‘If you ignore me now, I will ignore you today, tomorrow, and every day.’ | ✨Today’s advice God”

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear child in the Deep desire to

bless you I assure you of a measurable

abundance there is no power that can

obstruct my will what I have declared

will surely come to pass in the face of

any challenge

remember that I am always with you even

if it seems otherwise do not dwell on

the intensity of your trials instead

listen carefully to my message let it be

a source of comfort to your soul as you

hear my voice treasure these moments by

dedicating a little more time to me I am

engraving my teachings intentions and

commands in your heart I seek not only

your attention but your deep faith in my

promises give me your unwavering loyalty

and firm belief for in you I place my

trust as you do in me you are my dear

child destined for a specific purpose do

not stray from your path remain

steadfast regardless of the events

around you The Whispers you hear or the

Visions you witness my promises to you

are engraved in time and will not

disappoint what has been decreed will

come to pass I have made promis

and your eyes will witness their

fulfillment I bless those with Resolute

spirits who may falter momentarily but

never forsake me through fleeting charms

and deceitful Smiles I grant prosperity

and strength to those who remain true to

me who humbly embrace my cause and

follow my teachings the challenging

moments you face will soon Fade Away

turning any shame into Victory joy and

success prepare to be a bearer of my

values love patience hope and Redemption

for all a new Joy will light up your

countenance and you will be enveloped in

Grace in your hands I will place the

power to heal wisdom will be your sought

after gift for guidance your upright

efforts will prosper and every blessing

you receive will grow this is the reward

for those who have faith in me and trust

in my ways an eternal life filled with

calm happiness peace and abundance is

reserved for you my angels will watch

over your dwelling seek the Miracles and

my teachings read them carefully and

absorb their wisdom know that with your

own eyes you will witness even more

remarkable and profound events if you

believe in them with all your faith

demonstrate this in your actions in your

words in everything you do write on your

heart I Believe In You Lord these are

new times many fabricate wonders to

deceive the unwary but the Miracles I

will perform through you will surpass

them Advance with confidence unshaken by

obstacles if a vast Mountain blocks your

path fear not for it will yield do not

spend time worrying about attacks from

adversaries do not allow them to claim

your time or thoughts focus on the path

I am revealing before you and strengthen

yourself in my company for this will

bring you immense benefits you know you

are different and though I love everyone

with eternal love I have chosen you for

greater blessings I know you will wisely

use what I grant you and will not

squander the gifts you receive you will

diligently work to multiply the wealth

and talents that will soon knock at your

door I did not choose you to become rich

and use your riches to Humble others but

to surround yourself with prosperity

guard guard your heart with humility

assist your family feed the hungry reach

out to the poor and do everything you

can to bring Comfort to the needy tell

me that you are willing to use my

blessings wisely show me your obedience

to my Commandments I long to witness

your loyalty and sincerity guard your

lips against speaking ill keep your

thoughts free from the filth of this

world Shield your eyes from all that is

evil and never let harmful words Escape

ESC ape your lips refrain from using

your hands or actions to cause harm

speak no ill of anyone accuse without

knowledge and do not share slander that

kills and destroys families when you

open your eyes cry out for my affection

in your mind Proclaim aloud that I am

your God your lord and your Shepherd I

wish for you never to feel abandoned

only continually filled with the peace

and confidence that comes from knowing

how much you are loved administer

Justice I have witnessed all your

struggles and

tribulations your adversaries have taken

advantage of you yet you responded with

Serenity you did not seek Vengeance nor

did you become agitated you maintain

composure understanding that all is in

my hands and I will confront those who

harmed you I will continue to strengthen

your heart as you approach and receive

this word that envelopes helps you with

love and imparts wisdom just as the

daylight illuminates the fields my

presence will radiate throughout your

being in your home and in your work I

will grant you even greater courage

empowering you to make decisions without

fear closing the door to false friends

and the Devourer seize this opportunity

dedicate time to me every day dedicate

quality time and attention to your

family greet them with a smile every

morning do not go to bed angry with

anyone do not judge or shout at anyone I

will give you the strength to seek

calmness before making important

decisions I desire to bless you even

more but I urge you to let your daily

attitude reflect my power love kindness

and Holiness I want no coarse language

to be uttered in your home not even in

thoughts guard your words and let each

room be imbued with the Ence of

spiritual Purity may your home be a

Haven of Peace radiating spiritual

Harmony while Perfection May elude you

strive for this ideal ensure above all

that my teachings resonate in every part

of your home beloved Son beloved

daughter you who esteem and trust in me

stand firm against the challenges of the

day for I have been I am and I will

always be by your side my protection

Shields you you from the enemies of the

heart ensuring your Triumph is complete

I promise to restore what has been

unjustly taken from you refining the

gifts and talents once lost you will be

elevated to honor adorned with fresh and

pure garments if you Embrace this in

your life with an open heart demonstrate

in the comments writing I embrace this

keep these words close my son my

daughter and embrace them with hope may

they not depart from your memory day or

night my voice will guide you as you go

out and as you rest at night my presence

is constant in your life feel my

strengthening power walk firmly in faith

discarding doubts seek the light of the

Dawn and as the sun rises bathing the

daylight so too will my light shine

forth with love God hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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