today the Lord have a message for you my

beloved kids people will refer to you

negatively sometimes they will

congratulate you and say you are a

strong component of this world at other

times they will call out your confidence

in me as a fault look at Daniel child

he’s the third highest ruler in the

Kingdom hailed as the greatest of The

Magicians by everybody Daniel however

was obediently obeying the authorities

and kept his heart open just to my

words he was not stirred by anything in

the same manner kids never let idolatry

get the better of them remember that you

are a citizen of my kingdom keep you

ahead down and pay attention but what I

have to say about you I will fill your

cup to the brim with my blessings due

you see poor grades when you look to the

future with faith Do You observe tough

jobs maybe those who have harmed you yes

it is correct they are not present I’ve

planned a glorious and bright future for

you therefore keep your vision of the

Kingdom unaffected

by your current concerns pay attention

to me my little warrior not the storm I


you watch this video all the way through

to the

finish in the bible verses to

Corinthians – speak and God is capable

of bless you abundantly so that in all

things at all times having all which you

want you will abound in every exact

paintings the supreme god claims who can

be against you if I am for you you have

to realize that I really am here for you

I make this commitment to every one of

my followers it’s easy to feel as if

I’ve abandoned you when things aren’t

going your way and people you trusted

turn against

you it’s crucial to remind yourself in

these situations that you have my

undying support and that I’m not only

with you forever this is true for both

kodan bad performances as well as for

good and bad interactions with

others you will feel less afraid and be

able to handle hardship with more

composure if you really comprehend and

firmly believe that I am on your side

you have the courage to endure difficult

times because you know that I will never

turn against you you are mine thus I

approve of you my darling my view of you

is the one that wins and will win for

all of eternity nothing and nobody will

be able to take you away from my adoring

presence if things are not going your

way do not let it get to you put an end

to your activity and inhale deeply look

from my face and take a minute Teo bask

in my presence tell me about the issues

that are causing you

frustration if you’re prepared typs and

send this video to seven Believers in

Lord I’ll assist you in gaining a new

perspective and determining what matters

most furthermore as you continue to

communicate with me and go forward and

trusting dependency I will clear the

path ahead of you your irritation is

often caused by your need to feel in

control you arrange your day and

anticipate actions from others that will

help you get things done faster if it

doesn’t occur you have to decide whether

to trust me or to be angry with the

circumstances keep in mind that I am in

charge and that my ways are superior to

yours just as the skies are superior to

the Earth use scheduling obstacles as a

reminder that you are God’s cherished

disciple and that I am your savior

rather than letting them upset you

unwind in my absolute control and put

your faith in my unwavering love I

adorned you with Grandeur in honor and

made you a little lower than the


Creatures my dear you were destined for

greatness never question your unique

important sense I created you in my own

image just as I am I gave you a

magnificent brain that allows you to

think clearly interact with me create

amazing things and much more you now

have jurisdiction over all living things

that move on Earth including fish and

birds of the air mankind is the only

creation of mine that is built in my

image this is an amazing honor and

responsibility that gives purpose to

every second of your existence to exalt

me as one of your main goals in life I

have adorned you with Splendor so that

you could reflect my Glory by

Illuminating this Gloomy world and

assisting others in discovering who I

am I want you to appreciate myself as

well I created you with an infinite

potential for joy in getting to know me

this joy that you experience in me right

now is only a little sample of the many

Pleasures that await you in

Paradise Lord says type y yes if you

want to be a light in the

darkness the remarkable power of God

lies in his ability to transform

challenges and adver I verities crafted

by adversaries to cause us harm and to

opportunities for growth and

blessings what may seem like a roadblock

or a period of never underestimate God’s

Limitless power the only boundaries to

what he can achieve liy in our own

reluctance to fully trust and

surrendered to his well when we let go

and place our complete faith in his


Possibilities there’s no telling the

extent of his work in our

lives to embrace the healing and renewal

God offers for a heart and pieces it’s

crucial to give every fragment of our

Brokenness over to him trust in him

wholly knowing he sees all understands

all and yet loves us without cond

is love becomes our deepest comfort and

peace indeed it’s challenging for those

with wealth to enter the Kingdom of

Heaven it’s simpler for a camel to pass

through the eye of a needle than for

wealthy person to find their way into

the Heavenly

realm remember you as children of God

have overcome because the one who

resides in you is mightier than any

force in this world loving only those

who love you back carries no

merit even those considered Outsiders to

as much extend your generosity to

everyone in need and if someone takes

what is yours Let It Go without a second

thought treat others as you would have

them treat you in essence

God’s unmatched ability to take

situations meant to harm us and convert

them into blessings is a testament to


omnipotence what seems like a setback is

actually a precursor to greater things

God has in preparation for us by having

faith and patience we can witness the

incredible things God intends for us our

limitations on God’s power are often

self-imposed when we surrender entirely

to God trusting in his Supreme abilities

there are no limits to what he can

achieve in us and through Us by

commenting amen you open yourself to

receive God’s blessings

today type I trust the scripture plan to

agree the almighty said behold there are

so many ways this word backs up what God

is doing he is moving with strength and

purpose you’ll know it was only hiis

strength that made it

happen right now something very

important is happening do not miss this

season some of you have already gone

into your

now if you are reading this with a

broken heart I tell you that your old

life is about to change you are going to

reach New Heights as God’s favor

surrounds you the pain of the valley

will soon go away as you cross over into

your beautiful new

land I tell you that you are about to

enter your promise land and it will be

even better than you thought it would B

soon you’ll wake up and understand


everything you’ll understand why the

pain was necessary you’ll understand

that God always heard you and always

found a way it will make you happy and


you understand the fight better you’ll

soon see the gift behind this fight get

ready for big steps forward get ready to

move up get ready for the healing

process process that is you may have

been bothering you for a long time but

today could be the things can change

quickly God wants people to see his

glory in you he wants you to be

different from everyone else he wants

you to be so lucky that the day it

changes everyone around you can see how

good he is to you and so keep standing

believing hoping

and speaking is word because good things

are on the way for you typ I love you

Lord if you agree scripture goes beyond

a mere knowledge or comprehension to say

that God knows the path of the righteous

it highlights the intimate personal bond

that God forms with those who follow the

path of

righteousness God is able to proceive

the totality of their life and the root

they have chosen because of his

knowledge which covers every detail

purpose and intention behind the

thoughts and acts of people in the

present as well as the past and

future this understanding our

comprehension of God’s sovereignty is

based on this

information it reaffirms that everything

of cre creation including Christians

lives is under the whole Rule and

direction of God God’s choice and grace

are closely related to his knowing of

The Virtuous God has a sovereign plan in

which he selects a people for

himself this Divine choosing is made

independently of human Merit or

deservingness rather it is all due to

his favor God creates a special bond

with The Virtuous by selecting them and

bestowing upon them his undeserved favor


Gifts God’s knowledge of the righteous

is imbued with a profound love and

concern for his chosen ones making it

neither passive nor aloof God has

delighted when the righteous are

obedient and loyal and and he is

steadfastly committed to their ultimate

Redemption and

well-being kindly keeps an eye on them

guards them and makes sure that his


Providence and wisdom direct their every

move as Christians the knowledge that

God is aware of the path of righteous

Jews gives us comfort and

encouragement type thank you God if you

love Jesus the only true source of peace

is me the Lord O F peace I offer you

this gift as a part of you not as a

distinct entity from myself you can’t

simply take this blessing and go with it

you must make time to appreciate my

presence and concentrate on me my peace

is a vital component of your armor



you to trust me God and silence your

power lies in quietness and confidence

as the prophet Isaiah said occasionally

individuals try to control others by

using ridiculous promises or loud

voices these loud speakers may seem to

be giving ridges and health to those who

provide them but in reality they are

nothing more than parent sites they

subsist by draining other people’s

resources seem to be valuable money

being silently confident in me and my

promises is the source of true power

celebrate the fact that I am a living

God and not at dead Idol I am the living

one I was once dead but now I am

eternally alive despite my Limitless

power I come to you with love and

gentleness type almond if you trust in

Lord love one spend time with me and

relate to me with assurance and faith I

fortify you while you unwind with me

getting you ready for the obstacles that


ahead utilize scripture to guide your

prayer as you concentrate on on my

presence by murmuring I love you zero

Lord my strength you may become closer

to me never forget that Joe is a part of

the spirit’s

fruit you may get this wonderful sift

from my spirit even while you are going

through extreme

pain please do not hesitate to beg him

to fill you with Joys whenever needed

because he dwelt Wells at the center of

your being his action inside you is very

potent by filling your mind with

scripture and asking him to make it

understandable to you you collaborate

with him the Holy Spirit can help you

think my thoughts which is one method he

may improve your jaw you will see your

life more properly the more you look at

things from my point of view

it is not enough to just know what the

Bible says you also need to constantly

remind yourself of this the world

constantly bombards your mind with

incorrect information so you have to be

on the lookout for falsehoods dispel

them and replace them with what the

Bible says that gospel is the most

magnificent transformative truth I have

died to redeem those who believe in me

I’ve got up I’ll be

back always rejoice in me walk with me

in loving Dependable lengths of Joy

dependence the friendship I extend to

you is glistening with Priceless bible

promises I have Flawless unending love


you every single instant of your light

is spent with me I am well aware of you

and I have already made up for all of

your transgressions your inheritance is

preserved for you and Heaven in will

never fade SPO or

expire I lead you through life and then

I will take you to the kingdom of heaven

one unavoidable aspect of being human is

dependency many individuals hate being

dependent on others and and put a lot of

effort into giving the impression that

they is

self-sufficient but I made you to be

delighted about your dependence on me

and to need me all the time your

perception of my loving presence expands

as you acknowledge and embrace your need

this helps you appreciate my presence

and brings you closer to

me more and more of your time times are

being extended to communicate with me

your faithful companion join me on your

pleasant journey through life I am the

treasure that you

own there are moments when you feel

Tangled Up with the people and

situations around you you are driven to

Greater action and deeper connections by

your intense need for purpose remember

that I am am the source of all wisdom

and understanding even in moments of


Stillness your mind is always planning

for the future and looking for answers

say to yourself often and silently Jesus

you are my treasure to help you remember

this wonderful

fact I am whole in you require when you

value me more than than anything else

you won’t experience fragmentation you

may teach your mind to go back to the

one who completes you whenever you catch

yourself thinking unfocused

thoughts this helps you remain near to

me and give your life emphasis seeking

to follow my Commandments is part of

living close to me and experiencing my

presence this is what I’m teaching you

to help you feel complete injoy and to

help you experience my

joy type thank you God if you love

Lord listen carefully receiving the word

of God does not leave the Heart Like An

evaporated lake or a shattered sister NY

of its

contents it is comparable to the

mountain stream that is constantly

replenished by sparkling cold springs

that bounce from rock to rock

revitalizing those who are thirsty tired

are carrying a lot of weight it

resembles a river that never stops

running and that spreads its lifegiving

Waters across the whole planet as it

goes forward becoming broader and deeper

the singing Brook leaves behind its

fruitfulness as it travels

there is more blooms more Lush

vegetation on the trees and greener

grass along its borders a gift a Verger

and a line of Verger indicates the root

of the river when the soil is scorched

Brown and Barren by the summer

heat likewise with God’s genuine kid

Christ’s Faith shows itself to be alive


spiritual force that permeates all

things and is

vitalizing these principles will come

out a new like streams in the desert

when the heart is awakened to the divine

power of Truth and Love bringing

fruitfulness too arise where there is

now dir and

barrenness I’m discovering that a mature

Christian’s perseverance and examining

the reasons behind his actions or in

actions is one of their

distinguishing characteristics as he

becomes conscious or self aware he

considers his own

motivations God is perfectly aware of

our desire fear Pride jealousy rage and

other emotions God want for us to become

more conscious of it as Jesus is

instructed we become more genuine modest

and gracious when we examine our heart

mind and

will because Jesus explained that God is

not just concerned with our acts but

also with the motives behind them he

expanded the scope of The Commandments

to include not only our Deeds but also

our thoughts and

intentions when we really examine

ourselves with

self-awareness we cease defending

ourselves and begin to confess our

sins this selfless deed is the holy

spirit of God Opening Our Hearts to

truth and molding us into his likeness

so that we might fulfill the greatest

commandment to love God with all of our

hearts and to love others as

ourselves WR alen if you believe in

Christianity however as it’s far written

what know I has visible what no has

heard and what no human thoughts has

conceived the things God has organized

for folks who love him Corinthians

dear listeners let us join in our

our prayers oh mighty one I recognize

that you are my family’s primary source

of safety and well-being I put their

welfare in your kind care knowing that

you really love us I beseech you to

envelop my family in your heavenly

safety protect us against illnesses

accidents and any other kind of damage

that might endanger our our health and

well-being give us healthy bodies and

brains and fortify our immune systems

Lord please provide me the knowledge and

wisdom to make decisions that will best

serve my family’s health help us to have

well balanced lives by encouraging us to

eat healthily exercise often and get

enough sleep assist Us in developing

routines that enhance our General

Health dad I ask that you cure

whatsoever parts of our health that

could be damaged give any disease or

Affliction visible or unseen wholeness I

believe in your ability to mend and

rebuild because you are capable of

everything please give us Serenity among

ambiguities and difficulties fortify our

faith and assist us in directing our

worries toward you assure us that you

are our stronghold our Haven and our

constant source of support throughout


times fortify our faith and assist us in

directing our worries toward you assure

us that you are how our stronghold our

Haven and our constant source of support

throughout difficult

times may you guide us each day with

your Divine favor and safety for every

member of the family please help us to

make decisions that are in line with

your desire for our lives and to glorify

you with our bodies

amen thank you for watching this video

video I hope the message has touched

your heart and we will continue to do

more you can do so by subscribing to our

Channel or donating to us through super


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