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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son today I come to you as

the god of hope and love bringing words

of comfort and encouragement especially

for those facing serious illnesses I

understand the struggles and

uncertainties that accompanies such

trials and it is with my infinite

compassion that I extend my Divine hands

to offer effort courage and hope in

moments of darkness when the shadows of

illness threaten to extinguish the light

of Hope in your hearts know that I am by

your side Illuminating the path with my

unconditional love hope is a precious

flame that must be nurtured even in the

toughest times it allows you to face

each day with courage even when

circumstances seem challenging life’s

journey with its Joys and adversities

may be a winding road but you are never

alone on your journey as you face

illness remember that your souls are

immensely valuable to me every step you

take even if it is difficult is

significant and important do not be

discouraged for I am the one who carries

you when you feel tired and helpless

hope is not just about waiting for a

favorable out come it is about trusting

in me even when the Winds of

circumstances seem contrary learn to

find Hope in every small ray of sunshine

in every act of kindness in every moment

of relief no matter how small it is

these little lights that when gathered

illuminate your path and give meaning to

the journey believe in the power of God

for healing comment I want to be healed

if you believe in the power of my

presence in your life lives even in the

darkest hours I Am with You sustaining

you with my unwavering love allow my

presence to be a source of comfort

strength and peace for I never abandon

you I am the god who performs Miracles

and brings healing but I am also The God

Who holds your hands as you Traverse

various darknesses it is natural to fear

the unknown but hope is the antithesis

of fear have the courage to face your

fears with hope for Hope is the belief

that even amid the storm the sun will

shine again it is a powerful Shield

against hopelessness sadness and pain

cultivate hope in your hearts and let it

flourish towards better days never

underestimate the power of your minds

and hearts to influence the healing

Journey Keep your thoughts positive and

your intentions focused on healing and

health the Mind spirit and body are

intrinsically connected and hope can

unleash an inner strength that

strengthens and

revitalizes be kind to yourselves during

this process allow yourselves to feel

all the emotions that arise for the

healing journey is not linear it is a

roller coaster of emotions and

experiences understand that it is okay

to feel vulnerable but never let

discouragement paralyze you find support

in your families friends and Community

allow those who love you to surround you

with their care understanding and

support love is a powerful healing force

that can sustain the spirit and

alleviate pain above all place your

trust in me the god of Hope capable of

transforming the deepest Darkness into

radiant light no obstacle is

insurmountable when you place your faith

in my loving presence I leave you with a

Biblical passage to illuminate your

hearts Psalms

the Lord is near to the

Brokenhearted and saves those who are

crushed in spirit do not give up my

beloved for there is a hope that

transcends human understanding it flows

from me like an inexhaustible River of

Life renewing restoring and healing walk

forward hand in hand with me allowing

hope to keep your Hearts Alive even in

the midst of storms believe that through

faith love and hope you will find

strength to overcome any Challenge and

discover the fullness of life regardless

of the outcome May hope be the beacon in

the Journey of healing and may my love

permeate every cell of your beings

bringing peace healing and abundance you

are precious to me and my love for you

is eternal with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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