because

you recited a sinner’s prayer at some

point in your life and nothing has

changed you are lying to yourself

friends take stock of

yourselves not all people who identify

as Born Again Christians are sincere

Disciples of the Lord if you consider

yourself to be a real Christian you will

be disciplined by God as your father and

will not be permitted to be behave

carelessly like pigs who like rolling

about in the

mud the God who delivers you will not

abandon you he’ll alter you you’ll get a

fresh heart from him a heart that beats

not for the world but for him the spirit

will also reside inside you and every

time you transgress he will shatter your

heart the fact is that sheep and goats

coexist exist within the church by this

what do I mean I want it to make it

clear that a member is not always a True

Believer simply because he serves in the

ministry similar to how Paul informs the

church in Corinth that they are still of


flesh because there is Discord and envy

among them in the church jealousy has

grown commonplace since as I have said

some members have not yet experienced

baptism despite their belief that they

are there Behavior indicates

otherwise because they are not filled

with the Holy Spirit they are unable to

resist their feelings their what is to

be noticed their goal is to arrive first

their desire is to lead when it’s handed

to someone else they get envious this

may seem strange yet it occurs in every

church so brothers let’s look within do

we get envious of others when they have

a certain position in the church

ministry and do we Harbor resentment

within are we still fighting with each

other then it serves as a reminder that

we are still humans

the Bible makes this clear to us friends

don’t do such things sincere Believers

act in a manner that exalts God they

desire God not themselves to be

exalted genuine Believers Allah Envy to

have no power over them they confess

everything and give it all to Jesus

being a part of such things is neither

beneficial nor healthy for us because we

are harming ourselves in the process so

let us turn from our sins and make a

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the comments

section oh my dear princess when you

come to me and acknowledge your sin I

adore it I I am your refuge and your

deliverer nothing you say to me will be

too loud for me to

hear you already know everything about

me so why even spend time attempting to

keep anything from me my love together

let’s put things right give it to me if

there is anything preventing you from

making a complete turnaround come to me

openly and

truthfully I am your Soul’s lover if you

come to me and acknowledge your

transgressions I will happily cleanse

your body mind and soul you won’t ever

experience humiliation again since I

gave my life to protect

you I have accompanied you on every step

of your life I am aware of your future

and have seen your past I will

support you no matter what even if you

decide to spend the rest of your life


still I have so many plans to walk out

with you but as long as you’re looking

back we cannot go ahead together however

if you’ll accept my offer of a fresh

start you’ll discover the Fresh Start I

have to

give looking in the rear view mirror

will only serve two highlight all that

has gone wrong but you may move ahead if

you make the decision to put the past

behind you and focus on the

present believe me when I say that

nothing that you or anybody else has

done should force you to remain Bound by

the past to set you free I send my son

Jesus too shatter every bound however

the decision to leave the confines of

your past and enter the prospect of a

fresh future is solely

yours type

if you trust

Lord darling kids tell me what you are

frightened of a you come to me is that

the feature your well-being your

situation your bank account your safety

you you realize that I am the Creator

and ruler of everything I own every

resource in the

cosmos nothing is beyond of my knowledge

or capability recall that I am your

savior and God you can never have more

than I can offer you ask me anything

that you have trust in if you follow my

instructions your dread will

subside as as the Lord your God I take

great pleasure in raising you so my

princess do not be afraid I’m never far

away oh my dear princess my kid you

never need to be barrassed for standing

up for what is right I’ll always be

ahead of you laying the

groundwork I released David from the

hands of his foan say saved him from the

Lion’s mouths do you have faith in my

ability to manage any situation I really

do want the best for you walk in my

strength not your own and take

courage armed with the sword of the

spirit the belt of Truth the armor of

righteousness and the shield of Faith

meet every circumstance head on you

whatever have to back up and flee

because I’ll always have your back

simply maintain your ground offer up

prayers and watch your bravery

spread occasionally the same things we

struggle against and believe are out to

get us a really God’s way of urging us

into a different phase of life God will

pull us out of our cozy C circumstances

and place Us in trying circumstances

that compel us to rely on our

faith it may not be to our taste it

might seem awkward however God loves you

too much to just ignore you my darling

there will always be to paths in front

of you the well travel path is simple

with strolling throngs having worn down

its bumps

the fact that so many people have

previously navigated its bins and ducked

into its troughs gives the impression

that this route is secure the masses are

unaware that this route is eventually

fatal and is paved with regret and

remorse this path to Virtue from me the

king of your

realm never give up if you find yourself

heading in the wrong direction simply

call out to me and I will come to your

Aid I will guide you back to the path

that leads to life the one your feet

Were Meant To Tread rather than

accompany you on this harmful

diversion there are arrows scattered

throughout my word that will point you

in the right way so my princes keep

reading and keep going and you will

start to realize the true Delight of


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