I’M TIRED OF TRYING TO TALK WITH YOU!????️ god message, god message today, god message for you today

god’s message to you today, at this very moment, the Creator of the universe wants to speak

directly to your heart.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what challenges you’re going through.

God knows you better than anyone and knows exactly what you need to hear.

This message from God is full of love, hope, strength and divine guidance.

So my child, open your ears and your mind wide.

Prepare yourself to receive a living and powerful word, capable of transforming your life in

unimaginable ways.

God loves you and wants to renew your strength, heal your wounds and bless all your paths.

god says Today, dear child, is the day set by heaven, a singular moment destined to unveil

a new era in your life.

The gates of heaven are opening wide before you, promising an avalanche of blessings whose

magnitude exceeds the limits of your imagination.

Prepare your heart, for you are about to enter an unprecedented cycle of grace, a time when

divine manifestation will be tangible in every aspect of your being.

Feel pure, crystalline joy fill the air, for today, divine gifts will be dispensed upon

you, my beloved child.

In this sacred instant, it is crucial to repel every trace of doubt or fear that has anchored

itself in your heart.

A heavenly abundance awaits you beyond this sacred door, ready to transform your reality

in ways that have only been visited in dreams.

So I profess to you let go of every worry, embrace unshakeable faith, for what lies ahead

will be a living testimony to the boundless love I have for you.

Declare with faith “I am ready to receive the divine blessings that will transform my


In those moments of darkness, when you felt helpless, my presence was the invisible constancy

by your side.

Your resilience and faith, sparks of light in the midst of darkness, served as a guide

through the stormy seas of life.

Your journey was not ignored; every challenge faced, every tear shed, was an act of profound

faith and courage.

Now, standing at the dawn of a new era, your resilient heart will be rewarded in ways that

transcend understanding.

Allow yourself to feel proud of every step you take, for these were not mere acts of

survival, but declarations of unshakeable faith.

Heaven rejoices in announcing that the time to receive is now.

A multitude of blessings are laid out before you, ready to reflect not only your valor

and determination, but also to serve as an emblem of my eternal devotion and love for


This is the beginning of a journey full of unexpected accomplishments, a journey in which

every need will find its answer and every empty space will be filled.

Write with faith “My heart is open to receive all the love and blessings that the Father

has prepared for me.”

Get ready to witness the blossoming of new possibilities, because what has been prepared

for you goes beyond the imaginable.

Renewed strength will flow through you, not only enabling you to conquer what lies ahead,

but also enabling you to be a source of inspiration and light for those still lost in the darkness.

Your journey of faith and courage has the power to touch hearts and transform realities.

With each dawn, my presence will become more palpable, guiding your every step with gentleness

and love.

The peace I offer will be a constant in your life, quieting internal and external storms

with supernatural ease.

I am paving paths of prosperity that will not only enrich your existence, but will also

have repercussions for generations.

Those seeds of goodness and hope that you planted in fertile soil will now prepare to

sprout, grow and blossom, heralding the beginning of an era of endless abundance.

Comment with faith “My every step will be guided by the light of divine love.”

The message of hope you have just contemplated has the power to transform lives.

Like this video as an act of faith, share it to spread light, and subscribe to the channel

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On your journey, you will be surrounded by enlightened people, kind souls whose paths

have been divinely drawn to cross yours.

They will recognize the unique brilliance you carry and become pillars of support, joy

and motivation.

This union will create an unbreakable bond, a veritable treasure trove of collective strength

with the power to transcend the greatest challenges.

Moreover, the wisdom needed to distinguish the best course of action will be my gift

to you.

Your decisions, all the paths you choose, will flow harmoniously with My plans, guiding

you along paths of contentment and fulfillment.

With every choice you make, every step you take, you will get closer to the sublime destiny

that has been woven for you into the fabric of the universe.

Be assured that all your efforts will have a purpose, that all your hopes, all the seeds

planted in the stillness of perseverance, will blossom magnificently.

Your faith, the beacon that illuminates this monumental path, has not gone unnoticed in

my eyes.

Every gesture of kindness, every demonstration of love, every sacrifice made, was a sacred

act of planting in fertile ground.

Now it’s time for a splendid harvest, far beyond what you asked for or imagined.

Declare with faith “I trust that the Lord will guide my every step and my harvest will

be abundant.”

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Now smile with joy, because the promised harvest is inevitable.

Everything you have sown, even in the most arid terrain of adversity, will spring forth

with a vitality that will dazzle your soul.

And not only that, you will also be given more to plant, because My desire is for you

to continue to flourish and prosper, for your life to be a continuous testimony to growth

and fortune.

Every act of obedience, every decision made in faith, has been a cornerstone in building

the resplendent future that is now beginning to unfold before your eyes.

Write in faith “Every step I take builds the foundation of the future the Lord has

prepared for me.”

The doors before you will open with an ease that will surprise you, requiring neither

excessive force nor exhaustive searches for the right key.

I’m ahead, smoothing the way for you.

Stand up, fill yourself with courage and move forward; there is no longer any reason to

hesitate in the face of the closed doors of the past.

The light I bring dispels all the shadows that once clouded your journey, illuminating

every step forward.

Your dreams, the ones you may have thought were lost or out of reach, are being revived

with new hope and possibility.

Celebration awaits your every advance, no matter how modest it may seem.

Recognize that each open door is a testament to your resilient faith, a marker of your

inner strength and a constant reminder of my unconditional love and unlimited power

in your life.

This is a time of high expectations and glorious promises, for in addition to the doors opening

before you, a banquet of unprecedented achievements awaits.

Comment with faith “I will celebrate every step, no matter how small, because each one

is a testimony to God’s love for me.”

The truths revealed at this moment are seeds of rebirth that must be spread.

Show your commitment to spiritual growth by liking this video, sharing it with everyone

you love and subscribing to receive constant heavenly guidance.

Go forward with confidence on your journey, aware of my constant presence at your side,

spread throughout every corner of the world.

My peace is a treasure that I give you, not just to keep, but to share with those around


By living in my tranquillity, you become a mirror of my love, bringing relief to the

restless hearts that cross your path.

Remember, sometimes the peace you crave is only achieved by letting go of the reins,

entrusting your problems to me.

In doing so, you untie the knots of anxiety and find a safe haven of calm and rest.

Your journey so far has not only consisted of your own strength and courage, but also

the solid faith you place in me.

This powerful combination is what gives you the vision to face the future without fear,

aware that no adversity is too great to overcome.

Know that every aspect of your life has been meticulously designed for a greater purpose,

including those moments that seem insurmountable.

It is in these trials that your soul is strengthened, attuned to the magnificent plan I have for


Comment with faith “In His presence, I find the strength to face any challenge.”

Don’t allow yourself to be oppressed by burdens that seem unbearable.

The moment you feel the weight becoming too much, bring it to me and rest.

Together, we are invincible, capable of weathering any storm.

The determination to carry on, even in the darkest phases, is a manifestation of the

resilience I have sown in your spirit.

Have faith, because the strength I provide is unlimited and will be renewed in you, providing

a source of blessings to share with the world.

This stream of generosity that flows from you to others, amplifying the kindness and

love around you, must not be held back by the fear of scarcity.

In the Kingdom to which you belong, there is endless provision.

The promise is clear what you distribute comes back to you, enriching your existence

in a continuous cycle of giving and receiving.

This abundance that I sow in your life transcends material limits, encompassing all dimensions

of existence.

Declare with faith “I will live in abundance, reflecting God’s love and generosity.”

Then celebrate the faith that flourishes within you, proclaiming “Blessed be the name of

the Lord.”

On your journeys, you have encountered painful obstacles, but I am here to alleviate that

suffering and transform your path into one of peace and healing.

Relationships that have weakened and bonds that have been lost will be restored under

my watch.

With me by your side, guiding and supporting, every step is a movement towards serenity

and wholeness.

Write with faith “God is my refuge, transforming every pain into a path of peace.”

Feel the flame of faith within you burning brighter after this uplifting message.

Feed that divine spark by enjoying, sharing these sacred words, and signing up for more

transformative wisdom.

With a deep and unconditional love, I am here, always ready to heal each of your wounds and

rebuild the broken bonds that mark your journey.

During this period of healing, which can be slow and gradual, patience will be your great


This process of restoration takes time, but I promise you, the reward will be immeasurable.

What today seems unrecoverable, tomorrow will blossom under my care, invigorated and stronger

than before.

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Let me assure you, my ability to restore is unlimited.

There is no circumstance so complicated or relationship so damaged that it is beyond

my capacity to heal and bring about new beginnings.

When faced with choices that confront common sense, remember that my designs go beyond

human understanding.

In moments of hesitation, seek the stillness of our communion; there, I will speak to your

heart, gently leading you to the right decision.

Declare with faith “My heart is open to God’s whispering guidance.”

Understand that not all choices will be simple, and some may require you to face arduous challenges.

However, keep an eye out for the light that illuminates the path ahead.

This same light will be your guide and the peace that springs up within you will be the

greatest proof that you are following the right path.

When this tranquillity prevails, even in the most difficult choices, you will realize that

you are in harmony with my will.

Know that I am with you every step of the way, rejoicing in your successes and supporting

you on your educational journey.

Go forward confidently, aware that the discernment to make wise decisions is a gift I have given


I am always by your side, leading you along blessed paths, making sure that each step

you take is safe and fortified by faith.

Comment with faith “In every decision, I feel God’s strengthening presence.”

Be sure that my love is an invincible fortress around you, no adversity can break the bond

that connects us, nor can any circumstance distance you from my support.

Even if at times you don’t notice my hand intervening, know that I am always acting

on your behalf, guiding you safely and preparing your path.

My protection is eternal and tireless.

When you wake up each morning, may your first thoughts be of gratitude for the gift of another

day, a new chance to live, love and learn.

By cultivating a grateful heart, even the simplest moments will become extraordinary.

Every sigh, every step, every interaction will be a reason for praise and thanks.

And know, even in the challenges you will find reasons to be grateful, because every

trial is an opportunity to grow and strengthen your spirit.

Write with faith “My heart overflows with gratitude, turning each day into a celebration

of life.”

The blessings poured out on you through this message are an invitation to walk closer to

the light.

Accept this call by liking it, sharing this heavenly gift, and signing up to continually

receive supreme love.

In every corner of the planet, know that you never walk alone; my presence is a constant,

a silent companion on all your journeys.

The peace I offer is not just to be kept as a personal treasure, but to be distributed

generously, like seeds that sprout love and calm in the hearts you encounter.

In your complete surrender, by letting go of the desire to command every aspect of life,

you will discover a tranquil serenity.

This surrender is where true peace resides, peace that is always within your reach, in

the silence of the now, in the small joys that weave the fabric of the present.

Celebrate your inner strength, which, when intertwined with an unshakeable faith in me,

forms a shield against the storms of life.

Every challenge, every obstacle, is meticulously placed in your path with the intention of

strengthening your spirit, refining it for the magnificent plans I have for you.

The moment you feel the weight of the world pressing down on your shoulders, remember

that I am just a plea away, ready to lighten your burdens and restore your soul.

Let us say together in faith “In your presence, I find peace that surpasses all understanding.”

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In this world of uncertainty, my provision is a beacon of eternal hope.

The love and generosity you receive from me is meant to be spread around, creating a cycle

of uninterrupted blessings.

Do not fear scarcity, for in my kingdom, what is given is renewed infinitely; the more you

give, the more you will receive.

This abundance that flows from my essence is yours to enjoy and to enrich not only your

existence, but that of the people around you.

Keep the faith strong “My life is a tapestry of blessings, woven by divine love.”

On your journey, you may come across stones that have made your steps falter, but I am

here to smooth the way, to heal past wounds and revitalize weakened connections.

My patience is infinite, and in the healing process, I want you to remember that time

is an ally.

Every wound will be healed, and every frayed relationship will be renewed under my watchful

eye and unconditional love.

Declare with hope “Every day, I am more aligned with the peaceful purpose that has been set

for me.”

Trust in the journey of restoration and renewal, knowing that each step is guided by a love

that is vast and unwavering.

In every decision, feel the strength of this love guiding and protecting you.

Nurture a grateful heart, because in gratitude, every moment becomes an opportunity to witness

the miracle of life, strengthening your spirit and teaching you that in every challenge there

is a blessing waiting to be discovered.

Celebrate each step “Gratitude permeates my being, transforming each challenge into

an opportunity to grow and move forward.”

This video is a beacon of hope in the midst of darkness.

Like it to affirm your faith, share it to enlighten other souls, and subscribe so that

this light never goes out on your journey.

I want to encourage you to trust my divine perspective, which goes beyond the limits

of human understanding.

When you are faced with choices that seem to contradict all known logic, seek the stillness

of our communion.

In that silence, you will hear my voice, gently leading you towards wisdom.

I am always here to offer clear guidance to hearts open to receive.

Affirm with hope “My trust lies in perfect divine guidance.”

Making decisions will not always be an easy path and may require you to face seemingly

insurmountable obstacles.

However, focusing on the light that points the way forward is fundamental.

This light will not only illuminate your path but will also bring incomparable peace, serving

as a compass to ensure that your choices resonate with my will.

Even in the face of the unknown and difficulties, this inner peace will be the sign that you

are in tune with the greater plan.

Celebrate with joy “Every step is a manifestation of divine peace in my life.”

Rest assured that I am by your side at every stage of the journey – in the triumphs and

in the moments of learning.

With divine discernment, you are equipped to make the wisest decisions, always guided

by a spiritual compass that leads to blessings beyond measure.

My vigilance over you is constant, offering unfailing protection against any adversity.

Behold with gratitude “Divine protection is my unshakeable fortress.”

My love for you is an impenetrable fortress, a shield against any opposing force.

Even if you don’t realize it, I’m always acting on your behalf, warding off dangers and preparing

every step forward.

Start each day with a grateful heart and you will see how life will reveal itself in a

series of daily miracles.

Every moment, every breath, becomes a reason for praise and appreciation.

And even in the most severe challenges, you will find reasons to give thanks, because

every adversity is an opportunity to strengthen your faith and your spirit.

Declare with fervor “In gratitude, I find the beauty and strength to overcome any challenge.”

“The seeds of truth have been planted in your heart.

Now, show your gratitude by liking, sharing this blessed message, and signing up to constantly

water these seeds with inspiring teachings.”

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