the almighty has

declared if you fail to read this

message until the end the pathway to

your blessings will be sealed shut I

implore you not to disregard it my

dearest child some believe that knowing

one’s purpose comes from within remember

that you did not create yourself so you

cannot determine your purpose only the

Creator knows your mission

believing in me is essential for

understanding your life’s purpose as I


you many people nowadays struggle with

defining their identity and purpose

according to them I don’t know who I am

and I don’t know what I am supposed to

be doing with my life this is because

they are looking in the wrong

locations the only way to discover your

identity and purpose in life is via a

relationship with me remember that I am

the source of your identity and purpose


life God says type ye if you want to

follow my

will Jesus claims how safe and secure

you are and my presences something I

want you to know that is a fact

completely unaffected by your emotions

nothing can stop you from arriving at

your destination Heaven because you are

on your way there

already you will see me there face to

face and your joy will surpass all

comprehension on Earth you must view me

with faith but even now you are never

truly apart from me I walk with you into

eternity until the end of

time even while my presence is a promise

that you can count on that doesn’t mean

that your sentiments will change you

could feel afraid or lonely when you

forget I with you negative emotions are

replaced with peace when one is aware of


presence develop the practice of

mindfully going through each day with me

never forget that you are a part of a

Fallen World a strange Place corrupted

by sin your pursuit of perfection in

this life leads to a great deal of

frustration and

disappointment except for me nothing in

this world is Flawless because of this

being near me satisfies your deepest

desires and brings you jaar I have sown

in the human heart a desire for for

Perfection this is a noble ambition that

I alone carry out but the majority of

individuals Lo to other people as well

as material gains or Pleasures for this

fulfillment as a result they make Idols

which they worship before M I shall have

no other gods give me your Heart’s

Greatest wish allow me to satisfy your

Des desire for

excellence I surround you completely

like a cocoon of light I promise to be

there for you regardless of whether you

are aware of me although a lot of things

can prevent this awareness worrying is

the main offender my kids usually

recognize that worrying is an inevitable

part of

life but woring is anathema to me

because it is a kind of disbelief who is

in command of your existence should that

be you there’s grounds for

concern however if it is me then

worrying is pointless and

ineffective give the problem over to me

as soon as you begin to feel anxious

take a step back and turn your attention

back to me I either handle the issue

myself or advise you on how to manage it

you will face challenges in this world

but you must never lose sight of me

something new is being created in You by

me a glistening spring of joy that

overflows into the lives of others

please don’t try to claim credit for

this Joe or mistake it for your

own rather rejoice

while my spirit Works through you to

help others allow yourself to be a

storehouse of the fruit of the spirit

Your Role is to be near me and receptive

to Everything I Do within

you do not attempt to stop my spirit

from flowing through you just remember

who I am while we go about our day

together Savor the love joy and peace

that I Phil you’re being with whilst I


here don’t give up or flee from the

challenges you face in life these

difficulties are not accidental setbacks

rather they are specially made gifts

intended to Aid in your

development Lord knows that only few

loyal believes will watch this video

Until the End dot if you watch the whole

video without skipping it then you will

see unexpected miracles in your

life accept whatever situation I allow

in your life knowing that I will make

something positive come of it see

obstacles as chances to depend more

entirely on me allow your stress to

serve as a reminder that you need me

when it

arises as a result your needs open the

door to Growing intimacy with me and a

profound dependency on me while

Independence is highly valued in the

outside world living abundantly In My

Kingdom results from dependence on

me give thanks to me for the challenges

you face because they Shield you from

the worship of Independence permit my

presence to anoint you I live in

unapproachable light and a king of kings

and Lord of

lords I get closer to you in response to

your drawing near to me my power and

Glory May overpower you as my presence

envelops you this is a kind of worship

realizing how little you are in relation

to my greatness

humans have a per pensity to measure

everything by

themselves however the human measure is

unable to fully comprehend my enormous

Grandeur for this reason even though

they live move and have there being in

me the majority of mankind do not

perceive me at all Savor the brilliant

Splendor of my being declare to the

world my magnificent being

right Jesus’s Supreme King to loved kids

in the quiet corners of your soul where

Whispers of thought and feelings take

root you’ll find Mia constant presence

deeply familiar with every part of who

you are your life’s journey is a rich

Mosaic marked by victories and

accomplishments yet also interlaced with

moments of V vulnerability and

missteps there have been times when

youve felt lost a drift in an ocean of

doubt and sure of your direction but

remember this even when uncertainty cast

tits Shadows my love for you stands firm

a lighthouse guiding you back to

Safety in those times when you’ve

strayed lacking clear direction I’ve

remained by your side the silent

guardian of unwavering love no matter

how often you wander or fall I am here

with open arms ready to welcome you back

in my words you’ll find peace and

understanding a guide through the Maze

of life’s challenges come into my arms

dear child and let me heal the breakes

in your spirit bathe in my affection

precious one and feel the burdens lift

from your tired

frame bring me your concerns your fears

your uncertainties I will shoulder them

with you with my strength the deepest

wounds can heal and the darkest nights

will give way to the Light Of

Hope believe in my ability to turn

sorrow into fortitude grief into

perseverance you are never alone on this

path I am with you a steadfast companion

in The Melody of your life so my

cherished one don’t hold back from me in

your openness we find the true beauty of

our bond a connection that defies time

and distance together will sail through

life’s ab and flow Guided by the compass

of of Love That pulses in your heart and

soul dare to trust me completely lay

down your burdens at my feet and I will

grant you the strength to rise above the

sadness and desolation that weigh you

down take my hand let the glow of my

being chase away the Shadows that cloud

Your Existence don’t hesitate for in the

midst of the stor warm I will be your

refuge in turmoil your peace in

loneliness your friend in suffering your

comfort and

might be aware that my love surrounds

you overcoming every hurdle that lies

ahead stand firm with me for I am your

protector and unbreakable

Fortress as challenges Loom know that I

am right beside guide you prepare to

lift you up and elevate your spirit so

Cast Away your doubts and allow my love

to transform your life and that of your

family let my light guide your way and

Lead You two Realms of happiness and

positivity it is my deepest wish to see

your heart filled with joy and hope type

thank you God if you love

Jesus do not let the shadows of past

erors Cloud the bright future that

awaits you today I Proclaim your freedom

from the shackles of Despair and sadness

that have imprisoned you I shatter every

chain of Oppression that has quench your

spirit and dend your

light may forward with confidence into

the glowing morning of a new day leaving

behind the uncertainties and remorse of

yesterday do not be haunted by The

Echoes of old mistakes or swayed by the

Insidious murmurs of negativity In My

Embrace you will find refuge and

forgiveness time after

time let my grace permeate every part of

you infusing you with a NeverEnding

source of empathy and benevolence on

this blessed day accept your newfound

Freedom wholeheartedly knowing that you

are not journeying solo but alongside


Divine release the burdens that have

weighed down your soul and let my

affection Elevate and rejuvenate you in

my presence you will discover Comfort

fortitude and Eternal

Tranquility as you make your way back to

me remain unwavering and determined

resisting The Temptations of ideologies

and beliefs that stray from my teachings

do not let the staying of hurtful words

discourage you you are my treasured

child my most esteemed

creation if you trust that God will

assist you please follow our Channel be

assured that I will accompany you

through every phase of your life never

leaving or forsaking you from this

moment forward move with the steadfast

certainty that my presence will

persist I am dedicated to being by your

s guiding you toward the prosperous life

I have envisioned for you entrust

yourself to my Guardianship and witness

how my Limitless love transforms you and

die you with a strength Beyond

imagination my son my

daughter understand that my love for you

knows no bounds exceeding all

understanding remember that my presence

will accompany you every day until the

end of time heed my words for they

contain the power and Direction needed

to conquer the malevolent forces that

aimed to entrap

you I your God and Father have granted

you an

extraordinary power of force that will

Propel you to triumph over every

obstacle and lead you to success in

every facet of your life Embrace this

gift and let it illuminate your path to

achievement and

contentment in the midst of the noise of

differing opinions H beliefs there is a

profound truth that must be recognized

your value is not determined by the

judgments of those who see you as frail


unsuccessful their narrow perspective

cannot comprehend the complex blueprint

of your life’s path meticulously

designed by a higher authority for a

purpose Beyond human

understanding the Opera of societal

Norms May declare that success is a lone

Endeavor attainable solely through

Earthly measures yet in the quietude of

your being listen to The Gentle Whispers

of a Divine scheme intricately hence

woven into your life’s fabric

it is a plan that surpasses shallow

benchmarks of achievement leading you to

a satisfaction that goes beyond material

wealth and fleeting

triumphs do not allow the voices that

attempt to belittle your worth or limit

your potential to influence you within

you lies a Divine spark a Wellspring of

untapped Vigor and resilience to be

Unleashed type I trust the scripture

plan to agree until you find

dissatisfaction in your life nothing

will change in it you have to reach a

moment where you decide that this is no

longer how you want to live undone I

intend to

transform I’m going to take action in

response to my

feelings sometimes just because

something is familiar it’s just too

simple to accept all you’re going

through even when you don’t like it it’s

not new but it is uncomfortable and

possibly even

painful you should turn directly to

Jesus when you do eventually reach the

breaking point because you are tired of

your situation your decisions and and

how they impact both you and other

people when we approach Jesus with an

empty life an empty heart An Empty Soul

or an empty character what does he say

when we tell him we have nothing to

offer how does he react he does not

criticize or berate us he doesn’t

depress us or give us advice on how to

solve things he acts and the complete

opposite way in Matthew

– Sue says come to me and I will

give you rest if you are weary from

carrying heavy burdens accept the loow I

place on you take it on and absorb my

knowledge you will rest for I am a nice

and humble person this burden is light

and this yoke is simple to car

people frequently change as a result of

three basic factors suffering changing

perspectives and running out of options

the majority of people wait to change

until they get

hot up until you experience a breakdown

there is no breakthrough when we realize

we can’t accomplish it alone and that we

don’t have it together we all all

eventually reach a Breaking Point in our

pride arrogance and

self-sufficiency this breaking point is

always the gateway to a breakthrough the

majority of individuals never learn how

to live they simply exist in John

Jesus declared I have come that you

might have life life in all its

fullness he came into the world at

Christmas to give us three forms of life

one for the past one for the present and

one for the future Jesus came first to

offer fresh life that implies that all

of our past transgressions are totally

forgotten and forgiven he completely

clears the

Slate typ eight if you believe

when someone claims to be born again it

simply means that Jesus gave them a new

lease on life you won’t have to feel bad

about your past if you cross the

boundary Embrace God’s grace and ask him

to Pardon you you are given Fresh Life

Second Abundant Life is what Jesus came

to offer you were intended for so

something greater than achievement

survival or worldly importance you were

intended to have a purposeful

life Jesus refers to it as an Abundant

Life One in which your significance

meaning and worth all come together that

is the life God intended for you to lead

third eternal life is what Jesus came to

offer God is going to provide for all of

your needs past present and

future he gave you that as a Christmas

present in Jesus Christ the wise men

located the newborn Jesus by following a

bright star they saw shining in the sky

on the first

Christmas however it wasn’t just the

wise men who witnessed it the star would

have been visible to all but nobody

would have taken action knowing that

following the star will result in the

greatest gift made the wise men wise to

what extent are you wise knowing that

Jesus is the light of the world is one

thing letting him into your life is a

different matter entirely you cannot

survive without spiritual light just as

you cannot survive without the the light

of the

sun when you let in the Light of Christ

you will discover abundant renewed and

everlasting life being selectiv is

becoming increasingly essential to me as

I age opportunities and possibilities

will never run

out however selection is the key to

efficacy someone may say I’m allowed to

do anything

but not everything is helpful according

to Corinthians

n the Bible I can do everything I

want but not everything promotes

development in other words certain

things are Superfluous rather than

necessarily incorrect you will be more

resilient to Life’s challenges after you

have this figured out you will possess

resilience it’s less likely that you’ll

get sidetracked by unimportant things

when you know where you’re going and

concentrate on getting there you will

establish priorities with unwavering

Focus you’ll choose the most significant

things in life rather than merely the

good things once you understand what

really counts Jesus possessed the

exceptional Focus

he led a selective life which enabled

him to fulfill his father’s willan give

his life for the glory of God’s

kingdom according to Luke

as the time Drew near for his

return to Heaven Jesus moved steadily

onward toward Jerusalem with an iron W

even though he knew it would result in

his death he demonstrated and iron wool

and accomplished his

goal his concentration allowed him to

Bear the suffering pressure and

persecution Paul thought the same thing

this one thing do not these things I

dabble in he

said he only accomplished one thing in

life and it was crucial God can use you

an amazing way but the obstacle is

typically that you haven’t decided what

matters most to you you’re not focused

if you believe you don’t have time to


God you’re not focused if you spend more

time on social media than you do growing

in your knowledge of God you are not

focused if you have to get done

something else before you follow Jesus

the Bible makes it quite plain that no

one is fit for the kingdom of God who

allows himself to be distracted from the

work I plan for Him Luke – you will

stand before God one day when he

inquires as to what you did with what

you were given how would you and we

respond write alond if you accept God


dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me dear Lord as we come

together today we lift up those of you

who need

Miracles we understand that you see what

we don’t many people like your children

in the Red Sea are trapped in difficult

situations with no way out many people

feel helpless confined and

discouraged they are unable to see

alternatives to their current situation

Lord we believe you have a good purpose

for every one of us and have not led us

this far to disappoint us you are aware

of each individual’s requirements and

have made a commitment to meet them our

faith in you is greater than a mustard

seed we understand your abilities and

potential our request is for you to move

mountains change Hearts braing

Deliverance open doors and create

opportunities where none exist our hope

and trust are with you our faith is in

you God of the impossible and the

miraculous we pray for individuals who

are physically and emotionally drained

overwhelmed terrified desperate and

despairing we are united in our desire

to perceive God’s kindness in the Living

World be the way maker chain breaker

healer and deliver for those in


situations escaping abuse dealing with

natural disasters and spiritual battles

with unseen enemies

May our hearts be right before you so

that nothing and stop our prayers we

trust that you are the same God of

Miracles as always we look to you today

and we thank you in advance for

everything you will

do I appreciate you still watching you

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