“If you jump, the devil wins!!✝️ Don’t jump!! God has a message for you. God’s advice today!

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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world God said my dear son today once

again I extend my Loving Hands towards

you enveloping you with the warmth of my

love and the strength of my presence

just as in the Holy scriptures in Isaiah

I say to you fear not for I am

with you be not dismayed for I am your

God God I will strengthen you I will

help you I will uphold you with my

righteous right hand you stand before

choices challenges and opportunities do

not let fear immobilize you for I am

with you in every step of your journey

as I promised Jeremiah in Jeremiah

the plans I have for you are for

good and not for evil to give you a

future and a hope remember my son you

are not alone I am your Shepherd your

provider the one who knows your

innermost needs trust in me as David

trusted in me when he wrote Psalm

knowing that even in the Valley of the

shadow of death I Am with You guiding

you and comforting you do not let the

voices of the world sway you as I

instructed in Proverbs – trust in me

with all your heart and do not lean on

your own understanding in all your ways

acknowledge me and I will make straight

your paths you are precious to me my son

as it is written in Isaiah

you are precious and honored in my

eyes and I love you let this truth guide

every step you take strengthening you in

times of difficulty and filling you with

gratitude in moments of Joy receive my

blessing now embrace my grace and move

forward with confidence for I am with

you today tomorrow and forever as I

promised in Hebrews

I will never leave you nor forsake

you believe firmly in me for I am your

greatest friend and Defender I have

empowered you to face life’s battles to

walk on turbulent Waters and to overcome

every evil force that opposes you fear

not for I am with you acting in advance

on your behalf as for your family pray

for them for fervently for your prayers

are powerful I will protect and bless

each member bringing peace and Harmony

to your home you will witness my

presence reigning in your house

dissipating all afflictions and bringing

healing to wounded Hearts declare now

with all your strength and faith that

you believe in me hold fast to your

faith in me for I am with you in every

moment guiding and protecting you rest

in me for in my hands I hold your

present your future and all the

blessings I have in store for you from

my altar kneel down and begin to

intercede and plead surrounding your

family with a spiritual hedge of

protection I will not allow the

adversary to assail them I will deliver

them from afflictions and

misfortunes I have inspired wisdom in

their hearts and unlocked doors that

were once sealed now you will see

countless opportunities that seemed

hidden from you

I grant you strength peace Serenity and

inspiration to communicate with your

loved ones may there be tenderness in

your words so that you never utter

anything harmful may you truly

understand their feelings and comprehend

the difficult situations they are facing

when they are in your presence let them

be tenderly caressed on their heads for

through this my blessing will flow from

your hands removing all sadness from

their souls I will break every chain and

bring healing to their hearts in the

challenges that life presents to you I

want you to know that I am always by

your side ready to guide and sustain you

with my infinite love in the Stillness

of your soul you will find my voice

Whispering words of wisdom and comfort

not only in the grand moments like the

Thunder echoing in the skies but also in

the gentle breeze that caresses your

skin and in the Serene beauty of the Sun

set where the day bids farewell in

calmness and gratitude each experience

you go through is carefully woven into

the fabric of your life with purpose and

meaning trust in my plan which is

crafted with a wisdom that surpasses all

human understanding and with a love that

transcends all barriers even when

uncertainty looms over you find comfort

in my eternal promises for in them you

will find sturdy foundations for your

your journey Let My Words Be Like A

radiant light illuminating your path

guiding you through the shadows and

leading you to peace and understanding

as you navigate the winding roads of

life let this truth be your safe haven

and source of Solace know that I am

surely present in every moment

enveloping you with my unconditional

love may this certainty Grant you

strength to face the challenges and

serenity to find peace amidst the storms

when faced with the lack of something

essential be it time energy or material

resources remember that this absence is

not a failure but rather an opportunity

to trust in me more deeply instead of

worrying about what is lacking focus on

the present where life unfolds before

you be aware that it is in the now that

you encounter me ready to supply all

your needs and guide your steps

recognizing your own inadequacy is not a

sign of weakness but rather a sign of

humility and Trust for it is when you

fully surrender to my love and my will

that you discover a peace that surpasses

all understanding decide to persevere

for I will give you the strength to

fight I repeat I am your Shepherd your

provider I know your needs and I Supply

what you lack furthermore declare with

your lips and all your heart that you

will continue to fight live and believe

without fear of the distressing news

that alarms you in the comments declare

with God I will fear nothing I know why

I do the things I do I have the final

word with my power I can calm impetuous

winds part the sea make you walk on

turbulent waves lift you from the bed of

pain heal your body and Grant healing to

your soul I receive your tears when this

world betrays you with pain and

affliction you you seek refuge in your

faith you love me believe in me my

presence envelopes you manifests in you

and once again I will fill your entire

being with love and peace between

breaths in good times and bad in health

per sickness my presence will not depart

from you you have my promise I will

perform Mighty miracles in your life

demonstrating what is possible when my

word is received and obeyed with a

humble heart except ing both trial and

blessing equally there are difficult

situations that I will change for your

benefit battles and trials that will

lead you to a better place conflicts

that will make you stronger you will

face situations that will increase your

wisdom if I allow it it is for your own

good if I say I will be with you and

protect you from evil it is because

excuse if you must believe fully in me

believe also in my

forgiveness May the peace that surpasses

all understanding fill your heart at

this moment and in all moments to come

may you feel revitalized and

strengthened by the certainty of my

constant presence in your life with love

God hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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