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said my dear son it is with immense and

Indescribable Joy permeated by

unconditional love that I Turn to You at

this precise moment with each New Dawn I

I Am A Silent Witness to your remarkable

resilience the intrinsic strength that

resides deep within your being and The

Fearless courage that propels you to

overcome the numerous challenges that

life presents it is a complex journey

and I fully recognize the dedicated

effort you put forth few if any truly

comprehend the extent of the battles you

face daily however I want you to be

aware that I am constantly by your side

ready to lift you up with each fall to

guide you through moments of darkness

and to share in the effusive Joy of

Victories regardless of their magnitude

it’s understandable that at times you

may question the purpose of your

struggles but I want you to understand

that there is a divine plan unfolding in

your life just as it is written in the

book of Isaiah For unto us a child

is born unto us a son is given you are

part of a grand grand plan I have formed

you with purpose with a unique and

special design like a cherished child

you are precious in my eyes and there is

a future filled with hope that I have

specifically prepared for you trust in

me for I have the power and the will to

assist you I am the god who transforms

who restores and who guides every step

of your journey your trials are not in

vain I can use them for good turning

pain into growth and scars into

testimony believe in my ability to

restore what was lost heal what was

broken and create what does not yet

exist as you wake up each new day make

it a habit to repeat the following

affirmation I am always seeking and

finding new

opportunities my creativity and

Innovation enable me to see unique

Solutions unseen by others my capacity

is truly

unparalleled when I dedicate myself to

something success becomes inevitable

nourish your mind daily with unwavering

confidence in your ability recognizing

that you are molded in my image a being

endowed with Limitless potential this

daily exercise will not only reinforce

your positive mindset but will also

serve as a guiding Beacon Illuminating

the paths unfolding before you as you

strive to seek opportunities remembering

your creativity and Innovation you align

yourself with the Divine potential that

permeates your existence acknowledge the

uniqueness of your capacity for you are

a unique expression of my creation by

affirming the inevitability of your

success when you dedicate yourself to

something you invoke the confidence that

Springs from an awareness of your divine

origin this Mantra is not just a

statement but an invocation of power

that resonates in the deepest corner ERS

of your soul strengthen your conviction

that you are capable not by mere chance

but as a result of your intrinsic

connection to my Divinity embrace the

challenge of exploring New Opportunities

aware that your creativity is a gift

that sets you apart enabling you to find

unique and innovative solutions that

will contribute not only to your

personal growth but also to the

well-being of those around you with each

repetition of this affirmation

internalize the truth that you are a

unique manifestation of my love and

wisdom may this awareness inspire you to

face each day with renewed confidence

and embrace the opportunities that

present themselves knowing that you are

indeed made in my image may your journey

be permeated by fulfillment and the

constant expansion of your Divine

potential in moments of challenges cling

to me with childlike dependence

demonstrating your sincere commitment to

my constant presence see difficulties as

a valuable opportunity to refine your

faith making it stronger and more

comforting deepen your trust in my

powerful and just right hand for it will

not only support you but also offer

assistance Without Limits extending

beyond what you can

conceive understand that by holding on

to me with the innocent Trust of a child

you fortify the foundations of your

faith trans forming challenges into

ascending steps in your spiritual

journey perceive adversity as an

opportunity for development where each

obstacle overcome represents a victory

in building your relationship with me

feel the firmness of my right hand which

not only shelters you in difficult times

but also reveals itself as an infallible

guide leading you through the intricate

Paths of life this hand imbued with

power and justice Knows No Limits when

it comes to offering Aid and sustenance

in it you discover a security that

transcends the uncertainties of the

world a constant amid the vicissitudes

that may arise so face challenges as

opportunities for spiritual growth where

your faith forged in the Flames of

adversity will emerge more resilient and

luminous trust the journey trust my

right hand and understand that by

clinging to me with childlike dependence

you are building an eternal Alliance

full of grace and strength may this

connection endure growing in Beauty and

confidence as you face life’s challenges

do not fear for I will strengthen and

help you sustaining you with my just

right hand at each step Proclaim your

salvation remember the gospel and be

grateful for doing my will share the

truth of the Gospel with the world bless

ing those who curse you praying for

those who misuse you and persevering in

what is right your faithfulness will be

rewarded and I will honor you promoting

you even in the face of criticism in

times of difficulty know that I am with

you I hear your prayers send my angels

to assist you and healing is on the way

financial assistance will come New

Opportunities will unfold and the season

of lack is coming to an end you are

about to enter a season of abundance and

overflow be encouraged for you are on

the verge of a significant leap I have

heard your prayers and the answers are

on the way thank the Lord for your

faithfulness and Trust may peace and

blessings be with you my beloved Son

amen with love God I hope this message

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