can you be patient and listen to the

word of God for minutes right now

remember if you listen to this carefully

then God will remove all the sorrows in

your life and it will happen very

soon my child there are times when you

might receive a Clear Vision about the

end of a situation or I might make a

promise about how things will turn out

during the journey through these

situations it might be hard to see the

end as you initially Envision or as

promised you might find yourself lost in

confusion or burdened with worrying and

stress when these feelings arise keep

your faith strong and share your

thoughts with me it’s important to

remember that the Visions or promises

given are not always meant to


immediately they will come to fruition

at the most appropriate time I know you

better than you know yourself so there’s

no reason to

worry when the right time arrives I will

deliver on what I have shown a promise

to you ensuring it remains with you for

life is part of my preparation for you

your role is simple trust in me

like the video of assurance and supreme

god from the depths of your soul hear my

comforting Whispers I bring words of

peace to soothe your spirit reminding

you of my Everlasting Love ignore the

voices that blame and criticize as they

do not come from

me I speak with gentleness raising your

spirits without cusing shame allow my

spirit to gently clear your mind

unraveling any deceits and guiding you

towards Clarity and Truth know that I

reside within you transforming your life

with the light of

Truth my presence cast a radiant glow of

Peace around you let this light emanate

from within and don’t let your fears are

wor worries Dam it embrace your calling

to Holiness which comes from letting me

live through you before reacting to

others or different situations take a

moment to reflect allowing my spirit

room to guide your responses rash

actions can shut me out leading to a

life devoid of my guidance I desire to

be a part of every moment influencing

your thoughts words and

actions turn to me for deeper

understanding for I know you better than

you know yourself I see every aspect of

your life nothing is hidden from my view

my perception is filled with grace so

fear not my close knowledge of

you let the healing light of my presence

reach the innermost parts of your being

cleansing healing refreshing and ruing

you trust in me and accept the

continuous forgiveness I offer a

precious gift purchased with my life

granted to you for

eternity this forgiveness is the essence

of my presence with you promising never

to leave you when it feels like no one

understands you draw nearer to me

celebrate my complete understanding and

perfect love for you as you are filled

with my love you become a fountain of

Love overflowing and enriching the lives


others write Jesus as Supreme King aim

to keep me as the focal point of your

thoughts the steadfast anchor of your

soul it’s natural for your mind to

wander but what matters is how soon you

come back to me think of me as an anchor

with a short rope pulling you back

gently whenever you

stray the closer you grow to my presence

the shorter that rope becomes ensuring

You Don’t Drift far before feeling the

pull back to your true Center in me you

are following the path I’ve laid out for

you a path filled with both privilege

and challenges says You Walk This Way

you experience the fullness of my

presence and bring this reality to

others sometimes the enormity of this

task may feel overwhelming as if it’s to

Grand a role for you do not fret over

others opinions the transformation I am

working with than you might seem

concealed initially but in time it will

flourish yielding plentiful

fruit continue on this pathway of life

with me trust deeply in me and let my

spirit Infuse you with peace and joy two

concure enter to

the journey has been strenuous and

fatigue has set inde deeply never feel

embarrassed about your tiredness rather

view it as a chance for me to lead your

life more

directly understand that I can weave

even your struggles into a greater plan


good accept your current circumstances

as the exact place I mean for you to be

navigate today step by step Moment by

moment focusing on staying resp

responsive to my guidance though it may

seem straightforward staying true to my

presence is a challenging

task your natural inclinations often

conflict with worldly distractions and

temptations despite this hold on to the

path I’ve chosen for you and maintain

your hope in me you will once again find

reasons to praise me thanks to the

support of my

presence in the midst of life’s

Relentless demands

prioritize Time With Me Above All Else

as you rest in my presence I work most

effectively within you transforming and

ruing your mind if you neglect these

moments with

me you risk diving into activities that

miss the depth of what what I have

planned for you seek me not just for the

blessings I provide but for the deeper

relationship with me The

Giver while I take Joe in blessing you

it pains me when these blessings turn

into Idols anything can become an idol

if it shifts your focus away from me

your foremost

affection when I remain your primary

desire you you stay safeguarded against

the pitfalls of idolatry as you dwell in

my company cherish the Supreme gift

Christ within you the promise of

Glory enter Jesus as God in the comment

box to show this video of to nine people

who believe in God dear cherished one do

not give the keys to your heart

Sanctuary to those who might leave you

stranded in the vast un certain

Wilderness guard the delicate fabric of

your destiny ensuring that it isn’t

handed over to those who might weave

themselves into your life only to later

pull apart the threads of connection and

warmth refrain from placing individuals

on the altar of your soul they might

cast Shadows over your

spirit inflict pain upon your heart or

disturb the Tranquil Symphony Of Your

Existence as you seek comfort and

reassurance let reason be your loyal

Ally and guiding Beacon remember amidst

the rise and fall of Earthly bonds you

are never truly isolated or

forsaken though Human Relationships May

sometimes we can and familiar bonds

might waver the infinite and unwavering

love of your heavenly father remains

constant and steadfast anchor your faith

deeply in this Divine affection which

serves as an everlasting source of

comfort and

strength let this Sacred Love fill every

corner of your being lighting your path

forward with its radiant Grace in the

warmth of this Divine love find comfort

knowing you are forever cherished

immensely valued and always held in the

tender Embrace of your Divine

protector with sincere commitment I

recognize the importance of these truths

in your life especially as you face

challenges and strive to persevere

through moments of

discouragement I am here to offer

steadfast support as you navigate

through life’s complexities my role is

not just to observe but to actively

engage in your life’s journey as your

spiritual kind and guardian I am

dedicated to nurturing your growth and

ensuring your

wellbeing allow me to light your way

with hope and Faith guiding you through

Dark Times toward a future rich and

fulfillment and

success your worries and dreams are

important to me they are held with care

and honor I encourage you to share Oly

with me for in our communication lies

the power to transform and

uplift think of me not as a remote deity

but as a close Confidant ever ready and

responsive to your needs engage with me

let your voice join mine in a dialogue

that brings Solace and Enlightenment as

we together explore the intricacies of

life and discover the treasures of

wisdom and

insight rest assured you are never alone

in your journey I am am with you at

every step offering unconditional love

and Limitless

Grace reach out to me and let us

together face each Challenge and

celebrate every Victory trust in my

unwavering commitment to your ultimate

good and know that my presence is a

Guiding Light in the darkness leading

you to a future overflowing with hope

and prosperity

engaging in heartfelt dialogue with me

is profoundly beneficial it soothes your

spirit and brings peace to your mind by

expressing your feelings and your own

true words you ignite your faith setting

the stage for miracles to

unfold today is the perfect day to open

your heart to speak freely of your

innermost thoughts while while also

listening to my gentle guidance know

that my presence is one of love and

encouragement not judgment or reproach T

it is ever attentive to the soft

Whispers of your

spirit each morning as you awaken let

your first thoughts be of your deep love

and longing for me as the dawn breaks

and the sun begins AR rise your prayers

and Praises reach me like sweet

fragrance surrounding me with a tapestry

of devotion that enriches your life if

you desire my grace to continually

envelop you keep this heartfelt exchange

vibrant and

Alive write almond if you accept God

blessings dear beloved consider

supporting our ministry by expressing

your gratitude and appreciation through

the thanks button each gesture of

appreciation you make as a testament to

the depth of your devotion a light that

shines through your

soul know that my presence is

intricately woven into the fabric of

your life infusing every aspect of your

existence your family and your home with

steadfast love and

protection in times of doubt and

challenge when the worlds burdens feel

too heavy to Bear remember I am here I

am your unwavering companion on this

journey do not worry dear one for in

your moments of need I am paused to

provide comfort and assistance let go of

your concerns for I I am deeply attuned

to your hearts desires trust in my

Limitless kindness for it brings me joy

to fulfill your Noble

wishes should you seek blessings know

that my response will be propped and

filled with profound love allow your

heart to find peace and your spirit to

be uplifted for our bond is defined by

our shared

devotion together we will navigate the

ab and flow of life’s challenges United

by an unbreakable Bond of love and

grace deep within you and the quiet of

your heart resides a love that

transcends the ordinary boundless

unconditional and

all-encompassing this is the love I your

devoted companion extend to you

within you I have sown the seeds of

Faith strength courage and perseverance

these are not just abstract Notions they

are real gifts owned through your

experiences and challenges if you

believe in the power of this Divine

assistance consider subscribing to our

Channel these gifts are the pillars on

which you can build your stronghold your

Refuge from life’s storms and The Grand

Design of your life I have interwoven a

thread of divine guidance to light your

way I am not a distant

figure I am a constant comforting

presence always ready to offer words of

peace and encouragement speak to me my

child for I am always l listening let

your voice strengthen our connection for

it is through a ongoing dialogue that

Miracles take

shape rise now with a heart free from

fear and doubt and embrace life’s

blessings with un Bridal Joe I have

endowed you with the power of my words

words that can heal uplift and

transform share with me your deepest

longings and your greatest hopes for my

love is Limitless gentle ruing and ever

flowing like a river of endless

Grace today I am prepared to envelop you

in the abundance of my love let it

cleanse and refresh you removing burdens

from your soul and filling you with a

peace beyond all understanding and my

love you will find Refuge strength and


happiness rest assured any concerns you

carry can find solace in my care and

trust your journey to me every day and

be confident that I will lead you

Faithfully as each new day Dawns a fresh

wave of faith will invigorate you

enhancing your spirit with a Clarity and

purpose that will Empower you to face

each day with renewed Vigor and

determination de bold and forging new

relationships daring to explore unknown

paths and embracing the opportunities I

lay before you may this certainty

comfort you fortify your resolve and

guide you as you move forward

amen type thank you God if you love

Jesus Christ says scripture emphasizes

the vital need for vision declaring that

without it people lose their way if

you’re not pursuing a dream or Vision

chances are you aren’t fully tapping

into your

potential perhaps you once held a dream

close but faced disappointments or

obstacles that made it seem

unachievable things didn’t unfold as you

hoped here’s an essential Insight when a

dream Fades it’s time to dream a new the

failure of one plan doesn’t mean there

isn’t another waiting for you won’t let

a setback or even multiple

setbacks rob you of your future

aspirations now is the moment to stand


to cling to your inner

convictions rekindle those Divine

aspirations within you and witness how

God showers his favor and blessings

fulfilling to every heartfelt

desire imagine if God had afraid your

photo would be right there despite the

vastness of the universe he chooses to

reside in your heart affirming you as is

treasured Creation with a remarkable

future in

store today God invites you to break

free from the past and embark on a fresh

Journey with him stop chastising

yourself for past errors let go of the

belief that you don’t deserve

happiness you are a child of the

almighty start perceiving yourself

through God’s eyes

how does he view you as his Masterpiece

his Delight his cherished

child throughout your day affirm what

his word reveals about you I am

victorious I am a masterpiece I am

crafted with O and wonder embrace the

identity of the champion God designed

you to

be in today’s world it’s common to find

oneself STS filled with anxiety about

what the future holds and often

frustrated by circumstances while these

feelings might seem justified given

life’s complexities remember they do not

align with what God desires for

us God’s plan is for us to experience

Tranquility not turmoil he offers as a

sanctuary in his presence a a place

where we can be assured that despite the

chaos that surrounds us we are under his

watchful care typ PS if you trust

Almighty Lord when wearing knocks recall

this scripture inviting you ask to seek

God he is a generous Giver to those who

pursue him

earnestly yet our approach matters he

looks for us to come with thankful

Hearts start your prayers with words of

gratitude heavenly father thank you for

the opportunity to stand in your

presence thank you for listening to my

prayers approaching god with a grateful

humble heart opens the way for his peace

and joy to fill our lives today and

always life throws us into Seasons where

the challenges Loom large and it’s

tempting to dwell on the negatives you

might be facing what seems an

insurmountable problem right

now but don’t lose heart or resign

yourself to defeat remember God is ready

to work wonders in your life shift your

focus instead of describing to God how

big your challenges are are remind your

challenges how Mighty your God is speak

words of favor over your

situation daily affirm Lord I am

grateful that your favor is transforming

this situation making a way where I see

none thank you for the miraculous Deeds

you are performing this kind of Faith

Proclamation invites God’s Mighty

interventions revealing his power power

in ways you’ve never imagined

before keep in mind that all those

Solutions may not be apparent to you God

sees a way keep declaring his favor stay

poised for

breakthroughs and prepare to advance

into the victories and blessings he has

orchestrated for

you there is a Biblical account of

lepers to call not to Jesus for healing

rather than healing them immediately

Jesus asked them to act in faith by

showing themselves to the

priest despite their initial hesitation

due to their visible condition they

obeyed it’s noteworthy that their

healing occurred as they took Steps of

Faith this narrative encourages us to

act upon our faith no matter how

doubtful the outcome

seems what is God whispering to your

heart today whatever step he’s prompting

you to take embrace it with faith

putting your faith into action and turn

your situation around just as it did for


lepers often we might not recognize when

God is speaking to us it could be an

urge to extend kindness to someone or a

gut feeling advising caution a

particular situation these aren’t mere

coincidences or nervous reactions they

are Divine

guidances pay attention to these

internal cues responding to Gods subtle

promptings can steer us clear of trouble

and lead us towards Paths of success and

favor too frequently we rationalize

these feelings away but simple obedience

can bring about profound

blessings whenever you choose to follow

these Divine nudges expect to see God’s

and at work in your

life enter

if you believe in the

Archangel dear listeners let join our

prayers together Heavenly Father life

storms often seem Relentless battering

us with one challenge after another each

time we muster the strength to stand it

feels as though another wave crash down

sweeping us off our feet once

more in these moments of trial and

unceasing struggle help us to hold fast

to our knowledge of you and to whom we

belong you are our powerful savior the

one who commands the sees and quiets the

wines your voice can come the tumult

around us and the turbulence within our

hearts you are our wise counselor

offering words of healing truth and

wisdom ases the light of the world you

illuminate our bths when we find our El


darkness Like a Shepherd tending to his

flock you guide nurture and protect us

your Vigilant watch never ceases you are

the author and finisher of our faith

committed to fulfilling the Glorious

purpose you have set in our lives

overcoming any obstacles in our

path you are the resurrection and the

life having conquered Darkness defeated

death and granted us Eternal

salvation your Supremacy and might

surpass all may we grasp these truths

firmly allowing them to remind us of the

promises you’ve made the possibilities

you’ve opened to us and the resources


provided we ask ask you to lead us

through this day Lift us from the depths

of Despair and plant our feet on Solid

Ground replace our fear dread and

anxiety with faith trust and peace let

your comforting presence soothe our

grief men the broken pieces of our

hearts and lives and instill in US A

Renewed spirit that we May face today

with joy and

serenity we reach out as if to Touch the

Hem of your garment seeking everything

we need for the challenges ahead we are

grateful for your unending mercy and

Grace fresh each day and sufficient to

carry us through holy and mighty you are

deserving of all our

praise we offer this prayer in the most

powerful name in the name of Jesus

Amen please support our Channel our work

is to bring happiness in your life and

Devotion to God and if you want you can

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your support

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