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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

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said my dear son it is with infinite

love that I address you in these words

know that you are the most precious

fruit of my creation molded with care

and attention to every detail since the

first breath of life I I have been with

you accompanying every step of your

journey I want you to know above all

that you are deeply loved my love for

you is unconditional and eternal

regardless of the circumstances or

choices you make as it is written in


I invite you to trust in me with all

your heart let trust be the anchor that

guides your journey for in my arms you

will find security and peace throughout

your life you will face challenges and

uncertainties in moments of Joy I will

share laughter with you in moments of

sadness I will wipe away your tears you

will never be alone for I am always

present ready to listen to your please

and share my wisdom with you always

remember not to rely solely on your own

understanding while human wisdom is

valuable it is limited my understanding

is infinite and I know the plans I I

have for you plans for prosperity and

not harm to give you a future and a hope

in moments when you feel lost seek me in

prayer I am always available to guide

you and provide discernment amid life’s

uncertainties allow me to be your light

illuminating your path and revealing the

purposes I have for you I understand

that the world around you can be

tumultuous filled with voices clamoring

for your attention however I’m I invite

you to listen to my gentle voice

speaking to your heart with love and

truth the word recorded in the

scriptures is a secure compass for your

journey in it you will find advice

comfort and direction for every step you

take do not fear the unknown for in me

you have a safe Refuge fear does not

come from me but love does therefore I

encourage you to face challenges with

courage knowing that even in the midst

of the greatest storms I am your Safe

Harbor The Fortress that Will Never Be

Shaken allow me to shape your character

in my image just as an artist sculpts a

masterpiece I desire to perfect every

aspect of your life in Times of

difficulty remember that you are being

molded shaped for a higher purpose the

process may be painful but the result

will be a work of beauty and Grace in

your victories celebrate at with

humility recognizing that every good

gift comes from me in your failures do

not be discouraged for I am the god of

Second Chances and my grace is

sufficient for you learn from each

experience for each chapter of your life

will contribute to your growth and

maturity son the Journey of life is an

opportunity to learn to love as I love

love your neighbor forgive as you have

been forgiven and be a light in this

world World in moments of Darkness allow

my light to shine through you dispelling

the surrounding Darkness never forget

that you are a unique expression of my

love and care every detail of your

existence has been planned with purpose

be grateful for the gifts I have given

you and use them to bless others for in

giving you will find true joy and

fulfillment my beloved Son my promise is

to be with you every day until the end

of time time trust in me seek me with

all your heart and you will see the

wonderful plans I have for you unfold

before your eyes with love God I hope

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