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dear friend do you need a new garment

today I’m not talking about a physical

garment I’m talking about what’s

covering your mind and emotions are you

clothed with Despair and disappointment

are you wearing heaviness if you’ve gone

through a hurtful situation the Bible

says there is a time to grieve and it’s

important to release that hurt to the

Lord but the Bible also tells us that

God wants to give you a Garment of

Praise instead of a spirit of heaviness

and despair are the garments of

yesterday weighing you down and holding

you back it’s time for a new garment the

Garment of Praise is light and filled

with peace and joy don’t carry those

heavy burdens around anymore choose to

forgive those who have hurt you and

praise God for what he’s doing in your

life today if nothing else start

thanking him for the beautiful sunrise

thank him for restoring you even even if

you don’t see it yet just like this

verse says you will be as strong and

secure as a tall oak tree displaying his

Splendor all the days of your life a

prayer for today Father I come to you

today and ask that you take off my old

garments of Despair and heaviness make

me new today give me a Garment of Praise

so that I can be a display of your glory

and Splendor in Jesus name amen like if

you believe in God

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