IT WAS NOT BY CHANCE THAT YOU WERE CHOSEN! ????️ god message, god message today

God message my precious

child could God be trying to communicate

directly with you right now today now

the creator of the universe has a

powerful and life-changing message just

for you no matter who you are or what

situation you’re going through God says

I see you I know your deepest longings

and I want to wrap you in my

unconditional love what you are about to

hear are living and current words coming

directly from the heart of God to your

heart prepare to be intrigued challenged

and deeply impacted for God’s message to

you today has the power to completely

change your life for the better open

your heart and mind allow Eternal truths

to penetrate every fiber of your being

breathe deeply and tune in to God’s

loving voice you will be enveloped by an

overwhelming spiritual force that will

remove all all the stones from the path

between you and the Creator all you have

to do is listen with all your attention

my beloved

Son at this very moment there is a

powerful force ready to transform your

life in ways you never imagined the

truth is simple yet profound my word has

the power to heal the ability to free

you from the chains that bind you and to

dispel any and all pain and fear

you may be hesitant to welcome me into

your life questioning your own Worth or

worthiness however know that your faith

and humility have captured my attention

in a unique way I’m here not just

knocking on your door but hoping to be

invited into the recesses of your heart

where I want to inscribe Promises of

healing and freedom with just one word I

am ready to break the chains that

imprison you my presence promises to

take away the weight of pain anxiet Y

and all your worries because when I

speak Even Heaven bends down to listen I

am speaking directly to you right now

wishing you not only happiness but an

intimate relationship that will allow us

to share moments of genuine connection I

want to embrace you with my love

protecting you from all harm this is the

gift I long to give you that’s why I

encourage you to believe with all your

heart in the transforming power of the

Holy Spirit who is is always ready to

surround you with his healing power in

faith I open my heart to receive your

promises Lord the world we live in is

full of challenges and adversities but

it’s important to remember that you are

not alone on this journey there are

moments of deep sadness when the tears

seem endless moments when your heart

longs for something more for a return

home close to me I know this deep

longing the emptiness that only a

spiritual connection with me can

fill it’s true you may feel as if life

is slipping through your fingers peace

and joy seeming distant and

unattainable however I am here always by

your side an inexhaustible source of

blessings ready to shower you with love

peace and the true happiness you have

been searching for Dave into the

revitalising Waters of my presence let

them wash away sadness let them renew

your soul with a freshness you’ve never

experienced before your faith has

already begun to move mountains my word

is the bomb your life needs right now by

opening your heart to me I have made it

my home I will remain with you taking

care of you and your family ready to

pour out blessings beyond your

imagination I extend to you the

invitation to bring me into every part

of your life to let my peace and comfort

flood your soul declare Lord your

presence is the Refuge my soul Longs for

in this powerful moment when God’s word

touches your heart enjoy this video as

an Act of Faith share it with those who

need to hear this message of Hope and

subscribe to the channel to continue

being blessed with transforming truths

with a Divine breath I have transformed

your home expelling all imperfection and

renewing every space with life and light

disorder and Chaos traces of your

battles and challenges have have been

replaced by order and Purity you are

clean and forgiven the only action left

is to accept this Priceless gift I’m not

suggesting that Perfection is your

permanent state or that challenges and

temptations will disappear from your

life remember you are human and

therefore subject to flaws and mistakes

despite this my infinite love for you


unchanged in every struggle I will be

your support and guide ready to lift you

up with every fall purify you and

forgive you again and again this path is

not free of obstacles difficulties can

make you feel defeated humiliated as if

the shame of past failures engulfs you

again however keeping your gaze fixed on

me understanding that you have been

called to overcome these struggles with

my strength by your side that is

essential purification comes through

renewed forgiveness and the strength I

give you to move forward facing those

who remorselessly aim to disturb the

peace you have found with faith and

conviction you and your family must

persevere aware of the new world that is

opening up a world that although

invisible to the eyes of many brings

security abundance and countless

blessings comment your strength oh God

is my greatest defense the key to a life

of true Financial Freedom and unshakable


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perspective on Divine Prosperity

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longer click on the link in the comment

box and take the first step towards a

life of prosperity As you move forward

trusting in me you will be entering a

reality where lack is unknown and

security is a constant a reality where

your tireless Faith brings you tangible

rewards on your path as You Follow My

teachings and search for me I will honor

you and signs of my love and presence

will manifest clearly marking your path

with Miracles that attest to our

connection this message is a renewed

invitation to accept my transformative

influence in your life to merge your

thirst for spirituality with a deep


allowing my power to manifest in all

areas of your existence stay humble and

grateful for it is in this state of mind

that you will experience true abundance

if you long for a miracle for freedom

from Pain and confusion know that I am

by your side defending protecting and

providing everything you need bending

down to listen to every word every

prayer while directing my angels to

answer your calls

your active Faith Delights me and I

encourage you to approach me with all

your needs and hopes for I am ready to

take care of every detail of your life

declare in gratitude I approach you Lord

trusting that you will take care of

everything there will be a special

moment in your spiritual journey when

you will realize that I am aware of your

needs even before you bring me your

prayers it is with great joy that I

listen to your your longings while you

move forward with unshakable faith

without getting lost in contemplations

of the past you have built an existence

and a refuge based on belief and hope it

is essential to intercede for those in

your family who seem to hesitate in the

face of transformation whether in their

actions words or faith have no doubt

that I am already touching their hearts

immersed in my word day after day

let my promises engrave themselves on

your heart so you will wake up every day

eager to witness manifestations of my

love and care dear child you are deeply

valuable to me give me your sorrows and

frustrations trust me with your dreams

and aspirations when this spark of hope

ignites within you you will readily find

yourself praising and thanking me in

Freedom soon you will understand the

breadth of my strength and power I will

walk with you to incredible places and

your songs of Joy will reach me the

difficulties that seem heavy today will

dissipate and through my eyes you will

see yourself as you really are a

precious Soul destined to transcend

challenges and claim victory declare my

grace is sufficient for you you are not

like those who hesitate to believe who

awaken only to embrace empty Illusions I

hear your murmurs your silent tears I am

with you every time you turn to me in

prayer I will never turn away from your

please you approach me with genuine

Faith abandoning resentments to follow

the path of forgiveness recognizing the

immense power that resides in a grateful

heart consider that your prayers filled

with faith are precious in my eyes and I

answer them with a kindness that

transcends human understanding receive

the answers to your prayers with joy for

your spirit will radiate the Divine

Light kindness and love will be your

faithful Squires and you will find a

constant echo of my words in your being

under my protection Your Existence will

be marked by constant faith in me this

path requires only that you accept your

human limitations and live according to

my precepts listen to my guidance and

remain faithful to the teachings I offer

Turn Away From Evil and you will see

your life transform

extraordinarily with confidence declare

in your hands Lord I Sur surrender and

Trust by surrendering to my heavenly

plan every aspect of your life will


magnificently trusting in me opens the

door to unimaginable love and power

there is no challenge I can’t help you

overcome no problem I can’t solve my

understanding and wisdom are infinite

allow yourself to be guided by me and

you will witness Miracles Beyond

imagination for your life will be a

testimony to my love

my grace and my transforming power as

you surrender your hopes and longings

into the hands of the Creator enjoy to

seal this commitment share to encourage

others to seek an intimate relationship

with God and sign up to receive daily

reminders of this sacred

Connection by opening your heart to the

possibility of profound Transformations

and miracles you begin to walk a path

filled with unimaginable

wonders my dear

I am here to invite you to surrender

completely allowing every aspect of your

life to be renewed by the dawn of New

Opportunities know that although every

challenge is fleeting my promise of

Eternal permanence to all who believe is

unshakable the world around you and your

temporal problems will come to an end

but my word and my presence at your side

are Eternal express your gratitude by


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forever surrender your trust completely

into my hands for I have given you gifts

talents and above all a resilient

strength capable of leading you through

adversity to reach the light even in the

darkest moments my child go forward with

courage rise with determination on each

New Journey for I’m by your side every

step of the way believing that

performing miracles in your life is part

of my plan for you live in a way that

reflects goodness love Justice and Truth

for these principles Delight you in my

eyes declare with joy I trust in you

Lord to guide my steps at every moment

in these challenging times it is

essential that you be courageous not

succumbing to foolishness but seeking

wisdom to understand my Divine

will be strong in your faith trusting in

my strength not allowing doubts or fears

to diminish your

determination be living examples of my

teachings demonstrating that it is

possible to live without fear under my

protection and guidance in this way you

will establish a praiseworthy legacy

attracting countless blessings for

yourself and for future Generations my

love for you transcends human

understanding since your conception all

my wishes have been for your growth and

success I was present at your first cry

I followed every phase of your life and

now with pride I observe the wonderful

person you

become go forward celebrate every

achievement even in the face of

obstacles because your resilience

testifies to your courage making you a

Beacon of Hope for all those who waver

in faith

Proclaim my life is a testimony to your

faithfulness Lord today I strengthen you

with power strength and authority to

overcome any adversity blessing you with

discernment to identify the right path

and the necessary Prudence in the

choices to be made allow yourself to be

guided by my light for under my

direction there is no challenge to greet

that we cannot face tuth as you trust in

Heaven’s plan for your life enjoy this

video as a seal of Faith share it to

spread this message of transformative

Power And subscribe to continue being

enveloped by the Creator’s unconditional

love on life’s journey every Crossroads

is an opportunity to grow and every

obstacle a chance to learn something

valuable don’t let your dreams Fade with

the day or discouraging voices stop you

from moving forward stay resilient my

child it’s crucial that you don’t let

challenges divert you from your path nor

allow the sacrifice of your effort to be

in vain or for others to minimize your

achievements embrace your inner strength

and keep the flame of my spirit burning

within you never renounce the lofty

purposes I have placed in your heart

because every step you take even amid

adversity is a step towards realizing

your dreams don’t let fatigue or

discouragement Cloud your vision I am

always by your side guiding your steps

clarifying the path to

follow know that I highly value your

effort and sacrifice and the decisions

you make today are forging your future

in my hands the miracle you’ve been

longing for is within your reach under

my care even the most arduous

experiences will be transformed into

lessons of strength stay firm in faith

and patient for often the greatest

blessings come from the most difficult

tests Proclaim today my future is in

God’s hands and it is bright March

forward always remembering that you

exist for a reason for a purpose far

beyond what you can imagine in moments

of pain and uncertainty when the way

ahead seems hazy cling to me and my

promises with me you will find broader

perspectives and a plan for your life

full of wonderful blessings celebrate

for a significant Miracle is unfolding

today is the day when the chains that

bind you are broken I have set you free

blessed you and brought you Prosperity

believe in this truth and nurture Hope

on this day full of promise I want you

to feel my love deeply aware that I am

with you and that you are surrounded by

my grace and compassion as your God and

Father I am here to dissolve any curses

cast against you bringing relief and

answers to your deepest doubts your path

is illuminated by my presence trust in

that declare with

confidence in the midst of challenges I

find strength and direction in God have

you tried everything to improve your

financial situation but nothing seems to

work it’s time to discover the truth

behind your DNA code and how to activate

it to attract wealth naturally unlocking

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this unique opportunity pass you by

click on the link and transform your

life today believe in me my dear child

and anchor your faith in my

words hold firm to my promises because

with me by your side you will live a

full and satisfying existence there will

be no doubt capable of shaking you no

challenge too great to face the Shadows

that once clouded your faith and the

storms that Disturbed your inner peace

will be dispelled for I will be with you

Illuminating every step of your path

with constant Miracles and blessings

don’t be afraid to step forward and

share the light of my truth with those

who are still lost in the dark put your

faith in me and know that I will guide

your steps with love and wisdom through

me you will become a source of Joy

prosper it and inexhaustible blessings

know of my esteem and unwavering love I

am always by your side and will never

leave you trust me and witness wonders

beyond your

imagination affirm in God’s hands I find

strength and renewal do not be afraid

for I am with you don’t be discouraged

for I am your God the driving force

behind your strength I will always be by

your side to support you turning on the

light of my Divine words to illuminate

your mind bringing Grace and prosperity

to your life with me your worries will

be overcome and you will find peace

under my care allow me to accomplish the

marvelous in your existence as I

promised from the beginning remember I

am the one who created you I know every

part of you your strengths your

struggles as well as your dreams and

your innermost desires so there’s no

reason to fear I’m here to support you

as your Eternal and trustworthy King

King you are the living manifestation of

my abundant and glorious blessings my

love for you is infinite Eternal

constant and

unwavering I am entirely committed to

your well-being your happiness and your

success on life’s

journey understand that I am the

architect of your destiny carefully

weaving every aspect of your life into a

magnificent tapestry of grace and beauty

allow your heart to be light for in me

you will find the strength to transcend

any obstacle and the wisdom to choose

the right path Proclaim with

gratitude in God I find my way my light

and my

strength in the challenges that life

presents finding gratitude is

fundamental to nurturing sincere

humility recognizing that every positive

aspect of your journey is a reflection

of my grace this recognition acts as an

anchor keeping you firm in the truth

that you are not alone because I am the

one who provides and

sustains experiencing gratitude leads to

a state of humility that opens the door

to receiving even more of my love and

provision always remembering your

dependence on me grateful Hearts tend to

be generous spreading the blessings they

receive this capacity for resilience

does not come from your own strength but

from the trust you place in me knowing

that I am there to support heal and

strengthen you through every fall it is

invol vulnerability that my power

becomes most evident transforming

weaknesses into Pillars of unshakable

Strength learning and growth come not in

spite of failures and Falls but through

them strengthening you with every

challenge you face thus with a

courageous heart you face life ready to

get up after each fall moving forward

with unwavering faith and

confidence spiritual resilience is not

just about enduring it is evidence of my

love and grace at work in you

transforming you into a source of

inspiration for others living in this

state of spiritual fortitude you become

a beacon of goodness allow me to face

each obstacle with the conviction that

your grace is enough for me that your

strength is fully realized in my

weakness in moments of silence and

prayer may your voice be a clear and

firm guide offering comfort in times of

pain and hope in

discouragement Proclaim confidently in

your peace I find the way

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