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said my dear son today in this sacred

moment I want to share words with you

that transcend time and space words that

flow from the depths of my love for you

as a father my heart fills with joy as I

address you in this letter a letter that

is not just written words but a living

expression of the Eternal bond between

us from the beginning when I laid the

foundations of the Universe I already

knew you your days were written in my

book before they were

lived I created you in my image and with

that act I infused in you a unique and

special Essence every detail every

peculiarity was planned with a Divine

Purpose for you are more than a creat

you were part of my grand plan in your

moments of Joy I smiled with the warmth

of the Sun and in your days of sadness I

cried with the rain that touched your

face I have been with you in every laugh

and every tear because you were my

beloved Son and my love for you is

boundless like the vastness of the

universe you contemplate at night I

understand the battles You’ faced the

tears you’ve shed in silent nights each

challenge was a page in the book of your

journey and even though you walked

through dark valleys you were never

alone my invisible hand guided every

step of yours and my love was the light

that Shone in the

darkness I remember every time in

despair you turned to me your prayers

echoed in the corridors of heaven and I

your father heard every word your

concerns your aspirations all were heard

even when you sought me in silence I

heard you for I know the words you did

not even speak allow me now to guide you

through the garden of my

promises you are my masterpiece sculpted

with care and

Precision in your flaws I see

opportunities for Grace to

flourish do not fear for where there is

Brokenness I bring healing where there

is Darkness I am the light that

illuminates your

path understand my dear son that your

life is a unique Symphony in the concert


existence every note whether sharp or

flat contributes to the melody that is


story sometimes the notes may seem Out

Of Tune but I as the conductor will turn

every discordance into harmony every

tear into a pearl of wisdom know that I

am weaving the threads of your destiny

with love and

purpose the adversities you faced shaped

your strength and in the scar you carry

lies evidence of your

resilience you are stronger than you

imagine for even when you felt fragile

my strength was with you today in this

moment that transcends time I invite you

to deposit your burdens into my hands

let me be the lighthouse in the storm

The unshakable Rock in the

tempests in my presence you will find

rest and renewal for you are my treasure

and I have cared for you since the first

breath fear not tomorrow for I already

know it in it blessings await you that

surpass your understanding walk forward

with the confidence that as your loving

father I am the guardian of your

destiny son you are loved with a love

that transcends human understanding May

these words echo my eternal love for you

may you feel in each syllable the

tenderness that only a father can offer

with love

God I hope this message has been an

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