“If you jump, the devil wins Don’t jump!! God has a message for you. God’s advice today!”

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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world God said my dear child allow me to

be the voice that celebrates with you

for in your achievements I see

Reflections of My Divine love and

purpose for your life when you attain a

victory understand that it is more than

a mere trophy it is a testament to your

courage and

perseverance each obstacle you faced and

overcame is a stone in the solid

foundation of your journey remember my

beloved that you are stronger than you

think for the strength that sustains you

is an echo of my own power as I look at

your triumphs I perceive not only the

visible results but also the intricate

process that brought you to this point

every conquered challenge every shed

tear and every earned smile are unique

chapters in the story we are writing

together each achievement is a link that

binds you to the greater purpose we have

outlined co-authors of this narrative

every choice Every Act of Courage is a

collaboration between your hands and

mind a harmonious dance leading you

beyond your limits in your triumphs I

see the grace flowing between us

demonstrate your faith and step on

Satan’s head by writing in the comments

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not underestimate the small victories

for often they pave the way for greater

triumphs every firm step every lesson

learned and Every Act of self-love

Echoes In The Cosmos of my Providence

celebrate these moments as I celebrate

with you for in each Triumph see the

glow of your soul reflecting the light

you emanate when looking at your

achievements remember that time is a

wise instrument in my hands some

victories come in seasons of harvest

While others require patience and a

confident heart sometimes the process of

conquering is a journey in itself where

transformation occurs as you work

towards your goals fear not the unknown

beyond your current triumphs while

rejoicing in present victories let let

me Envision the infinite Horizon of your

potential in your achievements I see not

only what you have already attained but

also what you are destined to achieve

trust for I am the wise Potter molding

the clay of your existence with love and

purpose while celebrating your victories

acknowledge the community around you for

each person who crossed your path

whether as support or challenge

contributed to The Narrative of your

victory in your triumphs I Glimpse the

unlimited potential within you remember

that the mountains you climb today are

harbingers of the heights you can still

reach every Triumph is an echo of your

Divinity a testimony to The Power Within

you as my son my daughter do not

underestimate yourself for you are more

capable than you imagine do not forget

that even in your triumphs the true

treasure is the inner growth you

experience each conquered challenge each

defeat transformed into a lesson are

precious stones adorning your being in

your triumphs I not only see what you

achieved but also who you have become in

the process celebrate not only the ends

but the means that brought you here

replace doubt with self-confidence and

negativity with positivity affirm to

yourself that you are worthy capable and

deserving of all the good things life

has to offer do this every day upon

waking if you haven’t done it today

start now and write in the comments with

the Lord I am deserving looking at your

triumphs remember that you are a

collector of memories every challenge

overcome is a colorful chapter in the

story of your life store these memories

in the Vault of your heart for they fuel

the flame of your journey recall with

gratitude the moments that shaped you

and allowed your victories to be


when doubts about your worth arise

remember that your triumphs are not just

the sum of tangible achievements but the

expression of my divine art in you you

are a masterpiece in constant Evolution

and your triumphs are brush Strokes on

the canvas of your existence celebrate

the beauty you are for in your triumphs

I see my signature of love in every

stroke feel the depth of my pride in you

not based on comparison with others but

in the joy of witnessing your potential

unfold when you achieve a victory I feel

the joy of a father seeing his child

walking the path of true greatness

remember that your triumphs are not only

for your benefit but also have the power

to inspire and impact others around you

your success resonates like a melody

that uplifts not only your spirit but

also the spirits of those witnessing

your journey be a light that illuminates

the path for others for in your triumphs

lies the seed of Hope for all when

facing new challenges fear not in your

past triumphs find confidence to

confront the unknown remember that you

are capable of overcoming for in your

triumphs I see not only what you have

achieved but also what you are capable

of achieving with every challenge you

discover more Inner Strength don’t

forget the humility that allowed your

growth it’s not belittling victory but

recognizing a part in something greater

in triumphs Embrace gratitude and

humility acknowledging your an

administrator of Grace God is with you a

steadfast anchor through twists

demonstrate Faith by commenting God is

with me dear son dear daughter in

triumphs see your souls glow reflecting

my guidance Let each step be guided by

awareness of my constant presence self

celebrate triumphs as milestones in an

evolving Journey you’re an eternal

learner each day a blank page to add new

chapters find inspiration and triumphs

to keep writing your life’s narrative be

a living witness of transformative Grace

and let triumphs be beacons of Hope in

triumphs I see the reflection of eternal

love within you symbolize this Victory

by commenting I am a winner no my son my

daughter daughter I love you forever I’m

proud of you seeking more to be in my

presence pray with me God my loving

father today I Express gratitude and

reverence you’re the source of Life

essence of Love Grant Clarity in

challenges peace amid storms and

strength to overcome obstacles pour out

healing on the suffering Comfort the

troubled and guide the Lost may my life

be a testimony of of your eternal love

amen with love God hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

it please write amen and share this

message with someone who also needs to

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